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on September 7, 2011
Just got the scale 2 weeks ago and have been using it everyday since. I am an active SEASONAL cyclist (ie when weather is good... winter messes me up big time with weight gain, etc), and my son is a young elite pro athlete. A cheap scale we had reported me at 28% fat and my son at 18% fat though we set the parameters as requested. My son was professionally determined to be at 7% fat so I knew the scale was crap. After researching a variety of scales at a variety of prices I decided on the Ozeri at amazon because of the nature of the technology and seemed a good deal. The scale reports me at around 198 lbs, 20% fat, 51% hydration, 37% muscle and 5 lbs bone(!!) and I'm 52 years old and not worthy of the athlete setting in my opinion. I had my son step on it after setting the proper information and using the athlete setting for him. It reported 194 lbs, 8% fat, 51% hydration, 64 lbs muscle and 8.9 lbs bone at age 19. His numbers were more than reasonably close to the professionally determined numbers. Mine made sense including the 5 lbs bone as I'm thin boned compared to him and apparently recent studies have shown that cyclists have significantly low bone density compared to loaded sport athletes to the point it has become a concern! I had my bone density measured independently by another method and the values were very close to what this scale reported. The end result is that I've started a weight lifting program to target bone density as well as fat% and this scale will provide me with accurate trends. I trust this scale to, at the very least give me true indications of trends and be within 10% of actual values. Not too bad at all for the price I paid.
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on September 13, 2014
Generally speaking, it is a great product.

Pros: light weight, led display, memory profiles, fashion looking, glass surface easy to clean, etc.
Cons: Inaccurate body fat measurement.

My weight readings are consistent and accurate. However, it constantly reads my body fat as 9.4-9.6%, while I know my body fat is way more than that. If anyone is considering buying this scale, think about how important body fat measurement is to you.
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on March 31, 2015
This scale is fantastic. I was a little nervous about ordering it because of some of the reviews claiming the scale is not accurate, I can now confirm the scale is accurate and the problems reported are due to user error!

It is *very* important that you do not turn on the "athelete" mode when setting up your profile. If you see what looks like a man or woman running, you have to keep hitting the up and down arrows until it is gone. If you enable the athlete setting your fat % ends up being very high and inaccurate.

Big numbers, easy to read. Displays your results for a long time ( more than enough time to remember/record ).
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on March 16, 2015
My family needed an accurate consistent scale that we can rely on. This scale is perfect for the entire family. The profile set-up is very fast and simple, the digital readout is clear and easy to read (reading glasses not required here). We have recently re-acquainted ourselves with weight training and body building again and this scale is perfect for providing the necessary measures to know where your body is during the process. Truly, what we needed was an instrument that shows tangible body measures. Reducing your fat%, increasing your muscle%, increasing your bone density and managing your hydration may actually show an increase in weight. This scale gives you the vital information you need to see the progress of your fitness without getting discouraged. A simple weigh scale can only show you 1 measurement and most often it fosters negativity followed by neglect. The Tare technology is an added bonus for monitoring your little ones weight and the weight your furry best friend. This scale is handsome, stylish one touch convenience and smart. Thanks Ozeri, great job!
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on October 7, 2011
Received this item about two weeks ago and have been using it to track weight as part of a new fitness, diet and exercise program. So far it has worked very well - I am impressed with the accuracy of the scale for measuring weight, in comparison to the scale at the gym (analog, physician-type scale) - it is consistent with the weights I measure at the gym so I am confident this scale's accuracy is reliable.

Also, being able to measure and track body fat %, hydration/water %, muscle mass, and bone mass are added bonuses in being able to have a more complete overall picture of my health. The "profiles" feature is also really handy - it automatically recognizes which profile is yours based on your weight (as long as there's no other person in your household within 6 pounds or so of your weight, it can automatically tell which profile is you). Up to eight profiles can be added.

I got this item on sale - at about half the originally listed price - and, even with the relatively high shipping cost (about $16CDN) I can say it was an extremely good buy in terms of value for the dollar amount spent.

The seller was fast, and the packaging was really well done. It is a fragile item and arrived quickly, with no damage (and no unnecessary extra packaging, which I hate).
Overall, very happy with the purchase and would recommend it.
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on May 9, 2012
I am male in my 30s and looking to lose some weight. Given this goal, I decided to see a nutritionist to help me along the way. As part of my visit, she performed some measurements including my weight, my body fat and water levels. What I noted from this visit was that my current scale did not come close to the nutritionist measurements. Thus, I decided to buy the Ozeri Touch Digital Bath Scale, as it contained similar measurements that were performed by my nutritionist. I will note that the scale was much thinner than my older touch scale and much easier to setup and use. In comparison to my nutritionist measurements, the Ozeri scale met closely the weight and hydration measure. However, it varied slightly with the body fat measurement but not enough to be problematic. In fact the Ozeri scale was much more in the ballpark than my last touch scale. I am quite satisfied with my purchase and look forward to using this scale to help me lose weight and once that is gone, to maintain a healthy weight.
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on September 21, 2011
I have had my Ozeri scale for about a month now, and I love it! I get consistent numbers from it, and the weight matches the scale at the gym, so I have no reason to believe the other numbers are off at all. It seems to be better than my old digital scale which would vary the weight by as much as 5 pounds depending on where it sat on the floor; The Ozeri seems to be handle slight imperfections in the floor better. The only issue I have is where to keep it as you are not supposed to store it on its side (probably wasn't supposed to store my old one on its side either!)and the layout of my bathroom makes it hard to find one permanent spot that keeps it handy but out of the way - it's not a knock on the scale, just on the size of my bathroom :)

The only reason I give it a 4 rather than a 5 star rating is because it has yet to stand the test of time - as long as it keeps working as it does now, it will be a 5 star product.

Very happy with the value for my dollar.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on August 19, 2011
Awesome Scale! Super accurate!
I had to get a physical for school, and my weight at the Doctor's office was EXACTLY the weight I was getting on this scale.
The other information is hard to determine accurate or not, but it stays consistent with my diet and looks to be realistic.
The digital LCD screen is very clear and easy to read/understand.

The design is beautiful, very thin, yet sturdy.

The profiles were a good idea, I share the scale with my mother and brothers and it is nice to have so segregation between our profile information.

All in all a great scale, it keeps me motivated as I monitor my loss of weight and body fat, as well as my gain in muscle.

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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on March 7, 2015
Please do not buy this item mine stopped working after 5-6 weeks off usage I have changed the battery but still does not work. I have not idea what to do . It is a good looking scale but does not work I wish I knew how to contact these guys my $10.00 scale from ikea worked for years . I think I got a lemon
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on August 30, 2014
Seems like a nice item for what it promises , after purchasing i realised it makes calculation rather then detect muacle mass , water and fat contents ... Worst this though ... Stopped working 10 minutes out of the box ... Just a blank screen ... Not happy with this purchase
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