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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on April 22, 2010
I have been using the Deathadder for a month now. I will be comparing this mouse to my old one, wich came with the computer I bought (3 button regular mouse).

You need to know that I'm a gamer, and that I probably noticed details that most won't. My hand is average size.

At first, the Deathadder seemed to be a little big in hand since I was used with my small regular mouse. It takes just 2-3 hours before you forget about that. You won't notice how much of an ergonomic change this mouse is before you go back to your old one. I have 2 computers and right now I just hate using a regular mice, they really feel uncomfortable.

Both right and left click are smoother than a regular mouse, the middle click is tougher and the additionnal buttons are regular. Also the mouse physical configuration makes it so it is much easier to middle click with your index than it is with other fingers (so if you aren't used to click with that finger for middle click, it is another attunement you will have to go through#.

The rubber finish is nice, and so is the scrolling of the mouse. Once you download the drivers from razer website, you can customize it the way you want it # DPI, etc.#. I'm not sure, but I couldn't find any macro recorder in the Drivers software, as opposed to the Mamba #view mamba review on youtube to understand what I mean).

Aside from that, the Deathadder is a great mouse and I would reccomend it to anyone. It is much more comfortable than any regular mouse and you will quickly get attuned to it. 5 stars.
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on February 27, 2012
Looks great
Buttons and lights are very bright
Clicks nicely
Very customize able for the DPI

Scroll wheel gets squeky after a month or two
The back /forward buttons are made very cheaply
Bottom of mouse gets noticeably scratched on a mouse mat
The lights should have an option to make them not flash, just stay steady
limited customize ability
only can change the mouse lights on/ off and the speed
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on February 14, 2010
It doesn't transform you into a great gamer, but certainly gives a large edge!
great mouse

I use it for Starcraft with the settings:
1000hz polling
Sensitivity - 2/10 (wicked sensitive even at the low end of the scale)
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on April 11, 2012
At first I was ecstatic about this mouse but after about 4 months the cord on it is giving me trouble. Ive researched problems with the death adder online and apparently everyone has been having problems with the cord that connects from the mouse to the usb, apparently it is very brittle and fragile so any twists in it cause it to canker over time like a gardening hose. As of right now I am still using the mouse but cannot move the cord at all or else it will stop working, this will not last because I own pets that find cords very interesting. All in all its a decent mouse that is somewhat worth its price but I would not recommend it to someone who owns pets because the cord is too long and will be destroyed in months.
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on July 25, 2014
How can you not love a mouse that you buy for around $6.00 delivered to your door. I decided to give this one a try as I bought a lot of 4 small retractable corded mice that were not too comfortable to hold for a long time. If you are on the PC for a long time do yourself a favour and avoid buying small mice that become cumbersome on your hands. Larger is better when you use them for a long time during the day. This mouse is designed to last longer than the normal life a mouse is expected to get.

In the end we will have to wait and see.

I hope this review helped you.
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on January 21, 2013
Nice mouse, quick and free shipping this is quality and worling verry well in-game. I even bought a keyboard to fit with this mouse . 100% satisfaction
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on October 16, 2012
I love gaming, and I love graphical design. I wanted a precision mouse, I was sick of wireless mice as they eat batteries, and when you buy gaming tech, it usually lasts better than other tech. This mouse has the best feel of mice I have ever used (various Microsoft brand, Logitech and a non name brand mouse) in terms of control, glide, buttons and scrolling. I have the same issue someone else mentioned below where the scroller gets stuck and hops to the top of the page randomly sometimes but it almost never happens so its not a big deal. I am a big fan of the extremely long cord as I have my tower under the desk and an awkward pull out keyboard spot so any other cabled mouse was usually too short and got tugged on, and I wouldn't worry about this one being tugged on because it has a braided cable so it's extra durable. This mouse is very precise (great for photoshop and premiere pro) and I like the user interface (not a huge fan of the look but it's very functional). My only other issue with the mouse is the button at the bottom to swap settings. I love to swap DPI on the fly, and you can make 5 profiles with the software for this mouse, but the switch will not tell you which profile number you are on so you don't always know which settings you are using. I wish razer would dedicate this button to DPI, not profiles, as I am not interested in switching pole rates and other options, just the DPI. That and the wheel is why this mouse gets a star off. All in all everything else is functional, well built, and of very good quality. I would recommend this mouse to anyone looking for a gaming mouse, a mouse for design, or an overall precise and durable mouse.
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on March 15, 2012
You get plenty of control in other respects, too. The Razer DeathAdder supports up to 3,500 dpi, a number that generally exceeds by a wide margin the sensitivity anyone will need. The most vigorous FPS game will present no overwhelming challenges to this gaming tool.

That high sensitivity is also valuable for non-gaming activities too. 'Non-gaming?' Yeah, we know. But even gamers have to do other things sometime. It's ideal for detailed work in Photoshop, for example. Pick out a pixel or two and do whatever you want with them.

Better still, you can control sensitivity on the fly. Knock the level down a peg with a quick flick of the switch. That way your mouse won't drive you crazy while editing photos, browsing the web, and so forth. It's no effort to cut it to 1,800 or 900 or even 450 dpi.

The DeathAdder can move up to 120 inches per second (or, alternately described, it takes only 8 ms to move an inch) and with up to 15 g of acceleration. Besides the internal electronics, one thing that helps it do that are the Ultraslick Teflon feet. Low friction means the ability to move fast over multiple surface types.

Save your settings in a profile and you can toggle between them to best suit your immediate needs. Set on high for an FPS, lower for other activities. That profile saving feature is handy for lots of other controllable aspects, too, not least the ability to record macros.

Save up to five different profiles, four different dpi settings (450 dpi ' 900 dpi ' 1800 dpi ' 3500 dpi) , three polling rates (from the default 125 Hz up to 500 Hz or 1000 Hz), and tons of other selections. Those profilable settings include programming the five large, non-slip 'HyperResponse' buttons, as well. With a total of 5 different profiles this gives you a total of 25 distinct programmable buttons.

Terms like 'HyperResponse' may be marketing buzzwords, but it applies here. The Razer DeathAdder offers a 1,000 Hz (1 MHz) polling rate. Put another way, every millisecond, the mouse is sensing where it is. If you can operate your fast-twitch muscle fibers faster than that, more power to you Superman.


Outstanding ergonomics
Ultraslick Teflon feet allows fast movements over multiple surface types
Better wiring (braided vs smooth rubber in the previous model)
Extremely responsive and accurate
5 programmable buttons
Easy to use and highly configurable software
Left handed DeathAdder model available


Weight can't be adjusted
Sides made with glossy slippery material which may lower your grip
On-The-Fly sensitivity switch on bottom of mouse. May be unhandy to switch dpi settings in the midst of a battle!
Besides the higher DPI not enough innovation to justify an upgrade if you own the older model and you're happy with dpi's up to 1800
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on December 3, 2011
So I'm not really a Razer fan. They make their money from 15 year old hardcore gamers who think moderately better equipment will make them professional material. They slap on some flashy lights, stroke the gamer ego, and make all the nerds drool.

So please don't buy this mouse just for the lights, or because Razer makes it sound like the staff of Moses. Buy it because it's actually a decent mouse. I've been using it for a month or so, and it's been great. It serves as a gaming mouse, as well as for general usage.

This mouse is probably better suited to a palm grip, but it works with my claw grip just fine. The side buttons seem a little bit too easy to hit accidentally, but that's probably because I've never had a mouse with more than three buttons before. The lights are annoying, but easy to turn off. The drivers you need for the mouse are not hard to use at all. The mousewheel rolls nicely even if clicking with it can be somewhat stiff. Shape of the mouse is great for the right hand, and it slides well. The "braided" cord is all it should be.

So this is definitely a high quality product. I would recommend it to anyone whose needs have outgrown the cheapo mouse they first bought. Be reminded, however, that most people -even many gamers- don't really need anything more than a basic mouse.
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on September 12, 2011
coming from a logitech g35 it was a pleasure. the lights can be annoyingly bright at night but you can disable them.

I used to have the 1800DPI model and liked it so much that i bought a second one (which is now 3500DPI). The 1800dpi one got about 3 years of daily (5 hour+) gaming/browsing use. I never treated it special, i sat on it a few times by accident, dropped it plenty of times and slammed it most of the times i lost a match. After i bought the new one i brought my old one into the office and it's made the transition of gaming to word processing quite well. With the lights off it doesn't even look like a gaming mouse.

My only complaint is the scroll wheel isn't "perfect". By this i mean on both of my models sometimes it'll skip a line (instead of scrolling smoothly). This is rare but annoying. Also with the scroll wheel light on, dirt shows up very easily.

Overall A+++++ will buy again.
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