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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Style Name: USB Microphone|Color: Silver|Change
Price:$139.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on July 2, 2016
I bought this awhile back. I'm a semi-professional musician who also produces music videos, live show videos, podcasts, and a variety of other media that requires capturing good audio. I use a Macbook Pro to do so, so my experience could differ from windows users.

It works well. The moment I plugged it in, it was recognized, and I could use it. The different audio modes are cool to play around with as well, the booklet that comes with gives some advice on how to use them and a quick explanation. The quality of the audio is also very good. Small thing to note is that the Mic is quite sensitive, so make sure to play with the gain a lot to get the sensitivity to where you want it, otherwise you'll find it picks up everything.

It works well, both for vocal, and for recording musical instruments. The mic itself also seems very durable. I wouldn't suggest dropping or throwing a 100$ + piece of equipment, but it doesn't look like it would be damaged if it accidentally fell off a table or bumped into something, which is a good thing to note.

The only thing that I can really hold against it, is that to be able to mount it onto a mic stand, you absolutely have to buy a specific shock mount produced by Blue Microphones, and that will cost you something like 50 - 80$ extra. Most mic stands even specifically say not designed for use with the Blue Yeti. I was expecting to buy the Microphone, and that was it, not to have to buy other accessories alongside it just to get the setup I need. It comes with its own base-stand which is fine for putting it on a table or something, but it definitely isn't ideal for all setups, so If you are planning on using this with your own already built setup or something, bear in mind it is going to cost you more money to buy the extra things you need to make that happen.

Really, this is a good mic, good for recording live music, vocals for podcasts, vocals for youtube, really anything you need good audio for. The price really can't be beat, just keep in mind that the accessories that go alongside it are also going to cost you some decent $$ if you need them.
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on July 17, 2016
I purchased this product during Amazon prime deals, and man I've gotta say for the price I cannot name a more premium looking and feeling product, that also happens to function just as well. This microphone is absolutely great, I love the live monitoring that has 0 latency whatsoever. And the different recording modes on the back are really cool too, and of course the microphone itself looks and feels very solid. The sound from the microphone is also fantastic, if you're looking for a mic that can do narration, voice over recording, interview recording, and recording of entire environments, this is the one to get. And the usb cable it comes with is like 10 feet which is a nice touch.

I do however have a few gripes with it.

The two wheel knobs that hold it in place in the stand should be all aluminum and rubber, not mostly plastic with some aluminum, and the stand doesn't look like the casting process is as refined as it is for the rest of the microphone either. And the control knobs on the microphone itself, the recording mode switcher is way too stiff, while the volume and gain knobs are far too easy and loose. Also, the mute button should be a 2 stage button. As mine is sometimes iffy where it won't always mute unless I press it the right way, it's not terrible but there's been a couple of times where I've pressed the button properly and it just won't mute or un mute, although that seems to be problem that has fixed itself with usage.

Other than that, I love the product. And the thing that matters the most (the recording quality) is fantastic. So if you're looking for a microphone that has that quality, and on top of that has a fantastic visual appeal, this is the one.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 14, 2015
Excellent gain. I wanted a very good microphone for online gaming voice chat. Didn't want to wear a headset all the time, as gaming headsets don't really have the great sound that a high end pair of Sennheiser's might have. This microphone + top end headphones makes for the best possible audio in gaming.
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on January 16, 2016
The mix works as great as many have described and lives up to it's popularity as a high quality recording microphone. The clarity in the mic audio is quite noticeable going from a laptop mic, to karaoke mic, to webcam mic, and then to this.

However, on Windows 10 I have been experiencing some issues where the usb would randomly turn unrecognized making it undetected as a device. Even unplugging the usb and putting it in again result in the same issues. Eventually after a few minutes it would work normal, but it is an issue many have experienced.

Update: Feb 15, 2016

I soon found out that the issue I was experiencing was the USB cable itself that came with the mic. The quality is so poorly made that it was broken to begin with. I tried using it to plug in a different device and it immediately I received the usb device is unrecognizable error as well. I used a cable from a different device and the mic works perfectly fine. I have contacted the manufacture and as oppose to them stating they return email within 24-28 hours, it took them a week, and they said it is the microphone that is defective when it clearly is not. As of now it has been a week since I replied to their email. This is type of customer service is unacceptable, and I expected better from the company.

Great product, but terrible customer service.
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on July 24, 2016
The microphone itself has great quality, but the stand does absolutely nothing to eliminate any form of vibration. Placing it on a small block of foam does little to help and I would prefer a rubberized structure to help deal with it.

To deal with it myself, I hung it from my loft using some string that was lying around the house.
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on December 1, 2014
The Blue Yeti is a fantastic microphone for the price. You literally cannot beat it for the price. It's definitely not the best sounding microphone out there and obviously can't compete with $500 microphones like the Electro-Voice RE-20, but if you're looking at this microphone you already know that. I use my Blue Yeti with the Blue RADIUS II shockmount and Rode PSA-1 microphone arm. I pair this combination with my Sennheiser HD380 headphones and FiiO E17k USB DAC/AMP for a setup that sounds great both in and out.
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on June 27, 2016
i bought this microphone on the suggestion on the community and i can say it was a good suggestion. the microphone sound quality is great however if you live in a noisy house like i do you will run into problems of the microphone being too good.
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on May 20, 2016
This is by no means a bad starter microphone. You get a solid aluminum build, coupled with microphone quality that rivals much more expensive models. There are a couple of reasons my review isn't 5 stars, though.

The balancing. Out of the box, the microphone feels much too heavy on the base side. While this may work for music recording, vocals can sound muddy and unclear and small bumps or knocks on the table it's sitting on are amplified. A simple DAW such as Audacity can somewhat mitigate this problem.

The mount. While it is one hell of a solid mount, the Yeti's unconventional mounting system makes attaching it to a third party stand difficult. That combined with it's fairly hefty weight means you're most likely going to keep this thing on your table. Because of this, vibrations such as keyboard clicks transfer right into the microphone.
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on January 13, 2014
Sound is fantastic, and it's a solid built microphone if you don't consider the nobs. They are plastic and cheap, some are very stiff which doesn't make sense to me because I feel almost as if I'm going to break the mic in trying to switch settings. Overall very happy, but there is ONE MAJOR FLAW they don't tell you about. If you plan on using this microphone with any stand/boom other than the one that comes attached, Blue is going to charge you $80 for the one shock mount in existence that works with this mic. I was very displeased at this, seeing as I already invested so much. These two reasons prevent a 5 star rating, but I am still pleased with the sound quality itself, which is what matters in the end.
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on June 17, 2016
Have been using this microphone for several months now and i have absolutely no complaints.

The different modes and options for recording really let you adapt to any situation you need it for and the sound quality is excellent.
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