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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon April 1, 2016
Our old Kettle's automatic shut off stopped working, so instead of accidentally burning down the house I have decided to pick up this Kettle from Cuisinart. Cuisinart is a company that makes lots of things and be careful - some of the items it makes are hits and others are misses. This kettle is closer to the hit, but it is not perfect.

* Build - is solid and unpolished metal finish works very well in the kitchen. Design is simple and functional.
* Controls - I like the controls on the handle that allow you to pick the temperature you want water to reach - for some teas you do not want boiling water: 160°F/71°C for delicate, 175°F/80°C for green, 185°F/85°C for white, 190°F/88°C for Oolong, 200°F/95°C for French Press and then you Boil it 212°F/100°C for Black.
* It keeps the temperature for 30 minutes by constantly reheating it (every few minutes, which means heating element is not always turned on, thankfully that should mean it will last longer I hope). You can turn it off by pressing "Start" button after you pour water.
* It will beep if there is no water inside and you turn it on.
* It heats water to precisely the temperature you pick. It is great if accurate temperature is important to you.
* Simple and effective design means you can pour water without any dripping.
* Concealed heating element that won’t get gunked up by mineral deposits and won't require cleaning.

* It is hard to say how much water is in the kettle. Blue light illuminates the window and water inside, but you have to look at it closely to see how much water is inside.
* Buttons do not feel very solid, but that is not very scientific description - it is just how I feel.
* Base is very much like all bases, but this one has electrical connector a bit taller than our previous electric kettle and maybe by habit, but it is harder to put kettle back on after using it. It is tiny issue, yet it annoys me every time.

I think this is the best ~$100 kettle you can get right now and I am glad with out purchase. While it is not cheap, you get what you pay for - functional, solid, quality product with few minor issues that are not taking anything from a great product.

Thanks for reading!
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on December 6, 2015
Just started using this today, and pretty happy with it!

The unit is very fast to heat water and is decently audible when it reaches the preset temperature. The handle (of course) and the lid are insulated so they don't get too hot while running---'very nice touch on the lid, you can peek inside and then close it without burning a finger!

The inside of the unit is metal, with some plastic for the filter and the insulation on the lid. The plastic so far has been emanating a nasty plasticky smell when there's hot water and the unit is open, but the water is fine: it hasn't affected any of my more delicate teas.

The labels are all in degrees Fahrenheit'---even the French sticker labels! Rather useless labels for a Canadian market.

The base seems well designed and has a decent interlocking mechanism to prevent anything except the kettle from contacting the power contacts. It's not watertight, but the base isn't meant to be in much contact with water either, I guess! The unit seems to have a supercapacitor or something in it for the electronics, so that it can retain its state for a few minutes when you take it off the base---'so you can pour some water, put it back on the base and it keeps it warm at your original preset.

UPDATE: After having used this for two weeks or so, some more comments:

If you have the "keep warm" option on, and you pour out the water and put it back on its base, it will try to keep the water at the specified temperature even when you put it back on, as expected. This has the unintended consequence that if you empty it, put it back on the base and forget to turn it back off, it'll try to heat up again and eventually trigger the overheating protection. Technically a user error, but somewhat of a usability issue—you have to remember to turn it off when emptied, if you use keep-warm.

On the other hand, I can report the overheating features work well, and the kettle doesn't seem to have degraded from a couple of those incidents.

The water level indicator doesn't work very well: it tends to get "stuck" at a level even though the kettle's filling. It's a thin channel with a hole at the top and bottom (bottom for water, top is an air vent—I suspect the air vent is too small and gets blocked by a water droplet as I fill the thing).
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on March 15, 2016
This seems to be a Knock-Off counterfeit product. Stay Away.
Our experience was the lettering began to rub off almost immediately, then the electronics failed and it was rendered useless in less than 12 months. Very Disappointing! It was returned to the local Cuisinart depot and they replaced it without question. The replacement is far superior and now I feel very badly about returning this obvious knock off for a replacement at Cuisinart's expense. Not at all fair to them.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 4, 2016
My everyday use kettle, now for both coffee (have purchased a Secura insulated French press to replace my Keurig) and evening tea.

What can I say? It's attractive, controls the water temperature, beeps when the water is ready, and has a large enough capacity to be useful.

The keep warm feature is excellent for those who basically want boiling water on demand.
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on July 2, 2016
This kettle will boil water! It arrived in professional packaging, plug and play out of the box makes this water boiler perfect for any instance you need water, hot water. I recommend this kettle because when you look at it this thing works as a kettle, looks like a kettle and sounds like one. Amazing, thanks always a pleasure.
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on May 29, 2015
This kettle is annoying. It keeps water at a boil after it has already boiled so i often find myself enjoying a cup of tea in my backroom when i hear the kettle in the kitchen re boiling itself. I know you can then shut it off but really i think it should be a setting on the kettle that would shut this feature off because its annoying. Apart from that it makes a annoying beep when it has boiled another feature that i wish i could turn off. The kettle works ok but the annoying features it possess means that i would not buy this kettle again. Also the Cusinart brand which use to mean quality no longer has that feel to it. Disappointing but on a positive note the temperature that is set for making black tea really does allow the tea to brew well and have a good strong taste which i like.
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on January 22, 2016
A great unit. Heats the water quickly, lets me choose the perfect temperature for different needs, and will keep the water at the temperature for half an hour if needed. Might be an issue for people with smaller hands when full, as the handle is pretty big around.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 1, 2014
Love it, looks amazing, we never knew that different teas required such varying temperatures, but you can definitely taste the difference, especially in green tea. Also great for us who use steeped tea and don't need boiling water, but just need hot water to mix that tea with.

After getting the water to the desired temperature, the kettle will turn itself back on every 5 minutes to bring the water back to that desired temperature. This is OK for the lower temperatures, but for boiling you have to be careful as after boiling the water a few times it will leave quite a lot of condensation on the wall/counter around the kettle. So make sure to turn this feature OFF if you don't need it, by pressing the bottom button.

Others pointed out the letters might rub off on the buttons with time, so what we did is apply some clear nail polish on them to hopefully prevent this in the future.

Other than that, a great kettle so far.

**UPDATE after 2 years of ownership, kettle still runs and works like the day we bought it - and we make a LOT of tea. Probably use this kettle 10 times a day. The buttons didn't rub off as the clear nail polish keeps them looking like new. Love this kettle, if you need a programmable kettle, this is the best one on the market.
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on March 9, 2016
This is a great product, it heats water up quickly, has a super solid build and best of all has a stainless steel interior. I like the hidden coils, minimal plastic. No longer do I have to reheat my water it stays warm and at the same time saves electricity! The shipping was fast. I would recommend this to any one, it really is a wonderful addition to my kitchen.
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on May 2, 2016
This kettle was a big step up from the stove kettle we used for so many years. We love that it is cordless and boils water quickly. As avid tea drinkers we are hopeful it performs well over the long term.
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