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4.6 out of 5 stars369
4.6 out of 5 stars
Style Name: USB Microphone|Color: Silver|Change
Price:$134.75+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on January 13, 2014
Sound is fantastic, and it's a solid built microphone if you don't consider the nobs. They are plastic and cheap, some are very stiff which doesn't make sense to me because I feel almost as if I'm going to break the mic in trying to switch settings. Overall very happy, but there is ONE MAJOR FLAW they don't tell you about. If you plan on using this microphone with any stand/boom other than the one that comes attached, Blue is going to charge you $80 for the one shock mount in existence that works with this mic. I was very displeased at this, seeing as I already invested so much. These two reasons prevent a 5 star rating, but I am still pleased with the sound quality itself, which is what matters in the end.
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on January 24, 2011
I was very happy to get such a wonderful microphone. Firstly, it looks fantastic, so solid, stylish and classy. Besides its look it has all features that a podcaster might need. You can plug in your headphones right into it to eliminate all delays. It has mute button and four different polar modes. So you can record yourself, an interview with your guest or even a huge group of people. Just choose the right mode. I've begun recording tons of podcasts since I got this mic and the quality of sound is awesome. In my view, it is a great choice for those who'd like to try themselves in podcasting.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 14, 2015
Excellent gain. I wanted a very good microphone for online gaming voice chat. Didn't want to wear a headset all the time, as gaming headsets don't really have the great sound that a high end pair of Sennheiser's might have. This microphone + top end headphones makes for the best possible audio in gaming.
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on December 6, 2015
Sound quality is a complete blast. Absolutely outperforms my astro A50's microphone. Good for recording and YouTube. The 4 different patterns are very nice features.

There is a downside tho, which is why I rated this 4 stars. The shock mount needs to be purchased quite expensively.

The name of the shock mount is Radius II

I suggest you puchase the shock mount on because it's only 80$ ish on .com but on .ca is about 500$ (very weird)
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on December 19, 2014
While I expected this microphone to catch sounds really well, it came to be much above my expectations. It caught much subtler sounds from very far with insane clarity and, because of this, I'd warn anyone who has a friend with one of those and that have great quality headphone because they'll catch many sounds (gladly with no interferences).

Because it has (apparently) an included speaker, it ends up with a large amount of buttons on it, possibly making it a little annoying to move around to play with its configurations.

Finally, it is very well built, very solid (unlike a few others I've seen that were generally made of thicker plastics), very large and fairly heavy (for microphone standards), although I'd not fear it to break anytime soon. Overall, I'm very pleased with my purchase, and feel it has a great price tag, even more so when it has specials put on it (seriously, it's horribly cheap for the quality it offers), and offers little to no problems (horribly easy to setup up as well).
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on January 25, 2014
It surpasses my expectations. Great value for a great price! So easy to install and use. makes for superb sound quality and so diverse.
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on March 18, 2016
I received the Blue Yeti as a birthday gift and I'm really amazed by it! I am not a tech geek and not really interested in the technology aspect of things, but when I received the yeti I was thrilled. It's a beautiful design, VERY heavy, definitely not portable and it's so sensitive it really wants a shock mount on a boom arm which will cost another $100. That's a big drawback, as all other shock mounts are $30.

I love using it, it's very easy and intuitive to understand. Very sensitive gain. No latency between the microphone and ear phones. I literally just plugged it into my laptop, opened up audacity and started playing with it. It gets big points on usability.

My only criticism is you can't really see the potential in this mic without a shock mount, and that means shelling out $300 for a complete setup. Once you have this mic, you will probably end up getting a shock mount pretty soon afterwards, because the voice quality is so good, why would you want it picking up every tap on your desk?

The other thing is the sensitivity of this mic picks up breath sounds like crazy, and my podcasting friends with this mic tell me that a pop filter doesn't really do much on this mic, you need to use audio foam right over the whole thing. So bear that in mind as well.

I also ordered a camera connection kit so that I could use this mic with my ipod touch and boss jock recording studio, however I now realize the mic draws power off of my computer when plugged in via the usb cord, so it's unlikely that this is going to work with my ipod. I will probably end up with an atr2100 for mobile podcasting.

I'm super-happy with my Yeti, and it makes my desk look sexy as hell.
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on January 16, 2016
The mix works as great as many have described and lives up to it's popularity as a high quality recording microphone. The clarity in the mic audio is quite noticeable going from a laptop mic, to karaoke mic, to webcam mic, and then to this.

However, on Windows 10 I have been experiencing some issues where the usb would randomly turn unrecognized making it undetected as a device. Even unplugging the usb and putting it in again result in the same issues. Eventually after a few minutes it would work normal, but it is an issue many have experienced.

Update: Feb 15, 2016

I soon found out that the issue I was experiencing was the USB cable itself that came with the mic. The quality is so poorly made that it was broken to begin with. I tried using it to plug in a different device and it immediately I received the usb device is unrecognizable error as well. I used a cable from a different device and the mic works perfectly fine. I have contacted the manufacture and as oppose to them stating they return email within 24-28 hours, it took them a week, and they said it is the microphone that is defective when it clearly is not. As of now it has been a week since I replied to their email. This is type of customer service is unacceptable, and I expected better from the company.

Great product, but terrible customer service.
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on December 9, 2015
The Yeti sounds great and is pretty versatile, although you have to manage usage to get it to perform the way you want.

The thing is, this mic is SUPER sensitive, and even in cardoid (unidirectional mode) it will pick up everything in the room. There's only a bit of rubber on the bottom platform, so if you sit it on the same desk as your computer, as most people might do with a Mac, you'll actually hear the vibration of the computer through it. The quality of voices will also drop off pretty rapidly as you move back from it, so you'll have to be up nice and personal to it to get the best sound.

All that said, it is still a very versatile mic. You get multiple patterns, like the aforementioned cardoid, as well as omnidirectional and stereo. The reason I got it was for the bi-directional mode, where one person can talk into the front and another into the back, at the same time, with no echo or reverb issues. Both voices will sound good, and this helps you avoid having to come up with another mic for someone. If people tend to lean out of range, you can turn up the gain, but this is made the sensitivity nuts, picking up every rustle of clothes or mouth clicks and smacks and whatnot. Still, it's good that it's there.

Another great thing is the built-in 3.5mm monitor output, so you can plug headphones in and hear yourself talk. I even split the output, put two headphones in, and sent audio from the computer to them let the two people on the Yeti hear the entire panel talking. Great stuff.

If you can snag it on sale, I'd highly recommend the Yeti for podcasting... it can really get you out of a scrape.
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on July 25, 2015
I don't normally commit to 5 star reviews but this product and the means by which I acquired it deam it worthy of the 5 stars.
First off, the product itself: it's sturdy, and quite heavy. It's got great quality in its production, intricacy and detail in its design and it has a fantastic sound.
As for the means by which I acquired the Blackout: I had this mic in my wish list, waiting for a price reduction and was unexpectedly tickled when I saw it listed for 50% off during Amazon Prime Days. Yes, I know many who say that Prime Days didn't garner the kind of sales that it hyped, but for me, I was on cloud 9 seeing an item I had coveted for so long, for such a great price. Unfortunately, that deal went fast, and in the time that it took me to move from my cart to checkout, the item was sold out, and thus no longer available for Prime Days pricing.
Very disappointing.
But at my request, Amazon honoured the prime day price for me, a week later once it was back in Amazon's stock.
So between the product and Amazons level of customer care, a 5 star review is well deserved! The only area of concern is price, but I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better quality USB mic.
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