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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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I have been a huge fan of THE OFFICE ever since its first season. And, up to and including the very last episode, I am glad I did. The Series was original in its premise and execution, the pseudo-documentary format opening up numerous previously little explored avenues of storytelling. And it was great fun to watch.

The setting (the office of a small branch of paper-selling company) and the stories (everyday life of the people found working in such a low-prospects jobs) seem mundane at first. And there lies the magic of the creators. For (if the endless strings of CSIs are any indication) it not hard to create good TV with car chases, gadgets and explosions. It is extremely hard to make excellent TV with only the everyday grind to work with. It seems effortless only because they made it look easy.

The brief one-way interviews each character had with the camera functioned as either prefatory summaries of stories about to unfold (building up the anticipation) or as instances of pushing back, yet never breaking, the forth wall, and, thus, making the viewing experience more personal and involving. All without the show ever loosing its step.

Producing, directing and writing will only get you so far without the right cast. And THE OFFICE enjoyed such stellar cast. Steve Carell may have risked getting typecast by creating the unforgettable character of Michael Scott but it was worth it. Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam (Jenna Fischer) served first as the precarious love interest and then as the familiar friends you care about and the rest of the cast was one successful pick after another. From hypochondriac and hypercritical (not to mention hypocritical) Angela Martin (Angela Kinsey) to perky Kelly Erin Hannon (Ellie Kemper), I could not imagine anyone else portraying these memorable characters. However, the show stealer has always been obsessive nerd Dwight Schrute, portrayed to perfection by Rainn Wilson.

Purists and snobs will try to argue that the precursor British Series was better. Strangely for someone who usually finds Hollywood remakes watered down and bland, in this case I strongly disagree. The US version was much better. It had the perfect mix of familiar workday desperation and sweet quirkiness to make it a weekly craved addiction. In contrast, I found the BBC version too mean for my taste. Maybe one should have grown up in a cruel class system carved out by accent hues and prep-school rankings to appreciate it; however, during the handful of episodes I managed to watch I found myself laughing at the characters, not with them, and then felt bad about it. Anyway, in all honesty, how could Gareth ever compare to Dwight!

The series is unique in another aspect as well: it respected its viewers. Every producer, director and writer wants to make his or hers memorable splash so we often end up with unnecessary cliffhangers, ambiguous endings or unsatisfying closures. Not so with THE OFFICE. No spoilers but I will just state that the show does not disappoint to the very end.

Now, how many reams of Dunder Mifflin Premium acid-free paper should I you down for?
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on September 20, 2013
I Ordered This Blu Ray Set and the 1st disc worked fine, the 2nd disc however skipped on an episode and there was no scratch(s) or finger print(s). Then the 3rd disc wouldn't even read on my 1st PS3 and My New PS3, and Nothing on another Blu Ray Player.

Other than That I didn't even bother Checking if the 4th disc worked.
Out of my whole collection of about 15 seasons of tv and over 200 movies on blu ray, this was the first that let me down.

I may have to order another...
Because this show is just that good. ;)
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on February 17, 2011
Good show, but the dics are faulty. The first time I watched it, the first three episodes skipped, and then "The Wedding" episode froze. I cleaned the disc, put it back in, and it wouldn't readit at all. The second and third discs worked fine, but the fourth disc wouldn't even turn on. I'm a little disappointed, but The other 5 sets I got all work fine, so I can get too angry. Maybe its my dvd player.. And my neighbors.. And my parents.. I'm sure I'll find one that will work!
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on September 17, 2010
Upon re-watching Season 6, it really is better than I initially thought. The 1st 3 quarters is nearly top notch. It falls at the end, which is a shame. Its one major downfall being the introduction of the Kathy Bates character. Usually The Office has some great season finales but unfortunately this one wasn't its best. Yet still, its highlights outweigh the not so good. Murder is hilarious, Secret Santa is heartwarming, The Lover holds some great angst, and the Jim promotion storyline is nicely handled in Manager & The Salesman. Niagara and The Delivery are 2 of the best episodes in the entire series history. The ultimate pay off to over 5 years of the fantastic Jim/Pam storyline. This season holds some truly unforgettable and touching moments, combined with great humor and a few twists. So regardless of a few short comings, The Office is still better than most other TV out there.
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on January 2, 2013
Not everybody will love this serie.
I did. Until season 8 came out (stay away from it).

Michael Scott is funny as ever.
Even if it's the sixth one, you don't have to see the 5 first to understand.
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on November 30, 2010
I would say before this season the show had slowed down for a while but season six picked it right back up again. all i can say is KOI POND!! one of the best episodes of the whole series.
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on December 27, 2011
I was happy with my purchase from My item came on time and I was happy with the product. Thank you I would order again.
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on October 8, 2013
The Office is in the same class as Seinfeld. Always funny no matter how many times you see the same episodes.
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on July 16, 2014
It's the Office. It's awesome. It's hilarious. More adventures with our favorite cast
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on February 3, 2016
Great quality. Fast shipment.
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