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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on December 10, 2012
Pros: Easy to read display with adjustable contrast. Time offset can be changed to something other than the four north american time zones. Uses C batteries instead of AA for longer battery life.
Cons: Weather display and pressure chart are animated which can be distracting/annoying. Remote temperature sensor only displays in Fahrenheit.
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on January 17, 2012
I live in the wilderness and needed this type of weather station. It works beautifully and also is a wonderful forecaster for my Sinus Condition. When I see that the pressure is going down then I know to irrigate my sinuses. Love the size of the display, can be read from at least 15 feet away. Do not place transmitter where direct sunlight will hit it, as temp rises at least 5 degs. Best machine for the price.
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on February 13, 2012
The first one I received had at least three bad LCD elements (i.e. at least 3 screen characters could not be read properly). Everything else seemed fine, so I returned it requesting a replacement and not a refund.

Amazon is ACES. They immediately shipped the replacement, without waiting for the returned faulty item. They also provided a pre paid label for the Post Office.

The replacement product arrived a few days ago and works flawlessly.

Be aware that although this is an Indoor/Outdoor product, the outdoor sensor is usually inaccurate. Actually, the sensor is probably OK, but in our case it is placed on our Condo balcony, so the heat from the building affects the temperature. Also, the sunshine on a cold day (we live in very sunny Southern Alberta) warms up the balcony to a temperature much higher than the actual outside temp. I added this information as you may wish to consider whether or not you want to pay the premium for a thermometer with an outside sensor, given the inaccuracies. (Incidentally, I suspect this problem applies to all outdoor thermometers.)

However, we are pleased with our purchase.
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on December 6, 2012
It works well except the manual mention the sensor isn't water proof. So where should I install the outdoor sensor?
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on June 27, 2013
For those who only need the basic data for weather like temperature, humidity and pressure, this unit meets the requirements. I specially appreciate the extremely precise clock synchronized by the atomic clock WWVB based in Colorado.
So far, the pressure reading is right on par with the official bulletin emitted by my local forecast. As for the temperature, there seems to be a slight variation of +- 1 degree with the official bulletin. It is very important to install the sensor on the north side and ideally sheltered under the roof to obtain the most accurate reading.
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on January 16, 2014
My son bought me a unit WS9057U-IT for Christmas.
The case of the outside transmitter was broken when I open the shipping box.

I have send 5 e-mails to La Crosse Technology with pictures of broken part for replacement under warranty.

Instead of shipping me a new transmitter to solve my problem they ship me a battery cover.

In my e-mail I have explain to them that I was not able to calibrate the outside transmitter because the broken part is captured inside the transmitter casing.

So I am still waiting for a reply from them.

In the mean while I am only able to read the time, the date and the inside temperature and humidity level.

I ask tem to call reply. Too bad.... I am very desapointed.
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on December 20, 2012
This product is very well made and the design is quite good as for the technology it is only moderate.I purchased this product based on La Crosse technology only to be disappointed with this one model since the outdoor transmitter will not work.I have contacted La Crosse several times only to be send another instruction manual via email as to how to operate.If you want strictly for a clock and indoor temperature fine but it is well over priced for such.
I then purchased La Crosse 308-145 and it works perfectly after installing the batteries and the AC hookup which is a great battery saver.The outdoor transmitter worked great as does the atomic clock plus it has a colour display.
La Crosse Technology WS-9057U-IT Wireless Weather Station with Barometric Pressure
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on July 25, 2012
I get the weather here locally but it is not always right. I do snow plowing and I need a good forecast. This gauge is right on the nose and I can't do without it. My friends ask where I purchased it and I tell them...
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on March 6, 2013
Replaced my La Cross Wireless Thermometer that work 7 years for me.
This one is just so much better.

It has the outside humidity rating which I was looking for. I got it on sale for half the listing price.
The forcasting with the barometric pressure has been working great for me, I live in the altantic province of Canada an hour away from the sea. Don't really need that function but it's a plus.

The temperature reading is pretty much right on with the Weather network and the temperature reading in my car.
I put the sensor under my deck so I always take into consideration it's a bit cooler there when it's sunny out.

The moon phases also works fine. It's an info I never kept track of before. I'll know now when the Warewolves are out. hehe !

It looks good on the wall too with that framing.
So for the last month it's been doing it's job properly, I have no negative feedback to give and would recommend to a friend.
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on February 3, 2013
- Don't buy this device. Looking out a window and reading an old mercury thermometer is far better technology.
- The outside thermometer sensor on this one is inaccurate by approximately six degrees F. and, there doesn't appear to be any way to adjust it.
- I recently received one of these units as a gift. Unfortunately, it wasn't purchased from, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this.
- The outside sensor and the main unit were placed side by side indoors with another digital thermometer for an extended period of time. This was after 'resetting' the unit and replacing batteries twice. This process confirmed what had been displayed when the sensor was mounted directly beside an ancient but accurate mercury thermometer. The six degree F difference was valid.
- This raises the question of just how accurate the other components of this device are? Pretty but junk.
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