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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon July 22, 2012
While set in Iraq, this is not a political film, it examines the psychology of men in danger, and how some
men become addicted to it.

Mostly critically lionized, but attacked by many, especially soldiers for being inaccurate.

I didn't take the film that literally, or think of it as documentary realism, but more a stylized almost poetic
look at the insanity of wars and what can happen to those caught up in them, much like 'Full Metal Jacket'.
This felt real on a meta level, not a literal one.

There were a few logic lapses that bugged me, and the impact emotionally is (by choice I felt) muted. It's
more a disturbing picture than a moving one.

But it made me think and made my heart race, and images and moments have stayed with me for a long time
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on January 16, 2016
I liked the movie. Saw it first on TV and then decided to own it. Scenes are great. It is depressing but it further highlights the turmoil of the entire region and the fact that, I believe, there will never be peace in that area. The mental scars will forever be there for all those involved in the conflict.
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on November 9, 2015
its great movie i would recommend anyone who loves army themed movies this movie takes place in same area as jarhead
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on August 9, 2015
Hands down one of my favourite movies. I am not a huge fan of action movies but this one was great.
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on March 7, 2010
wow.just finished watching this film about an hour ago,and i'm still trying to put it into's basically about an elite military bomb squad unit in Iraq,whose job is made tougher because they are still very much in a combat situation.this a very powerful moving experience.riveting right to the last frame.nail biting suspense.great acting.sometimes the quite moments speak louder and more clearly than any words can.the movie is very well constructed.its all so eloquent,like a poem,a ballet.the running time may just be shy of one hundred and thirty minutes,but it sure doesn't feel that long.i could watch this film again without hesitation.war themed movies are not everyone's cup of tea obviously,but if you are a fan of the genre,you owe it to yourself to check this film out.i haven't seen a film this good in a long time.for me,The Hurt Locker is a 5/5
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Can war be a drug ... a highly addictive drug? Does this drug distort the mind and twist it's judgements? Can it influence dangerous, even self-destructive, behaviour? What is exceptional bravery ... and what is true madness?

This stunning, electrifying movie directed to perfection by Kathryn Bigelow presents these questions, and more, and while it's a war movie it is not a yahoo blast-fest for the heavily browed. This is a very intelligent look at the human mind in situations of extreme, almost unimaginable and ceaseless danger. Like a lot of recent cinema "The Hurt Locker" is shot in such a way that it first appears as a documentary, christening the film's launch and colouring it's mood with an atmosphere of intense credibility and tension. And it never lets up right to the last second.

A troop of American soldiers in current-day Iraq have as their assignment, the detection and disarming of bombs, bombs that are everywhere ... in ditches, in piles of garbage, strapped to terrified civilians and dead children. It is extremely hot and these men don suits that are heavy and swelteringly claustrophobic in order to save people in a country that seems to have lost all sanity and reason. It is the story of the differing souls in a group and how they all respond to such oppressively omnipresent danger. It is also the story of their leader ( Jeremy Renner ) and how for him the experience of this type of war has become a kind of addiction. Putting himself at extreme risk, and the men of his troop, with capricious irresponsibiliy, at one point they actually consider killing him in a convenient "accident".

Eventually we see each man for who he is and a very human portrait unfolds of the troop and the psychologies that form the group identity. In this sort of situation there MUST be a unification of purpose and a sublimation of individuality or there will be tragedies. Yet their new leader seems to feel himself beyond that and takes on an almost messianic approach to their task and to how he leads his men. At first he seems invincible, though frighteningly driven to extreme risk-taking, repeatedly extricating himself from almost certain death over and over. Beyond the very real and constant danger in a country so utterly hostile to their very existence, these men now have to deal with an irrationally obsessed leader who puts his own personal satisfaction and vindication ahead of his own life, AND theirs.

And yet there are moments when our iron-man messiah shows himself to be all too human, especially when he develops an unlikely friendship with a local, streetwise, teenaged urchin who sells him DVD's. When the boy disappears and our leader is convinced he has seen his bloodied and mutilated body something breaks inside him and his very human passions come rushing out. In an AWOL desparate search for clues to the boys death and his killers whereabouts, our troop leader forces himself into the home of an Iraqi intellectual, gun bared. And yet, despite his crazed and threatening demeanor he is cautiously but graciously invited to sit down and have tea, thus lending moral ambiguity to a situation all too foolishly seen as being black and white.

The cast of largely unknown actors is a rigorously believable ensemble; totally credible and very three dimensional. They are not cliched, G.I. cutouts. They are all very real people. In fact, while this absolutely riveting and very human movie is about war, the occupation of Iraq, the clash of two cultures utterly foreign to each other, it is also about the human mind and soul. And it is fascinating how our souls defend themselves with bravado and a kind of willful blindness in the face of the rationally incomprhensible. Faced with such intense and relentless danger we act out our cultures with desparate vehemence as a way to give ourselves the certainty we need to stay sane. "The Hurt Locker begs the questions, "What price this sanity, and, when we are not 'at home' any more, what is real?"

An edge of your seat, hold your breath, thought provoking and deeply moving story that does not go where a lot of war movies have gone. There are no pat answers. There is no certainty. And the cost to the human mind and soul of being put into such extreme, almost insane situations is clearly layed out. One of the best war movies of recent times. Kudos to Bigelow.
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on September 20, 2014
They were all Good
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on March 20, 2010
One should forget that this flic was produced on a shoe lace budget with nameless actors -until now. A very deep and dark film which, when the moment allows itself, will prompt the viewer to reconsider "work today was butual."

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on May 8, 2015
Very good
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on May 6, 2013
The Hurt Locker takes you right into the team's battles and struggles with war and the effects it has on people's minds and bodies, a very good movie all around.
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