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It's always fascinating to see Western mythology through other's eyes and Tears to Tiara is a perfect example. At first I was thinking of titling this review as Japanese anime meets Camelot! But then I realized that would be a serious misnomer as to their credit; the japanese producers of this anime actually went back to the Gaelic legends on which the Camelot legend itself was based and loosely (veeeery loosely) bases it's storyline around Albion, Avalon and King Arawn. And that's about where any resemblance to western mythology or fantasy comes to a crashing end! It's fascinating to watch.

So you do have elves, but these elves look more like japanese harem maids than anything resembling a western elf! And the demon lord Arawn becomes a typical anime down-to-earth hero who just wants to get the job done and go have a pint! Then throw in an enemy that's basically based on the Roman Empires occupation of Britannia but whose soldiers wear plate armour from the middle ages and the mind just boggles. It's a strange and wondrous concoction that's a hoot to watch; it really is!

The first two-thirds of the storyline basically revolve around the heroes slowly building up their resources and beating back the forces of the Divine Empire. This is the best part of the show with lots of great fights and just enough comedy that it never gets too angsty. Then in the last third the typical japanese cultural death wish kicks in and it gets more serious with a cliche ridden D&D fight up the tower and an ultimate villain that wants to kill himself and everybody else for no good reason. But to their credit; at least it's short lived and the fights are great.

Unlike the previous two part sets; this complete series has a new English dub included with the original japanese sub. Overall, I found it quite satisfactory though some folks don't as they don't like the Scottish/Gaelic accents. Personally, while a bit strange at first; I found that I got quite used to them after half-a-dozen episodes or so. But your mileage may vary.

Both audio tracks are in stereo but during climactic events I found my A/V receiver did a creditable job of steering sound to the back channels so I didn't really miss the typical 5.1 track. And the video was quite acceptable; being a typical 16:9 anamorphic widescreen.

Overall, I'd give this anime a good four star rating. A nice blend of action and comedy just slightly marred by a typical cliche japanese ending. You should be quite happy with it provided you don't expect another Lodoss War.

J. A.
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on September 16, 2013
This story is an interesting twist on the Arthurian legend. As well as interesting twist on the fall of Lucifer as well. The way this story is told is that Lucifer is a good guy and the other angels or White Spirits are the bad guys. This is a good story and it should be watched. It is not something for children of course. I would recommend this series to just about anybody that likes ancient stories or the Arthurian legends.
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on April 9, 2011
tears to tiara is an awesome anime i fell in something similar to love and if you like medieval like genres then this is for you and if you liked oblivion of the elder scrolls series then you'll wanna keep watching this but i just recently got this and still watching it
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on September 4, 2014
Good series
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