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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on October 26, 2003
I saw this Kurosawa's famous movie "Seven samurai." Honestly, I thought this movie was good but not great. The story is good and entertaining, but it's little slow and sometimes I really can't hear what the actors say, especially Mihune. The acting wasn't that good. And this movie is just old now, or my expectation was too much for it.
If someone asks me if I enjoyed this movie, I'll say "Yes." No doubt!
I give 3 stars to this movie and 1 extra star to the name of Kurosawa, I think it'll explain a lot about what I want to say about this and all Kurosawa's movies. Maybe, Kurosawa's name adds some power to ordinary movies.
I'll just rent his movies, but I won't buy them.
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on July 20, 2003
Undoubtedly one of the greatest movies of all times in virtually every knowledgeable reviwer's list, the Criterion Collection's Seven Samurai DVD is without a doubt the finest version available with English Subtitles. If you are fluent in Japanese, however, and own a code-free DVD player you may want to consider the new Toho Studio's production, which is part of their "The Kurosawa Masterworks Collection"(sic). It is also available separately. Toho digitally remastered the originals for best sound and image, but this version has only Japanese subtitles.
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on October 23, 1998
You know the story... You know the artistry...
This is one of Kurosawa's masterpieces, HOWEVER, this DVD does not garner the 5 stars it deserves for two reasons. The release is not letterboxed, and the subtitles are white (and in a black and white film, the use of YELLOW subtitles is very important).
So, Criterion, if you plan on releasing anymore Kurosawa (esp. Throne of Blood...), do us a favor: widescreen to preserve the Emperor's vision, and yellow subtitles so we can read the dialogue.
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on May 26, 2001
My feeling exactly for all the positive reviews of this movie . A great movie ( you'll never feel that it is 3.2hr long!) It is well worth your money and even though it is in B& W and mono! A definite reference DVD collection! I am a fan of the samurai history is definitely worth my S$70 purchase! . The audio commentary is superb which enhances your post-knowledge of the movie .
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on April 11, 2002
I bought this for my husband after he told me it was one of his favorite movies of all time. I understand it was very advanced for the time it was released, and the story is pretty interesting (to guys especially, it seems), but it might be the type of movie you have to watch in several sittings--it's 3 hours of samurai. He LOVED it though, and couldn't believe it was on DVD!
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on March 6, 1999
...Great. If you like westerns such as The Good the Bad and the Ugly, or Once Upon a Time in the West. Or maybe your obsessed with Bushido Blade. In any case, if you can look past the subtitles and culture shock, you will find an excellent film about 7 diverse samurai.
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on June 11, 2001
A movie worthy of being called an epic. Beautifully filmed and wonderfully acted this story takes the viewer back to a place and time that can only be imagined and it does it with a richness and depth only imagined by few films today.
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on May 5, 2002
Although vastly different than the asian cinema I usually watch (Jet-Li, Bruce Lee), Seven Samurai still held my interest throughout the entire film.
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on October 4, 1999
I would give this movie 5 stars (it deserves it!) but I was disappointed that it's only full screen and NOT letterbox or widescreen. Why not?
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on November 6, 2003
To get this out of the way right now, "Seven Samurai", as a film, is a 5-star picture. Provided the audience has an inkling of what they're getting into, this movie can be easily considered one of Akira Kurosawa's best efforts. The expert directing, multi-layered story, and mounds of social commentary make for a film that sits up there with "Citizen Kane" at the top of many critic's "top 10" lists. It's a truly outstanding film, and one that holds up to many repeat viewings and careful analysis.
As an aside, this movie will be quite lost on those raised on modern-day Hollywood films. Anyone going into it expecting a shallow, sword-swinging thrill ride will come away confused (and probably angry) at the "slow" pace, the three-hour runtime, the subtitles, the fact that it's in black and white, the fact that it's not particularly violent, the fact that they talk so much, etc. etc. ad nauseam. I'd figure this would go without saying, but there it is again, just in case: If your idea of a fantastic movie is "The Fast and the Furious", run away right now; what you're looking at now is the movie version of Kryptonite.
Assuming the audience has some depth perception, this becomes THE film to own, and should be a cornerstone in any great DVD collection. Fans will recognize the label of the famous Criterion Collection displayed proudly across the disc case, and under normal circumstances that's indicative of a DVD packed to the gills with extras for the real film fan. The only issue with this disc (and hence the 4-star rating) is that the DVD is VERY slight on the extras, essentially giving you the film and that's it.
Normally, this wouldn't be worth docking a point, given that this is both a very early DVD, and also given that this is the only place to get the genuine, 3+ hour Japanese version of the film. When it was picked up by RKO for it's first U.S. release decades ago, the film had been greatly reduced in length, and there have been various other cuts throughout the years. This version is easily the most complete, and that alone is quite substantial.
In all honesty, it's BECAUSE of the importance of the film that I feel like I got a little cheated with this disc. Were this a film of any lower calibur, I think I'd be fine, but this is SEVEN-FREAKING-SAMURAI we're talking about! If you're a Kurosawa fan, you really, really want to get as much as possible out of this film. As it stands, a real fan is forced to go to external sources on the film (not hard to find) to get all the juicy extra information that compliments it, which really isn't so bad, but the thought of what could have been had this film been released a year or two later on DVD makes me winsome.
What's crucial to point out, however, is that this shortcoming is really in no way the fault of Criterion, who have always had the utmost respect for the films they produce. It's much more a time factor: This is disc #2 in the collection (they're well beyond #200 by this point) and at the time, the special editions as we know them did not exist. Packing the entire film onto a single disc was a feat in and of itself, and taking into account where the technology was at the time, this really is the best the fans could have hoped for: Seven Samurai, uncut, looking and sounding as good as it was ever going to.
So, think of the 4-star rating as a time-adjusted thing. This movie is still required, but know what you're getting so there's no dissapointment.
And Kurosawa fans, take heart: Criterion's putting out a fantastic-looking version of "Ikiru", which is arguably the best Kurosawa film ever, and they're bringing all the fans' expecations to bear. It looks like it's going to be perfect.
In the meantime, Seven Samurai is a no-brainer for any film fan.
It's an honest-to-God classic, and one of the best films ever made.
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