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5.0 out of 5 stars Makes Cube look credilbe as actor, need I say more.
Well, actually I do need to say more. The fact of the matter is this is one of the greatest movies ever made. To begin with there is an amazing cast. Stars include George Clooney, Ice Cube, Mark Whalberg, Spike Jonze, Mykelti Williamson, Nora Dunn, Jamie Kennedy, and most notably is Cliff Curtis. Cliff Curtis is one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood today...
Published on Sept. 19 2003 by Justin Skiftenes

1.0 out of 5 stars Pas satisfait!
je ne savais pas que les dvd étaient catégorisés par zone. Je veux le voir sur ma télé et non sur mon ordinateur.Si je pouvais le retourné et ravoir mon argent je le ferais
Published 1 month ago by Roland Lacourse

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4.0 out of 5 stars Provoking Satire, Aug. 27 2003
By A Customer
Writer-director David O. Russell's almost-remake of "Kelly's Heroes" set during the Persian Gulf War provides a satirical view on the concept of war, humanity, and who really profits from them.
George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, Ice Cube, and Spike Jonze, are weekend warriors who aren't happy about being in the desert risking their life for no money. Hearing about some Kuwaiti bullion (No, not the little cubes you make soup out of)in the hands of Iraqi soldiers, they decide it's time to go out on their own to hit the jack pot before anyone else gets there. On their way back they have to decide whether greed is more important than compassion or whether the two can be mixed somewhat.
Fast-paced with shifting images and camera angles, the movie gives one the sense of the values of the high-tech 90s and war in general. Exploring materialism and greed from top to bottom, David O. Russell explores the rationale of war and the Persian Gulf-War in particular. A great film for a wide audience. Whether you like war-movies, political satires, comedy, drama, or action, this movie has something for everyone.
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5.0 out of 5 stars one of my favorites, Aug. 5 2003
This movie brilliantly combines humor and heart-wrenching images of war to tell an unbelievably memorable and important story. It manages, unlike the vast majority of films made in recent times, to present a situation in a manner that allows the watcher to form his own opinions about occurrences rather than telling him what he ought to think. Undeniably critical of the handling (or <ahem> mishandling) of the Gulf War, the movie also manages, in my mind at least, to simultaneously show the horrors of war in general. Some reviewers have stated that this movie "shows why liberals ... ." It certainly shows that situations are more complex than many liberals make them out to be, but the same goes for conservatives who can just as easily oversimplify, foregoing humanitarian concerns in favor of oil interests, revenge, etc. It also incorporates invaluable perspectives of everyone from American soldiers to Iraqi rebels to members of Saddam's own army. Regardless of your political persuasion or your opinions on war, oil, and humanity in general, this movie will alternately make you think and laugh, and is well worth your time.
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4.0 out of 5 stars What Would Kipling Have Thought?, June 4 2003
Nicholas Stix (New York City/Queens) - See all my reviews
Three Kings was surely inspired by Rudyard Kipling's classic adventure tale, The Man Who Would be King. Like The Man ..., Three Kings tells of rogue soldiers in rough country looking to exploit the main chance. In each tale, the soldiers' greed goes to their heads, as greed is wont to do. And there, the similarities end.
Three Kings is a rip-roaring tale that follows the misadventures of four American soldiers at the end of Desert Storm, as played by George Clooney, Ice Cube, Mark Wahlberg and Spike Jonze. All are good, but the first two were revelations to me. I had never before seen Clooney in a movie, and doubted he could fill the screen. He put my doubts to rest. The guy's a movie star in the best, old-fashioned, big studio sense. He can act, and he exudes star power. Similarly, I had seen Ice Cube do capable work playing one sort of character in contemporary blaxploitation/"urban" pix (Boyz' in the Hood, New Jack City, etc.), but didn't know if he had any range. He does. His endearing, Bible-spouting character was a great challenge he made the most of. The man may now quit his day job.
In exploiting the desert milieu, Three Kings' director David O. Russell successfully mixes bawdy humor, surprises, and tense drama as befitting the movie's theme. The pic's only short-coming is its ending, which I found a bit pat.
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3.0 out of 5 stars I'm torn between hating and liking this one., April 2 2003
The movie begins as Desert Storm ends in 1991. Troy Barlow (Mark Wahlberg) and two of his fellow soldiers/friends, Chief Elgin (Ice Cube) and Conrad Vig (Spike Jonze), find a map hidden in a surrendering Iraqi soldiers butt. Knowing that Iraq has stolen money and gold from Kuwait they believe the map contains the directions to the bunker where it is stored. Former special forces soldier Archie Gates (George Clooney), who is now escorting newswoman Adriana Cruz (Nora Dunn), catches wind of the map and ends up joining the trio in attempting to take the gold from Iraq for themselves. Archie distracts Adriana with false directions and leads the foursome into the Iraqi desert where they end up finding the gold, Iraqi civilians being held prisoner and being tortured, and plenty of Iraqi soldiers.
My Comments:
The reason I am torn over this movie is because it has too many perspectives and too many political messages. At first it wants you to think that the American soldiers who are stealing the gold are just boys being boys. Then the movie turns them into bad guys. But in the end they end up the heroes. All the while the Iraqi civilians are seen as oppressed and in desperate need of help and the Iraqi soldiers are made out to be both human (by being afraid of Saddam Hussein and having suffered dramatic losses) and inhumane for torturing and killing anyone they can. In the end you don't really know who you are supposed to be rooting for which left me a little bothered by the whole thing.
Also, the acting is surprisingly good seeing as how the last time (I believe) Wahlberg and Clooney teamed up - The Perfect Storm - the movie was about as bad as they come. Perhaps the reason why is that they don't really have to do much acting. Clooney isn't too bad, but Wahlberg just has to play a greedy young soldier who has a hidden heart. Ice Cube isn't particularly outstanding, especially with his overly bizarre fascination with 'Christ fire' that never really makes much sense. Spike Jonze, on the other hand, was pretty good at being the rather mindless soldier that he was trying to be.
Admittedly, I liked the story. And perhaps it should get a much higher review because, in a sense, it really does capture something of the picture of the relationship between Iraq and America in the two hour microcosm that makes up the movie - some Americans are greedy, some really want to help Iraqis, some Iraqis are monsters, and some are caring individuals that 'just want to cut hair', have a family, and live their lives.
Overall, I have to recommend the movie because it does keep your attention and even, I hate to say it, makes you think a little bit. Perhaps as I think about it over time I'll feel that it is worthy of a higher rating, but I just can't give it to it today.
(On an interesting side note, I watched this movie at a unique time - the 2003 war with Iraq began just a couple of weeks ago and raised all of the same issues.)
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Golden Rule....., April 2 2003
This review refers to the Warner Bros "Special Widescreen Edition" VHS of "Three Kings"......
A Gulf War story that's both hard hitting and comical takes a look at four soldier's quest to get something more out of the war than just memories of combat in the desert.
Kuwait has just been "freed" by the American forces and the military personel are rejoicing that their part is over and soon they will be going home. When two soldiers discover a hidden map(and you will cringe when you see where they find it) to millions in gold bullion, that Sadam has ripped off from the Kuwaitis, they along with two others decide it's theirs for the taking. They ditch the journalist assigned to them and stop at nothing to recover and steal this fortune for themselves. Breaking treaties and rules of engagement, and putting innocent people in devastingly dangerous situations they persue their own personal mission.
But along the way they open their eyes to what is going on around them. They see what the people are being subjected to and the devastation that the war and Saddam has wrought. They must decide what is more important in life.They are given pause to think about their own families and how they would feel if this happened to them. Will they risk their own necks and give the gift of freedom to a small group of refugees that has brefriended them or continue on their way to riches?
Although comical through these four main characters, this film in no way makes light of the seriousness of the war and the tragedies occurring in this region.At times it is very violent and graphic in it's depiction of the atrocities. It actually gives an understanding of why we were there and why we are back again.It also reminds us of the sadly unfinished results we left behind the first time around. And even more, it gives us a look at what soldiers from the other side are thinking and feeling as well.
The film stars George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, Ice Cube and Spike Jonze who all seem to hit the mark with the feelings of these soldiers. Written and directed by David O. Russell with innovative photography by Newton Thomas Sigel, it gives a unique perspective on the war. It may also be a very authentic look as some of the co-stars and extras were ex-refugees themselves and expierenced all of these horrors and served double time as advisors to Russell and the actors.
The VHS has a good widescreen picture, nice color and great sound(Dolby Stereo Surround)which does justice to the excellent soundtrack and all the sounds of war. Although this looks to be the same as the " Widescreen Collectors Edition" sold here, on my packaging it is called "Special Widescreen edition". This one also has a behind-the scenes Doumentary on the making of the film(but I can't say for sure that this is the same package.)
The story left me with a deepened awareness but also a renewed feeling of hope.
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Douglas J. Berry (LAKEVILLE, MA. United States) - See all my reviews
I have always hated the hypocrisy of making a profit from an unpopular war by making satirical and clever movies on the subject.Hollywood has done more to glorify war and violence than any other group in the history of mankind,and should not be poking fun at their bread and butter.(It was a good depiction of some of the war's craziness)
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4.0 out of 5 stars More than war in this war movie., March 8 2003
Bill Colborn "billeyeballs" (Ketchikan, AK USA) - See all my reviews
"Three Kings" is a fictional story from what looks like will be termed from now on as the first Gulf War, about four soldiers out to steal gold Saddam stole from Kuwait. Meanwhile, Saddam's Republican Guard has more important things to do, like suppressing the uprising of their own people. Clooney and company step in when an innocent mother is executed by the Iraqi military, and our American heroes spend the rest of the film trying to save the villagers (against U.S. policy) and the gold, until a point is reached where it is either one or the other. Good mixture of drama and comedic relief, along with a less mainstream approach to filmmaking.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Heart on its sleeve...and still very, very relevant, March 7 2003
'Three Kings' is a fabulous take on the Gulf War, and the brllliance of it is that it *starts* at the conclusion of the war, and takes the position that - while the US fomented uprising and revolution in the northern and southern parts of Iraq - we failed to follow up with any meaningful assistance. The upshot? Our half-baked execution left thousands at the hands of Saddam's brutal retribution.
Now, as we prepare for Gulf War II, David O. Russell's insight strikes at the heart of what everyone needs to be asking: what happens *after* Saddam? Is the commitment to follow through there? What are the odds of establishing a democratic state after 20+ years of brutal Baathist suppression? Russell's film shows you just how complex these issues can be when you're on the ground in the heat of engagement.
Another kick is seeing a movie that hews closely to the plotlines of one of my all-time favorites, "Kelly's Heroes." George Clooney, you're no Clint Eastwood. But who is?
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5.0 out of 5 stars A breakout for George Clooney and others., March 2 2003
This movie will always be one of my favorites. This is where George Clooney really comes into his own in acting. I saw this in the theaters and thought how could George and Ice Cube make a movie work? Such an odd pairing really made this movie stand out though. A great mix of seriousness and a little bit of comedy mixed in. Spike Jonez was also a great actor in the moive. The movie really gives the view of actually what it was like in the gulf war. This is definitly a DVD to have in your connection.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Bush Sr.'s War on Saddam Hussein, Feb. 16 2003
Wow, what an incredible film! This movie was enormously underrated when it came out, and I regret that I did not see it when it was first released. Exceptional performances from the four leads here (Spike Jonze included) and a tour de force from Saturday Night Live alum Nora Dunn as the brash American reporter. While this is an action film that never lets up, it also shows us how our government picks and chooses its battles as well as its motivations and timing for putting them into effect. George Bush Sr. waged a war with selectivity and lack of concern for innocent civilians; this is the ideal movie to watch as we now contemplate war with Iraq yet again with Bush Jr. at the helm. Also, the juxtaposition of the traditional Middle Eastern world with American goods and culture speaks for itself. Three Kings is now officially one of my favorite films ever.
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