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on September 26, 2014
Very good alarm. A bit complicated, but read the damn manual. Projector is really good and sharp (it can project on the opposite wall to my bed, about 10 feet) and it IS POSSIBLE to turn off the screen and let the projector on. Just select the auto option for the screen and give it 30 sec to close. Again, READ THE MANUAL!
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on December 22, 2014
So far, this clock is great. You can turn both the projection and the backlight for the main clock off.

I am nearsighted, I start to lose focus about a half a foot from my face and I can see the projected numbers on the ceiling without glasses, although I do have to squint a bit.

The alarm self set feature did not work for me out of the box, as the little battery that keeps time went dead, after contacting support via email they let me know and I swapped it with a good battery and all is good.

The only suggestion I can think of that would make this alarm even better would be a gradual buzzer alarm - i.e. starting out quietly and slowly increasing volume until it's at its maximum.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 19, 2015
For the price, this is a pretty darn good alarm clock radio.

First the cons:

- The smooth shiny plastic gives it a sort of cheap appearance, but it seems durable enough.

- Some of the reviewers complained that the speaker isn't good quality. I'd say that's not entirely accurate. The sound is quite clear also but somewhat penetrating. My complaint is with the volume levels that are available. You can select 0 for off, or 1-10 for loudness. The problem with 1 is that it's too loud. 1 is the lowest volume level and yet it's loud enough to be a 4 or 5. If you're like most people you keep your clock radio within 6 feet of your bed. Volume level 1 if fine for waking up to music, but if you like to fall asleep to music, you'll probably find even the lowest volume level too loud.

- You'll need to keep the instruction manual handy. Whatever you do DON'T LOSE IT!!! Setting this thing is a piece of cake when you have the instructions, but without them it would be quite difficult.

- They used a blue backlight, which is too bright at night, even on the lowest setting. Luckily you can turn this off completely and just use the red projection (and you can even turn that off). The red projection isn't a problem at all. When will companies learn to use red backlighting for clocks instead of blue?

Okay, now the pros:

- Honestly, this thing works great. I love that the time is set for you right out of the box. All I had to do was choose my timezone. The temperature is a nice touch.

- Although the speaker is a bit loud to fall asleep to music to, the sound is pretty clear, and it gets better AM reception than some of the more expensive radios I've purchased in the past. FM works great too.

- I love the projection feature, which is why I purchased this unit in the first place. You can point it forward or back, and there's a button to flip/change the clock orientation, depending on which way it's pointing. There's also a focus knob, so you can adjust it accordingly. I have it projecting about 10' away onto the wall, but I can stick my hand out in front of the beam to read the time off my palm.

- You can configure 2 different alarms, and you can choose which days of the week they're effective on. I haven't tried the buzzer option (as I don't like the traditional jarring sound they usually make), but the radio on volume level 1 is quite reliable.

- The engineers thought about pretty much everything. You can turn the backlight or projection on or off, change the projected clock orientation, and even set the alarm to a radio station other than the one that you currently have dialed in.

Despite some of it's shortcomings, this is a great clock radio. For $30 you'll have a hard time finding a better product with this many features.
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on December 2, 2010
This is a very nice alarm clock. Very easy to use and bright - I would recommend it to anyone who wants a straight forward easy to ready alarm clock.
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on September 5, 2015
In 2015, this clock has some good features and characteristics for the price. There are prettier clocks. There are clocks that dock with digital devices whose connectors change with marketing and design whims. This clock does a set of simple things well.

The construction seems good.
The clock is shipped with a battery.
The time and date settings are easy to use.
The time can be set to the 24 hour format.
The projected light can be flipped horizontally to suit the clock's position. (For example, whether the clock somewhere behind your head, or across the room.)
It's useful to see the current room temperature.
The LCD display is clear.
The product has AM and FM radio if you want them.

The projected time is clear but difficult to read because of the segmentation of the LED characters. This is a problem for a child learning to tell time.
The only language is English. (S'il vous faut du français, ceci ne devrait pas être votre choix.Mais le produit peut afficher l'heure en format de 24 heures.)
The only projected colour is red. (Not a problem if red is your favourite colour.)
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on October 15, 2011
OKay. This clock does its job. Big numbers. An alarm that could wake up sleeping beauty. Two alarms that can be set.

The downside: I think it could be slightly more simplified with setting the alarm time. However, once you get the hang of it is fine.

Also. The blue backlight is very bright. It has an option where it turns on when you hit the snooze button of when the alarm goes off. However, when you set the backlight to this mode - the projection feature also goes off. Which is a shame cause I would have like to have the projection on and the backlight off.

So...not a OMG you have to get this alarm clock item. However - it definitally does its job.
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on May 26, 2013
Works well ,don't expect a great sound from the radio.
I wish the display would dim more a little bright at night, I stuck a piece of window tinting film on the display OK now.
Finally found the auto button now I can view the screen for a few seconds then the screen goes dark no more film needed.
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on April 30, 2013
We can't decrease the light intensity. The rest is working perfectly. 2 alarms set is very useful. Sound of radio is poor
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on March 12, 2015
The clock is just what I expected. The projection is great. The dimmer has three settings but the lowest setting is still too bright for sleeping. So I just turn it off and use the projection. You just have to tap the snooze button to change the dimmer settings. The clock is easy to read and the radio works just fine for a smaller unit. The setting of the alarm and time are easy and straight forward. I live in Canada (Orillia, ON) and the automatic time set did not work. The clock also has automatic DST which is a great feature. So far so good.
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on August 12, 2015
I received this clock 2 days ago. After some degree of confusion with the instruction manual, this clock worked pretty much as advertised. But, after a few hours, it started to do some strange things. The projector switched from time to temperature all on its own then kept rotating the display by 180°. I switched it back and it did it again a few hours late. At another time that night, the alarm went off even though no alarms were set. I shut it off and it did it again 3 hours later, then I couldn't stop it, so I pulled the plug. After some thought during the night, I decided that there might be a problem with the backup battery, that being the most vulnerable part. So, I replaced the battery and all the problems were solved. CAUTION ... if you change the backup battery, BE SURE TO KEEP THE CLOCK PLUGGED INTO THE WALL while you do it. Otherwise, the clock will lose most of its brains ... all settings will be gone and none of the buttons will work. If this happens, unplug it, remove the battery, then plug it back in without the battery. Then just put the battery back in and all should be fine. You will, however, have to set the time, date and DST zone. These are set at the factory and, in my case, that was in January 2015 and I bought it in August so the backup battery was in use all that time. I guess that's why it was almost dead. That factory setting is what Electrohome refers to as the "SelfSet Technology" !?!? It will only reset the settings if the power goes out and the battery keeps your previous settings.
Some of the instructions are not the easiest to follow since most of the buttons have multiple functions.
Contrary to some earlier posts, this unit does have a "high","low", and "off " setting on the display, and the off setting does not turn off the projector. I think others may have confused this with the EAAC600 unit. Even the low setting is pretty bright in a dark room, though.
I found the FM reception to be fine for a clock radio as long as the antenna is stretched out and away from the power cord.
This is about it for my experience over 2 days of ownership. Very Satisified now.
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