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4.3 out of 5 stars31
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on February 12, 2012
This is the best zombie movie I ever seen... and I am a big fan of this kind of movie. Good story, good actors performances and very funny! The effects are perfect! You have to see it!
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on July 13, 2013
Les acteurs sont très efficaces et il s'agit d'une comédie, malgré les effets d'horreur. Si vous avez le coeur sensible, Résistez aux premières minutes du film, ensuite ça devient drôle
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on September 6, 2014
A pretty good, and funny film from the zombie genre. All actors played their role credibly. Obviously this is a low-budget film but it is still very entertaining.
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on August 2, 2011
this is a really good movie, Shaun of the dead funny :) have it now on my iphone watch it during the low times at work :) really good acting worth every penny
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on March 17, 2011
We watched this in theatres and loved it. I myself am not a zombie movie fan normally but loved this. If you love a good laugh I recommend this movie.
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on May 6, 2013
I first saw this movie on television and thought I must get it for viewing at home. It is different for a zombie movie and thoroughly entertaining.
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on October 9, 2013
This is a fantastic watch. All the characters were excellent, I have watched it a few times. I bought this on sale to replace my DVD version.
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on August 12, 2013
The movie was a few days late but other than that all was well. It was in the proper packaging and it didn't look like a home made copy.
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on June 16, 2014
Fun movie the first time around. Second viewing and it comes across real campy.Guys, it has Emma Stone in it so who cares? Am I right?
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 6, 2010
Once in a while a movie will come along which will actually pleasantly surprise you and this one certainly fits the bill. Countless filmmakers have gone to the Zombie well,over and over and over again for years and most leave you with that "been there,done that" feeling.But this 88 minute flick Zombieland,puts its' own fresh twist on things and comes up with a little winner.
The story involves a group of four people going cross country trying to stay alive from the world wide Zombie threat around them.The how and the why of the plague is only briefly touched on as having something to do with a contagion mutating from mad cow disease and into humans.We know our main protagonists only through city names.The first and the narrator of the film is Columbus(Jesse Eisenberg).He is a young man who is forced from his solitary existence due to the terrible threat,and sets out for Columbus,Ohio to seek out his parents.His plans get sidetracked when he meets up with Tallahassee(Woody Harrelson).Tallahassee it seems has lost his family and while not the easiest person to get to know,is a Zombie,butt-kicking pro;quite fearless.One of the last pleasures Mr.T has,is to get a hold of a twinkie.To this end they stop into a grocery store but just end up getting their ride stolen(Cadillac SUV) by a couple of con-sisters(Witchita-Emma Stone and Little Rock-Abigail Breslin),who pretend one of them is infected and is about to turn.But the boys soon get a new ride of their own that is a step up;a big yellow Hummer filled with lots of ammo and guns.
Back on the road the guys come upon their stolen truck "abandoned" but get taken in once more and get their new ride hijacked by the same girls.But now they are at least all together and the girls head for the Pacific Playland Park,just outside L.A.When they arrive in L.A. Columbus suggests crashing and getting some sleep.To that end Mr T suggests heading for some swanky digs and suggests a stars home;one of his heroes,Bill Murray.Just as they are settling down Bill Murray himself,dressed as a Zombie(to blend in with them) frightens Mr T and Witchita.After Mr T finishes gushing all over Bill they decide to pull a trick on Columbus and Little Rock.Bill walks in on them Zombie-like but quick acting Columbus pulls out his trusty shot gun and shoots Murray.The wound is fatal and he ends up dying!
Next morning the girls again steal off with the ride heading to the park as planned.This time the guys know where they're heading and follow them.The girls arrive at night and turn on the power to the entire park.They might as well have turned a big neon sign saying"fresh meat-come and get it",as every Zombie within sight of the park comes-a-runnin'.Soon the girls are surrounded by the creatures but eventually the guys arrive on cue.Through some tense moments and fancy maneuvering the guys rescue the girls.The movie ends with them driving out of the park,the grounds covered in bodies.
The movie is quite a smart one with snappy dialogue and the on going narrative by Columbus makes it sound more like a travelogue with tips throughout.His tips always consist of the do's and don't of living in Zombieland such as the "double-tap","don't be a hero","always check the back seat","beware of bathrooms",etc.And each tip is usually shown through cgi on the screen in big white lettering.The action/fun on screen that comes across throughout is a constant reminder not to take what you see or hear too seriously.The time with Bill Murray is a hoot and Murray's reference to seeing Eddie Van Halen at the Hollywood Bowl as a Zombie,or just walking onto a golf course and playing nine holes with no line up and uninterrupted is just typical of the dry sense of humour you will hear in the film.It is what really makes it what it is and work so well.
In the technical department the film has been transferred wonderfully onto DVD,no problems there.The extras include several deleted scenes,a featurette,actor/director commentary and the trailer.
In conclusion if you want a snappy,smart and funny Zombie movie with a nice twist to it,this is for you.The script and plot are both well written and the movie moves along well throughout.The producers got everything they could out of each scene and then moved along to the next,trying to keep the pace on a even keel;and generally they succeed.Before you know it this enjoyable flick ends after around 85 minutes and,it seems,all too quickly.But they have invoked that age old show biz adage:"Leave'em wanting more".Sequel anyone?
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