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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon June 7, 2016
Bought the 32HB card for my Rebel T3i as my older memory card could not handle the write speeds for taking HD video, I would get memory errors constantly.

This Class 10 works just fine in my camera and I can record my video's just fine!

I bought this January, 2016 so this review is a bit late but I have not had any issues with it yet!
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on July 23, 2013
I bought this as a second card for my Nikon DSLR camera. The speed of this memory is inconsistent, ranging from reasonable to extremely poor. At times it will delay as much as 30 seconds -- no exaggeration -- before the camera will take more pictures. When taking videos, there is a message that tells me the video is paused while it is saving -- it might pause just a few seconds or you might sit there while the whole moment passes you by before it's done saving.

I have been using SD cards for about five years and have many class 4 and 10 cards, and I've never seen this kind of inconsistent behaviour before.

I presumed Patriot would simply replace it since I only bought it last month, but this is not so. I've had companies send USB sticks and even bluetooth keybaords without asking for the defective product to be returned at my expense, but Patriot sent me a list of 8 rules to obtain an RMA that included me spending between $15 and $30 to return their thirty dollar memory card for a replacement.

A few days after writing this review I tried to use the card just to put some files on from my laptop, to get some use out of it, and it no longer works at all.

Obviously I avoid this brand and suggest others do the same due to their return policy.
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on June 12, 2016
For the price can't go wrong. Bought this for my gf so she could stop using the stupid iPod in her Audi Q5 (stupid overpriced cable constantly kept producing 'initializing' errors with her iPods) and use the built in SD card reader.

It works, and it does a decent job holding almost 1/3rd of her massive 105 gig music collection.
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on June 19, 2016
Very slow write speed. Writeup says 20. I got 4 Mb/s. Would not use for anything except photos.

Read speed was usable at 67 mb/s. 20mb/s was what was advertised and at the low end of what was acceptable. 4 mb/s is atrocious. It will be fine for what I'm using it for (second hdd to backup photos on laptop). Just disappointed.

Speed and working order of the card was tested by h2testw_1.4. I would highly recommend those who think of purchasing this card don't. It won't be useful or for high quality uncompressed photos. Spend the extra 50 dollars and get one of the 1000x cards. I wish I had
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on May 2, 2011
I was somewhat reluctant to buy this because there was one review saying this SDHC card did not work for video on a Canon 60D, but I decided to order it anyway hoping that reviewer just received a lemon. Turns out this card works very well, and it DOES allow video to be written to it on a Canon 60D. Great price, I'm going to order another one soon.
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on April 26, 2016
There is no way this is 70mb/sec transfer speed that it advertises. I know because I'm using it to store my DJ music library and it takes sometimes 10 seconds to load a WAV files which is around 70 MB. False advertising. Do not buy if transfer speed is important to you.
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on April 20, 2011
I have a Nikon D3100 and wanted some quick Class 10 memory to capture video. I couldn't believe this 32GB memory card was available for under $60. It has worked great. I still considering buying a second, just because it's such a good deal.
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on October 17, 2012
I have to admit that when I saw this SD card on Amazon for the price it was selling for, I was skeptical, but hoping for the best, I bought 2 of them anyway and planned to write about my experiences with them in photography forums etc.
Well, they arrived quickly and the first things I did with both cards is pop them into my Canon 60D and check the burst function in the camera, which takes just over 5 shots per second in RAW format at full resolution. Oddly, I have another 32gb card that I paid way more money for, that met the manufacturers claim of the camera being able to take 16 shots in a burst, well, these cards allow the camera to take 17 shots in burst mode. It's all about the speed of writing to the card before the camera has to buffer and slow the frame rate down, so in this respect, this card was a clear win.

Te next thing was 1080p video, so I shot video for around 15 minutes, which is a decent amount of time to test an SD card for this purpose. Once again, it performed flawlessly and the resulting video was exactly as shot, no glitches or artifacts.

I have been using both of these cards exclusively in the camera for the past few weeks, except when one of them got used in my Mac for file transferring to another machine, but again, no issues whatsoever.

If you've been buying your SD cards from one of the major local retailers, you are paying a hefty price for them, no doubt, but if you want a solid performer at a great price, this is the card for you.
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on June 20, 2016
Patriot LX Series 256GB High Speed SDXC Class 10 UHS-1 - Up to 70MB/sec Flash Card - PSF256GSDXC10 I tested this with h2testw v1.4 and found the card had errors. I've sent it back for a refund.
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on April 20, 2016
EDIT, several weeks later:
I'm very much afraid my optimism was too much. When the 256GB SDXC proved unreliable in my new Nikon P900, I blamed the camera. The card had worked in my Canon SX50. BUT • BEWARE, please! Returning to using the 256GB card in the Canon, SAME PROBLEM. Basically these cards are NO GOOD.

I'm so sorry I recommended it earlier.

The card will seem to work just fine for awhile. Then you'll be taking pictures and you'll notice the camera is slow to process them in-camera. You'll find yourself having to turn your camera off and on again. REPLACE THE CARD IMMEDIATELY, because you will lose all the subsequent photos. Photos taken before that will transfer in good shape to your computer. Important: If you have been using a 256GB for awhile, and it seems all right, DO CARRY A SPARE (128GB or less), because at least you'll have it when, not if, the 256 gives you your first format warning in the camera.

I was originally so pleased with the 256GB that I bought a second one. I am now going to see if Amazon will allow me to get a refund on both. Once again, for CANON OR NIKON, THESE 256GB CARDS ARE NOT RELIABLE • DO NOT BUY.

Especially for wildlife/bird video & still photographers:

Lots of you already know, but, just in case: this 256GB Class10 SDXC card works just fine [NO! SEE MY EDIT ABOVE] in my Canon SX50 camera. I formatted it in the camera immediately after formatting its 128GB equivalent, and the 256 seemed to format just as quickly.

'BUT IT DOES NOT WORK IN THE NIKON P900, which displays the very absolute message: "This card cannot be used." Period. So much for the Nikon being the newer camera by 2' years. The Nikon P900 takes a 128GB SDXC card as its maximum, which is less than half as useful as the Canon SX50 in practical field/travel use. Interesting.
EDIT/INSERT added later:
Please note, when you are using these cards for a lot of videos and you are transferring files a lot from camera to computer, you are asking a lot of the card. You need a fairly new computer or camera. You need to know your device limitations (such as some Nikon cameras sometimes doing VERY long pauses while considering the task). You need to know your camera may automatically END videos after 29 minutes, to allow the camera to be sold as not-a-movie-camera in Europe. You need to know about LOW LEVEL FORMATTING especially. Read your camera's card-format instructions. Also, if you decide to change the card's purpose to work as a computer drive, you format the card in the computer. (Look up the hp format tool and BE CAREFUL.) Too much back-and-forth is bewildering for a big little SDXC, so Play Nice, okay? If you DON'T format for quite a few camera><computer exchanges, your card will get very bad headaches. Know your camera and your computer. By the way, you may prefer using a good card reader as an interface if your computer seems reluctant about big memory cards especially. Have fun.
I love these SDXC cards. You can use them (if need be) in a computer as well. I've explained in a previous review that you can put such a card in your camera, visit some foreign place for several months, and store a great many videos and JPGs on your card. I recommend you COPY'but NEVER MOVE'your pictures until you are home again. You can keep copying your work onto your computer's hard drive or else a portable (2TB recommended) hard drive. But you want to keep BOTH copies of your precious photos until you are home. If the SDXC card or the camera or the computer were compromised, you'd still have your backup copy.

The most dangerous time for your work, I learned the hard way, is during a backup process itself. Copying, not moving, is the way to go, for sure.

If you can afford it, you might take several SDXC cards on your trip. (I also take a 2TB Seagate portable HDD and I like to replace stock HDDs in laptop/notebook computers with Seagate SSHD hybrid 2.5" drives. I use Windows 7.1 x64 by preference.)
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