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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 10, 2010

Welcome to the gladiator ring of champions and the "Deathsport" Do you have what it takes to survive Lord Zirpola's death machines and the Deathsport? In the post-apocalyptic future Lord Zirpola captures desert rangers to participate in his barbaric ring of death. Legendary B movie king Roger Corman and Shout Factory present us with this low budget poorly acted and very boring movie, but all is not lost.

There are a few things that saved this movie for me like the fiery crashes, motorcycle stunts, David Carradine and the Beautiful Claudia Jennings. Once again Carradine gets to go Kung Fu and Sword crazy and Claudia Jennings takes it all off in some very wild and erotic torture scenes. Veteran bad guy Richard Lynch is at his best once again as the villain, Lynch is absolutely great in these roles.

Shout factory had to splice various elements of the TV version and the theatrical version together to present it for this double feature DVD. The widescreen transfer is riddled with speckling, debris and some very noticeable grain and green lines that definitely detract from the viewing experience; at least it did for me. Included in the special features is audio commentary, still gallery, trailers and TV spots

Warlords of the Twenty-First Century / BATTLETRUCK

Welcome back to the post-apocalyptic future after the destruction from the great oil wars where gasoline is now the most valuable resource and human life means nothing; at least for one man named Straker. Colonel Straker roams the desolate landscape with his band of killers in search of every ounce of gas he can find; he needs the fuel to power his iron war machine, the "BATTLETRUCK"

After Straker's daughter flees her ruthless fathers grasp she finds help from a mysterious stranger on a motorcycle named Hunter. Straker continues to search for his daughter and comes across a small community he believes is hiding her. Will Straker succeed in retrieving his daughter? Will Hunter, the man on the motorcycle let the BATTLETRUCK destroy everything in its path or will he come to the rescue and destroy Straker? You'll have to buy your own copy to find out.

Shout Factory has presented this film in full screen format and it's definitely the better looking film in regards to picture & sound quality. The video transfer is much cleaner than Deathsport even though it contains some minor speckling here and there. There isn't much in the way of special features for "BATTLETRUCK" It has an audio commentary and a still Gallery that's it. What you get here is two craptastic Drive - in classics on a single sided disc with great packaging and disc artwork. Enjoy!
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on June 18, 2016
Quick delivery. Works great
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on January 26, 2004
Death Sport is one of my favorite films. It is the best of the post-apocalyptic action genre which, sadly, with the fall of the Wall and the dissolution of the Soviet Union has seen its heyday. No one has done it better than Roger Corman. David Carradine, a free and independent "guide," exhibits a cold-blooded and deadly swordsmanship showing no mercy to the "enforcers," a uniformed, motorcycle-riding force of "state-men," the conformist and totalitarian-ruled city-dwellers of the future "after the neutron wars." Claudia Jennings co-stars as a warrior equal in prowess to Carradine and equally deadly to the "enforcers." Richard Lynch is superb as a renegade "guide" who joins the "enforcers" and leads them in their evil plans to capture enough "guides" to hold the Death Sport, a gladiator-like motorcycle combat in which the "enforcers" hope to prove the superiority of the "Death Machine" over the swordsmanship of the "guides." It's the details that make this movie so different. Carradine cleaning the blood from his sword on his cape, the sound-effect when he skewers an "enforcer," the short screams of the "enforcers" when they see imminent death in the upraised swords of Carradine or Jennings, or get vaporized by a "Death Machine," and the whole cold, death-embracing world created in the film. I find myself strangely attracted to this world in which I wouldn't last my first encounter with an "enforcer." Finally, Jerry Garcia did electric guitar-work on the soundtrack. The special features don't match the DVD case - there is no eight page booklet of an interview with Roger Corman - but I didn't buy this DVD for the interview.
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on June 16, 2004
Entertaining cheerful low budget crap, that is strangely less dated than the bile of sword & sorcery films that came in the next decade.
Looking at this film now it is basically an adult version of Battlestar Gallatica, with violence and female nudity
David Carradine sleepwalks through this and he is still superb.
However this not in the same league as the brilliant satire DeathRace 2000. Still it's fun to see films like this, that would
not have a pray of being made in this day and age.
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on July 6, 2004
Oh man. My friends and I went to Blockbuster to look for movies, and saw this movie. The cover looked totally tremendously spectacular! it was like.. omfg it owns the matrix special effect. The motorcycles were totally cool looking, and theyr swords are SO AWESOME, CUS THEY WERE CLEAR!. and oh man, i love how they recycle scenes over and over and put funny buzzing noises everytime the awesome motorcycles roll bye. The BEST, AND I MEAN BEST PART about this movie is when the girl gets naked in the torture chamber omg, my friends mom came in while we were watching, and we changed it right away, but thats another story. HAHA OMFG, THIS MOVIE IS AWESOME, the girl is hot too! and i love their ray guns, where whatever they shoot just dissapears, i also love how things explode for no reason. Yeah thats about it. A+!! I REALLY SUGGEST YOU BUY THIS MOVIE!... lol oh man... their swords... are... GREAT.
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