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on December 21, 2011
I was looking for an inexpensive switch to get three inputs to one output for my TV. This gadget seemed to fit the bill, so I ordered it. It came in about a week, no problems. The only problem that I had is that it comes with an infrared remote and receiver but it doesn't work unless you connect a 4.5 volt power supply to the switch, which is not included. I checked the product description and yes, it doesn't say that it comes with the adapter, so buyer beware. I happened to have a spare adapter and got the product to work fine with the remote now. Just a reminder to read the fine print.
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on May 22, 2011
Have my Laptop and xbox hooked up to it and it works great. Have not tried the remote because it auto-switches. Was a bit confused because it has a dc power input but the product does not need a power supply and a plug was not supplied with it. I am very happy with this gadget so far.
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on February 5, 2012
This HDMI switcher arrived within days of my order and worked perfectly. It switches automatically when I turn on my blu-ray player and then switches back to my satellite PVR when the blu-ray player is turned off. Even though it came with a remote, I don't think that I will ever use that, no need to. Don't hesitate to order this if your HD TV only has one HDMI port, works great.
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on July 17, 2015
Product arrived a full week earlier than originally quoted. Thanks for that EnjoyGadgets, much appreciated,

Have only 2 HDMI ports on my TV, but 4 devices to plug in. Worked with the 3 devices I plugged in (PS3, Zotac mini-PC, HP laptop).

Switches automatically to new device when device is powered on. The remote works to switch between devices when the RF receiver is plugged in (just be sure to remove clear plastic tab by the battery). Can also switch between devices with the select button on the switch itself (but this is kinda inconvenient as the switch is tucked behind TV).

All in all it does exactly what the company states it does. I'm really happy with this purchase and would recommend it to others who need to add a few ports to their entertainment setup.
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on December 14, 2010
Works great, but it doesn't come with any kind of manual that tells you anything. It doesn't need one, other than to tell you a power adapter is unecessary.
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on January 27, 2011
Works great, as advertised. No manual, but one is not needed. Plug it in, uncover the battery in the remote, and it works.
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on October 21, 2015
I have an older 55" projection TV in the kids room that still works and looks fantastic but it only had 1 HDMI port, which is a real problem with all the devices out today. I do have component and other connectors on the TV but some devices only work with HDMI and as well, its just a lot cleaner, simpler, and better quality signal.
So I was looking for an HDMI port expander and stumbled on this product and took a chance. I tested out the remote and it worked great right off the bat, but was pleasantly surprised that you don't really need the remote. When you turn on an HDMI tethered device (i.e. gamebox, DVD player) the new signal causes the device to switch ports automatically most of the time. In fact, I'd give it 5 stars except the port switching isn't 100% and sometimes you have to turn the tethered device off and then on again, but its pretty rare.
I've had this device for a year and a half now and no problems with it. I put the remote away in a drawer as the kids never use it.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 10, 2015
This worked excellently for my older projection Samsung TV! I had the APPLE TV and the Chromecast plugged into this device. I wanted to wait to write this review until I had least used it for a month. Out of using it every day - only twice while I was watching the Apple TV did it randomly switch to the Chromecast (I think the Chromecast must have restarted for an update). I just hit the correct button on the remote and it went right back to the Apple TV. This may be a problem for gaming, but to watch shows or movies it was not a bother at all. It was not a problem to have both of these plugged into the switch at the same time and have one in "standby mode" while I am using the other device.

Also, for all the reviews out there that say you need a power source - you do not! I took this out of the box and the only thing I did need to purchase was an HDMI cable to run from the TV to the switch (as I did not have an extra laying around, nor did one come with the switch)

The remote worked just fine, I did have to point it at the switch more directly (I know some remotes for TVs you can point at any wall and it will still work)

So for the price, this was an absolutely amazing deal, and I would recommend it for sure.
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on December 16, 2012
This low cost device is very handy for those whose Hi Def TVs are configured with insufficient HDMI inputs. I have three devices (DVR, BluRay player, and Apple TV) and only two inputs. The switcher gets around this nicely. In fact, it eliminates one problem that always driven me crazy - my technically challenged wife could never seem to remember how to switch inputs through the remote control, because it required correctly using a multifunction remote (yes, I know that a smart universal remote might address this, but I'm sure she would find a way to screw that up as well). With the port switcher, these is no more confusion about which function to use or which port is in use - it is right there in front of you.

The switcher works well for the most part. The automatic switching function gets confused by the standby mode of some devices, so we can't completely rely on that. Occasionally it does not respond to the remote until the button has been pressed two or three times. In a pinch, you can always walk over to the switch and change ports using the Select button on the device.

Some reviewers have said that you need a power supply (not provided) to make the remote work. NOT TRUE! It works fine without. I got this from EnjoyGadgets support (who responded very quickly to my query): "The 5V DC port is reserved for some HDMI sources that are not fully complaint to HDMI standards, such as some HD DVRs (for example, DirecTV and Bell ExpressVu)."
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on March 18, 2016
This is an excellent product for the price you pay!
I have had this little gadget for just over three months now and it works extremely well, although I do have to occasionally use the remote to change which port I will be using, I don't mind that as it is nothing considering what it doed.
As far as plugging this little gadget into the wall in order to use it I have never had to. All I did was just plug in my three HDMI cords for my electronic items that I wanted to use and didn't have to worry about anything else. I love that this gadget allows me to expand my single HDMI port on my TV to allow for three electronic items, (in my case my Xbox 360, my TV service, and my Apple TV) and I am very happy with this item for the fact that I now no longer have to unplug and plug in each of these things.
I have yet to have any of my electronics not be able to play using this gadget.
Overall I am extremely happy with this product and I recommend it to anybody who needs a gadget like this. I have even ordered a second one for another one of my TVs and can't wait for it to come in!
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