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4.2 out of 5 stars
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on February 5, 2011
I have to admit that in the last year I got addicted to all kinds of tea. I was buying hundreds of dollars of tea and noticing that it tastes better in the store than it does at home. First I thought it was the water, but it wasn't (I was using RO water)... I tried everything until the girls at the store explained the chemistry of each tea and it's unique brewing temperature. I got this kettle about 1.5 months ago and I am in love! everything tastes so much better. My husband is a skeptic but even he said that he has no idea how we did without it.

As for this specific kettle in compares to the rest: I liked that the buttons are on the handle and not on the base and that the base is so small. It takes less space and looks more modern than some of the others. I paid $80 while the retail is $120 (home depot) or more. It ended up being better quality than I expected and the stay warm for 30 min option is phenomenal! The French Press temperature seemed so close to boil but we weren't sure if it would make any difference. However, we tried it and it did (less bitterness and more aroma) If you love tea, I definitely recommend buying it, soon you'll be like me and buying it as gifts for all the tea lovers in your life.
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on December 26, 2012
I've been using this kettle heavily for the past 6 months since my cheapo kettle died. I brew a lot of loose-leaf tea and French Press coffee, so I LOVE this thing!

What I like about this kettle:
The stainless steel construction is attractive and feels heavy and durable. Hot water has minimal contact with plastic and heating coils are hidden. Different heat settings enable you to make everything from instant beverages that don't burn your mouth to non-bitter green tea. Once the water has reached the desired temperature, the kettle holds it there for 30 minutes. Buttons and water level gauge light up, which is helpful in a dark room. I find this kettle to be well-designed and have had no issues with drips or leaks.

What I don't like about this kettle:
The kettle WORKS great, but the paint used on the buttons and water level window is useless! The buttons began rubbing off within days just from being pressed. I didn't want to return the kettle because I liked it, so I tried applying the French-language stickers. They aren't really 'stickers'- they are made from some sort of cling vinyl that falls off. I'm contacting the company to see if they have a solution.
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on March 23, 2011
I am amending this review because, after less than 2 years of use, the kettle failed. In order to have it repaired under warranty you have to send the kettle back at your expense. The person I spoke with said she'd 'waive' the return shipping charge, but she didn't gather any of my information - so how could she possible waive anything for me? Anyway, I'm sending it back for repair, which should be interesting, and will update this review based on the service level, time, and expense incurred.

Update: I have changed the star rating to 4 because, after shipping the kettle back one-way (Cuisinart paid for the return to me), and only a few days later (Less than 7 business days) I received a replacement kettle from Cuisinart. The item doesn't get 5 stars because of durability issues. I fear I'll likely have a dead kettle on my hand within a few years, but hopefully not. If you're buying this kettle, it does come with a comfort-warranty of 3 years. It cost me less than $10 to send the kettle back, and that sure beats buying a new stainless steel kettle. Don't expect for it to last longer than a few years, and if it does, then you got a good deal. It's sad, that manufacturers commit to getting sales, but not to product durability any longer. That just seems to be the way it is. Some reviews say that the warranty is no good in Canada, but this is not the case. I live in Ontario and Cuisinart was happy to help me. The new kettle is slightly different than the original. Hopefully they improved the circuitry so that it will last longer. If not, at least I have another year of warranty left.
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on December 11, 2014
I bought this in January 2014, it broke in November 2014. Fixing it would apparently cost me shipping plus a handling fee, and given how many other people have been having this issue, I'm not really interested in wasting more money on it just to have it break again.
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on June 15, 2012
I drink a lot of tea, and this kettle did an admirable job of heating water for 2 months. For that two months, the user experience justified the somewhat high price. The kettle is beautifully designed (in both an aesthetic sense and its user experience.)

Then the kettle died''--after only two months--'unacceptable. My last variable temp kettle, which was built by Kenmore, lasted over 3 years. Also, as one poster commented, it costs approximately 25% of the purchase price for the kettle to have it repaired--slowly--under warranty. This will be the last product from Cuisinart that I buy. Who wants to gamble again with quality at this price point when repair is so costly. My experience with Cuisinart as a whole, and most recently this kettle, leads me to believe that Cuisinart is in the business of making beautiful trash.
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on December 19, 2011
After our old kettle bit the dust I was drawn to maybe buying a variable temperature kettle. After doing a lot of research and reading many customer reviews I decided on this Cuisinart kettle and am very pleased. I like the different preset temperatures for the many types of beverages we like to drink. Before I started my research I didn't know that the right temperature of water made a difference.

I like the looks of this kettle and the programmable buttons are easy to use. The 30 minute keep warm feature is handy in case I have to step away from the kitchen. The feature I like the best is the memory that this kettle has. Sometimes I have to interrupt the boiling process and when I replace the kettle back on the base, it remembers what it was doing before it got interrupted and I don't have to press start again.

I would highly recommend this kettle to anyone.
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on May 10, 2011
Bought this kettle a month ago. Liked its style, nice "user interface", 3 years warranty, features... The kettle worked well just for one week, then broke. Sent it back to Cuisinart - $11 for the parcel, $10 for them to ship it back. They admitted that the kettle was defective, but still have not shipped the replacement - they are out of stock. And no money back option. The bottom line - I wish I saw such reviews before buying.

Updated: the replacement kettle arrived after a month of waiting.
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on November 24, 2012
Bought this over a year ago - lasted about 6 months and then died - would start and stop repeatedly but not boil water. Returned it under warranty and the same thing happened again. It worked like a charm but too expensive to be considered disposable. I won't be buying any more Cuisinart kettles!
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on August 16, 2015
We bought this kettle based on the excellent reviews and the list of features it offers. Initially we were very pleased with the kettle, but after about 3 months it started to rust out inside where the base meets the walls. It was too late for us to take it back to the brick and mortar we bought it from.

Contacting Cuisinart was (is) an awful experience. It took 4 emails and numerous phone calls to try to get a response. Upon that 4th email, we were directed to send the kettle to their service centre at our expense ($35). So, we sent it away. After 3-4 weeks we received a replacement. No notice was given to us that it would be replaced, which is okay... would have been nice to receive some kind of communication. The only communication was a letter with the kettle saying it was replaced free of charge due to "rust/corrosion".

The replacement kettle came back and was already showing signs of rust in one spot at the base again. We unpacked the kettle and used it about a month while waiting for Cuisinart to get back to us about service on the new kettle. They informed us that we would have to pay the return shipping and fees ($35 again). After trying ever method to escalate this with their customer service and explain that this was a new item from them, already rusting (stainless steel apparently...?) they would not budge or eat the cost of shipping.

We cleaned up the item and returned it to a brick and mortar claiming I got it as a gift, lost the receipt, but would like to buy a more expensive Breville model. They took it back at their last sale price, which was $30 less than we paid initially.

Since then we avoid all Cuisinart and their various brands like the plague. Which is too bad, as our BBQ is Cuisinart (bought before the kettle) and it rocks.

Overall, avoid this kettle as the customer service of Cuisinart is a joke. It seems like a small chance that your kettle will rust out, but if it does you are screwed. I am rating as 2 stars because when the kettle worked, it was good. Then it rusted out... and we couldn't justify trying a 3rd kettle...
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on March 7, 2015
Do not buy.
As others here have written, I too can testify that my Cuisinart lasted for about a year then would heat and prematurely shut off before it finally died. It worked great when it did work but it didn't last long for the money I spent on it. Previously, I had a basic Black and Decker electric kettle. It lasted 10 years. Sometimes, tried and true technology is best. I now realize when you overthink something as basic as boiling water, you're bound to have problems. Bought a simple Sunbeam at one third the cost to replace it. Will not buy Cuisinart products ever again,
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