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4.2 out of 5 stars17
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on October 4, 2015
We love it!
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on August 4, 2015
Super Deal, arrived in time :)
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on January 11, 2014
This game is stunning, i love the choices you can make and how the whole game is completely centered around you. Persuade someone into telling you what you want to know, or kill them! so fun.
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on December 10, 2013
It's a great game that you will sink many hours of your life into. Buyer beware. This is a great game that I highly recommend.
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on March 8, 2013
this game is the most coolest game from Bethesda Softwork it makes my feel like its your choise to do what you wont to do if you like Skyrim you will like this won i give 9 out of 10
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on December 27, 2012
Title says it all. You definitely cannot go wrong with this game. Anybody should be able to enjoy it. :)
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on December 6, 2012
Fantastic, a post apocalyptic skyrim! A fantastic game to kill the rainy days of winter on the coast! Tons of fun.
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on August 10, 2012
This game is very very addictive. It is by far one of the better rpg games out there. It's not exactly a direct sequel to fallout 3 but it is highly entertaining nonetheless. This game has a lot to offer especially four different endings and countless hours discovering new locations to explore.

It has a lot of different sites and attractions in especially in post apocalyptic las vegas.

The graphics are similar to fallout 3 but the game play is very good... just watch out for deathclaws lol.

I truly enjoyed the game and would give it a 9 out of 10.

I highly recommend this game and I can't wait for fallout 4!!!
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on April 1, 2011
When Fallout 3 was released I was glued to my TV screen. I played it right through, until I beat it. Then I started over as a badguy to beat it again, then i bought all the DLC's and beat them 1 at a time.

So naturally when the sequel came out, I was excited. Sadly, aside from a few locale changes, weapon skins and new voice actors, the game is identical to Fallout 3, nothing new or improved. Speaking of which, Fallout 3 was far from perfect, it was glitchy and the DLC made it even worse. But my god, NV is so glitchy to the point where it actually crashes on my Ps3 every 3rd or 4th time I play it. Or it'll freeze, the mouths of characters won't move, I'll enter VATS mode but one of my companions will kill the character I was about to shoot at, and I'll be stuck watching the dead body lay there for a good 30 seconds before it snaps out of it. The list is endless. Lastly, it's hard for me to say an RPG like this is slow paced...because you essentially set your own pace; how much do you want to just wander the wasteland, do missions, etc. etc. but I'm just not finding myself getting into it. I really think the glitches in the game are killing my interest. Also, I'm finding your choices in how to do missions are much more muddled up. In Fallout 3, there were always at least 3 dialogue choices, a good answer, bad answer and a neutral answer. Which helps set you on your path. In this game, there's clearly good answers, bad answers, etc. but sometimes there just doesn't seem to be the option for doing things the right way a lot of the time. For example (SPOILERS!!!!): You go to New Vegas and Mr. House (Who runs NV) asks you to work for him, either getting factions to ally with him, or to stay out of his way. So you can do this with good or neutral karma, but then he asks you to wipe out the brotherhood of steel and you don't have any other option except to do just that. But the BoS are good gys, so I don't really see how exterminating them is going to be a good thing to do. There's another mission called "wild card" which allows you to kill Mr. House and seize control of New Vegas for I'm thinking "oh good, instead of having him force me to murder people, I'll just get rid of him and choose for myself" No apparently that's evil too....I like to play as a good guy my first time around lol

So there's some significant flaws that really hinder the game from measuring up to Fallout 3. Despite people saying that NV is more true to the original Fallout games which I myself, have not played.
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on December 31, 2010
Really frustrating to like a game this much but then have it be basically unplayable due to all of the bugs. I actually managed to make it through and play it till the end, but if I had it to do over again I would not have bought this game for the PS3. Random freeze-ups meant I had to save very often, which means spending almost as much time looking at loading screens as playing the game, and some of the bugs affected the gamelay in other ways. I was unable to enter a portion of the Las Vegas Strip that is vital to the main quest for a portion of the game. I found the fix for the bug online and was able to avoid locking up my system by equiping a certain hat. No hat, black screen and game freezes, every time. I also had to destroy one of the factions because the leader bugged out and was stuck on one piece of dialogue halfway through a chain of quests.

Great game when you can play it...but overall too broken to bother with.
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