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5.0 out of 5 stars if you`re a Judas Priest fan, then this is just what the doctor recommends!!!!!!, July 25 2012
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This review is from: British Steel (30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) (Audio CD)
this has got to be the best dvd Judas Priest has ever put and sound quality are excellent!!.you definitely won`t go wrong purchasing this dvd.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Gorgeous if imperfect repack, June 7 2010
LeBrain - See all my reviews
This review is from: British Steel (30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) (Audio CD)
Man, does this make me feel old. Back in my highschool days when I first got serious collecting music, British Steel was a must-have. It was considered the quintessential Priest platter, and even back then when it was only in the recent past, it still had all the makings of a classic. Now, on its 30th (!) anniversary, it is given the treatment it deserves, perhaps not the exact treatment we dreamed of, but it is certainly satisfying.

I've bought this album 5 times now. First was a cassette back in highschool, then I picked up a used vinyl. I bought the remastered CD when it came out, then a 180 gram vinyl reissue. Now this!

Also, Amazon's DVD tracklist is incorrect and I will provide the full correct tracklist at the end of this review.

This 3 disc edition is beautifully packed in digipack with lots of photos in a nice booklet with essay. The photos are all from their recent tour, none are vintage, which disappointed me. I would have loved some fly-on-the-wall photos of them recording this album at Ringo Starr's house, Tittenhurst Park. Maybe no such photos exist.

Disc one is the recent British Steel remastered edition, straight from the last reissue. That means the original 9 tracks, a live version of "Grinder" from an unknown tour, and the completely unrelated "Red, White & Blue". This song has no place on the album as it was written and recorded for the Turbo/Ram It Down sessions in the late 80's. It is merely a holdover from the Priest remastered collection issued in the early 2000's.

The second disc, exclusive to this version, is an audio disc of the concert on the live DVD, minus one song ("Prophecy" is the missing track, due to the 80 minute running time of a CD. However it is available on download editions of British Steel, plus an older 2008 live take of it is available on A Touch Of Evil: Live). Otherwise it is a pretty straight audio version of the DVD.

The third disc of course is the DVD. Backed by a British Steel backdrop, Priest played the album in sequence remarkably well considering their ages! Only drummer Scott Travis wasn't around for the original album, but he plays the drum parts pretty straight to the original.

The main question people have when discussing Priest live is, "What was Halford's voice like?" It is true that he is an older man today and has to restrain himself and change arrangements in order to sing the songs. This is no exception, but man, when he screams, he still has it! He just screams less, which makes sense. The vocal melodies of some songs have been re-arranged, which may or may not be to your taste. Surely, the vocal melody is such an important part of each song. Halford sings what sounds like harmony parts to the original melodies in order to sneak around certain high parts. It is what it is. And, as per many concerts, the audience sings some choruses on their own when it comes to the big hits.

I was pretty impressed with the live stuff after British Steel. This is surely one of the best live versions of "Victim of Changes". Halford nails that angry end scream perfectly, I thought his head would explode. "Hell Patrol" was a nice touch. "Freewheel Burning" stumbles a bit. "Prophecy" was excellent, and I'm glad a Nostradamus track was included (though only on digital download editions, and DVD). Satisfyingly, "Diamonds and Rust" is done in its electric version. An excellent surprise. The album ends, predictably, with Halford's "audience participation" thing, and "Another Thing Coming" which I could probably do without at this point.

One thing I kind of noticed, is that Priest are sort of nerdy live. From Rob's audience participation thing ("Yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah YEAH yeah!"), to the stage moves, to Scott Travis' weird drum stick thing on "United", this is the concert equivalent of a Star Trek convention in some ways. But Priest have never been trendy, and they've always seemed oblivious to it. I guess that's what makes them cool.

As good a package as this is, I wish there was less emphasis on the "today" portion and more attention paid to the 30th anniversary of this album. There is at least one full concert from the 1980 tour out there, it was released on CD in 1998 (same time as the Live Meltdown CD) but pulled from shelves when the band disapproved. That 1980 live album is a Priest holy grail of sorts, maybe it would have been nice to see it released as a part of this package. Just sayin'.

Anyway, here's your actual live album/DVD tracklist. There is also a brief "making of the album" feature included.

1. "Rapid Fire" 4:18
2. "Metal Gods" 4:34
3. "Breaking the Law" 2:43
4. "Grinder" 4:06
5. "United" 3:45
6. "You Don't Have to Be Old to Be Wise" 5:24
7. "Living After Midnight" 4:53
8. "The Rage" 5:04
9. "Steeler" 5:23
10. "The Ripper" 3:09
11. "Prophecy" (DVD and digital download audio edition only) 6:12
12. "Hell Patrol" 3:57
13. "Victim Of Changes" 9:29
14. "Freewheel Burning" 5:49
15. "Diamonds And Rust" 4:07
16. "You've Got Another Thing Comin'" 8:58

5 stars. Despite my beefs, this is a great collection for your collection!
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4.0 out of 5 stars Great buy for a hardcore Priest fan, June 15 2011
Tommy Sixx Morais (The Great White North) - See all my reviews
This review is from: British Steel (30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) (Audio CD)
Judas Priest is one of the most influential metal bands. The metal gods have delivered many times during their career and their back catalog is nothing short of classic and amazing. They made so many great albums during their long career like "Sad Wings of Destiny", "Stained Class", "Screaming for Vengeance", "Painkiller" and of course "British Steel". I'll admit "British Steel is not my favorite Priest album but it's up there and it's the one that first got me into the band to begin with. I remember seeing the video for "Breaking The Law" and it got me hooked on the band, I listened to everything Judas priest from then on. I still listen to Judas Priest and "British Steel" today, it's one of the albums that defined metal. Point is, they're one of the metal greats and "British Steel" is an excellent album yeah yeah. 2010 marks the 30th anniversary of British Steel and to commemorate this event a 30th anniversary edition of the album is released. What does this special edition of a classic metal album offer more than what was on the 2001 remaster? Well it turns out that they added things to the 2001 remaster (this remaster gave two extra tracks if you remember "Red, White & Blue" from the Turbo sessions and "Grinder (Live)" from the Defenders of the Faith tour). There also a three disc edition (the same thing as this one except with a live disc with the songs of the concert that`s on the DVD)available of this special edition trough Judas Priest`s website and as an import on Amazon.

In terms of new music there's nothing much here, in fact there's absolutely nothing at all. It's the 2001 remaster of British Steel repackaged with a DVD. This means no extra songs, demos etc. None at all. Seeing how the extra songs on the 2001 remaster weren't from the Bristish Steel sessions or tour they could have done something special but there's nothing from either the session or the tour. There's a different album cover yeah, it's the razor blade from the original cover without the hand in a black background with blood underneath.

Judas Priest celebrated the album in 2009 playing Bristish Steel live from beginning to end, the included DVD with the 30th anniversary edition of the album is a concert from the Seminole Hard Rock Arena in Hollywood. If you check the preview at the top of this page you can watch "Breaking The Law" and it gives you an idea of the DVD, the energy of the show and how much fans are still into it! Great concert and Halford hits all the high notes which amazed me, I didn't think he would be able to do so, maybe it was that he was fueled by the audience. This is more evident during "The Ripper", simply amazing. "Freewheel Burning" has the motorcycle intro which is really cool. "Diamonds and Rust", "You've Got Another Thing Coming" and "Hell Patrol" are among my favs so to see that the band still plays all of them is special to me. There is also "Prophecy" from Nostradamus the last album which is great. The selection of songs is really classic songs with British Steel songs totaling 15 songs. The band is into it, the crow is into it and you will definitely be into it as well. In terms of DVDs that comes with an album this one is by far one of the best and not just because I love Judas priest! There are many times when the DVD you get with a CD is mediocre, not this one, and the show is filmed at reasonable pace so that it doesn't switch the action every second I'm thankful for that. There is also on the same DVD a documentary on the making of British Steel which interviews the band members (except former drummer Dave Holland who also contributed to British Steel) about the album that I liked, it lasts about half an hour.

The live CD sounds excellent and is very much a reflection of the DVD on CD. Hearing the whole album played live is a great experience. The classic British Steel tracks sound great as you would expect them and it goes the same for the extra songs like "Victim of Changes" which shows Rob Halford hitting the high notes and "Screaming for Vengeance" which as a lot of crowd interaction in the beginning."Prophecy" is on the live DVD but for some reason is not on the CD version, that said the songs include are terrific live versions.

My only disappointment is that the record company didn't include the extras they could have and that fans would really want such as demos, unreleased songs (if there are any) and other live tracks. So basically you are buying the 2001 remaster with a very good DVD of 15 songs and a making of, not exactly the best thing but not the worst either because it's a very good concert, the reason to buy the thing. Maybe you`ll want to get 3 disc edition for the extra concert CD. 4 stars for the Deluxe edition, the live disc and DVD make this one worthwhile for a hardcore Priest fan.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Great Video, Audio needs impovement, June 10 2010
Ray J (Carol Stream, IL) - See all my reviews
This review is from: British Steel (30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) (Audio CD)
Disk One: The British Steel remastered edition is my favorite, the previous version I have is on vinyl. The Red, White & Blue track is out of place since it does not relate at all to the British Steel album. The audio is fantastic.

Disk two, which is the audio soundtrack of the live DVD minus the Prophecy track. This is my second favorite since the audio is also very good.

Disk three, the DVD concert, has fantastic footage but is lacking in the audio quality at high volume levels. There are only two choices for audio: Dolby digital 5.1 or Stereo. With Dolby digital 5.1 the voice is strictly out of the center channel only. The sound level is noticeably lower then with the audio sound track (Disk 2). With other DVD concerts I own, I am able to turn up the volume and recreate the live concert effect in my family room. With this DVD concert I can't come close to the volume levels of the live concert. I would prefer a DTS audio option and a boost in sound level so that I can feel the thumping of the drums in my chest.

Since I was at the Chicago show of this tour, I noticed that Rob's voice was reaching higher octaves but in the DVD concert he wasn't able to quite reach the same. I know that the DVD concert was at a different venue but I just wanted to voice my observation.

Overall this collection is a great value for the money, even the concert I attended was very affordable, so I applaud Judas Priest for not gouging their loyal fans.
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