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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on November 6, 2012
I must admit that I probably go too far in researching new purchases. (How much research does a sub-$30 scale deserve?) I have started baking bread and was concerned about the variability that comes from measuring with cups and was also interested in the notion that I could just dump the ingredients into one bowl sitting on a scale, using the "tare" function. After spending hours looking at the various options online and the reviews, I decided to go with the Ozeri Pro Digital. I was worried about whether I could see the numbers once I had a big bowl on top, but I use my Kitchenaid Stand Mixer bowl (5.5 quart, not 5 quart version) with no problems. You cannot put a large dinner plate on it for weighing items as you will not be able to see the numbers, but so far, I have not had any need to do so.

I agonized about how large the weighing base is - nowhere could I find the dimensions of the circular weighing base. (The picture with the 3 strawberries is not as helpful as a the actual measurement.) It is 5 inches across in diameter. Yes, it's small, but so far, it's big enough for everything I have wanted to do. If you wanted to weigh, for example, a large box, yes, it would be too small and you could not see the numbers, but if you think you are going to be weighing large boxes, you should be looking at a different product category.

I like the small compact size of the scale and so far, think it's great value and easy to use.

I think a couple of the reviews I've seen on said that there were problems with the button, but I have no issues.

Very satisfied so far. Like the fact that the battery is a standard one. In the US, on, they sell another brand called the "eatsmart" that does not appear to be available in Canada at this point in time. One of the reviewers on said that she/he has both and they are exactly the same. (The Ozeri has almost 400 reviews on the US website at this point, so you may not see this readily given the volume of reviews.)

It was shipped not by amazon, but by Ozeri, so it did not qualify for the free shipping offer, but the shipping was fast and reasonably priced. (UPDATE - I noticed that it is now shipped the, so it's an even better deal for buyers. I'm a little put out by the fact that a few weeks ago I did have to pay for shipping, and if I'd waited it would have been free, but does not affect my view of the product itself)
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on July 14, 2016
I've owned MANY kitchen scales before, so I have some experience. I'm very disappointed in this model. I've owned another, much better, scale by Ozeri (, which died after something heavy was dropped on it (as expected). I also wanted something not as heavy as the old one, so after reading dozens of reviews (especially about accuracy and consistency, and being able to measure <10 g objects), I ended up buying this scale. I was hoping I could trust the brand. Apparently not. If I could return it for free, I would in an eye-blink.
- uses AAA batteries
- the display is further away from the measuring platform, making it easier to read when there's a small plate on it. For large plates, you still need to look under the rim
- NOT accurate. It drives me crazy! When you turn it on, it shows 0, then immediately goes to -2 (grams). I often need to weigh things under 10 grams, and this scale cannot be trusted.
- TOO lightweight and not sturdy. Unless you have a heavy plate on it, pressing buttons will make the whole thing "jump". This doesn't help the "starting at - 2 g" problem
- The platform is not removable, not easy to clean
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on March 8, 2012
I received my Ozeri Pro Digital Kitchen Food Scale last week and was very impressed. The delivery was incredibly fast (ordered Friday received the following Monday). I was impressed with the item in its simplicity, ease-of-use and high-effectiveness. I got it to weigh foods (better measure portions, etc.) and lo and behold, it included a book with calorie/ weight conversions!

Definitely a 5/5 product - would recommend for anyone looking for a digital food scale that gets the job done!
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on January 16, 2012
This kitchen scale has standard functionality: tare function, auto off, different measuring units. It is easy to use and doesn't take a lot of space.
When you measure the same product a few times, it gives the same result (it's not always true with other scales!).
It appears to be really measuring with 1g precision (again, many other scales claim to have the same precision, but in reality they have +/- 2g precision.

The only thing you should consider about this scale - it is really small. The round weighting area is about 10 cm in diameter. It's fine if you will be measuring individual products (a fruit, or a small plate with something on it), but it won't be than convenient if you want to put something really large on it (a big plate, or a bowl) - you will have hard time seeing the display.
So if you're looking for a compact scale which will look and work great and won't take a lot place - this is a great choice. But if you cook big amounts of food (or eat a lot :)), you might want to consider a scale with larger weighting area.

Overall, I am completely satisfied with this scale and would recommend it to a friend.
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on November 21, 2011
I am someone who eyeballs ingredients often and I really appreciate having this by my side. My top reason for having this is the really compact size. It hardly takes any space and not heavy. If I had a huge scale, it is most likely to rest and collect dust inside one of my cabinets.
I find it to be perfect for a small family like us. It works very well for our needs especially my home baking when I like to strictly adhere to the recipe. With Christmas not too far away, I see myself using it more often than usual.
Turning off power switches on gadgets is the last thing on my mind. Thanks to the automatic shut-off feature, I do not have to pay for packs and packs of batteries.
If you do not have a scale, you should give this a try!
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on December 10, 2011
The Pro Digital Kitchen Scale is simple and compact, about the same size as my open hand, it's not to big to store if you don't end up sing it every day; while the plate is large enough for most mixing bowls. The unit is simple. There are only two buttons, one to turn the scale on/off/tare, and the other to swtich between metric and imperial. Our favourite feature is its accuracy. Most digital scales within this price range only show the nearest quarter ounce, where the Ozeri displays a decimal reading and goes up by half-tenths. An added bonus, where the other's we've found in the past run off of 9v, the Pro Digital uses 2 AAA.
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on May 7, 2012
This scale is great. It does everything I require of a small scale. It helps me follow recipes more accurately and the 11 lbs limit means I can weight small objects before shipping them.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a small scale or food scale.
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on April 23, 2012
I love my Ozeri Food Scale. First it came within 2 or 3 days of me ordering it.
It takes up hardly any space on my counter and looks very sleek.
My favourite two details are the tare button and the calorie guide. The tare button does the math of subtracting your container for you. I was measuring my cereal one morning and my mom was asked "don't you have to weigh the bowl?" I set the bowl on the scale and hit the Tare button and said "I just did." I bought this scale to help me count calories as part of my weight loss plan. Losing weight it turns out is a lot of math so that one little button helping me do less math is very welcomed.
I had read that there was a calorie guide included. I had no idea how detailed it would be. I was blown away when flipping through to look up chicken and passed through the cereal. Seriously they've got so many kinds of cereal (as specific as Honey Nut Cheerios or Apple Cinnamon.)
In short, if you're wondering which scale to buy, you won't be disappointed with this one.
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on April 27, 2012
It arrived super fast. My favorite part about this scale is that it offers you the option to chose between 4 untis of measurement before and during weighing. It is the perfect size to measure food for recipes and nutrition purposes. Fantastic product for a fantastic price. It is everything I want and need in a kitchen scale.
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I've used this exact scale for 15 months and lost 73 pounds so far. A food scale with this level of accuracy allows you to measure those little handfuls of almonds and other snacks that add up to so much damage. If you don't measure them and enter them into a tracking site like or equivalent then you are fooling yourself. Never mind its value in following recipes :-) ... so get one of these and enjoy it. Note: Someone called their advertising deceitful ... yet the very first line on the Amazon page says that it measures by the gram to .05 ounce accuracy, so that review is entirely misguided and you should absolutely ignore it. These scales are as excellent as the rest of the reviews say they are.
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