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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on January 31, 2011
I was extreamily satisfied with my purchase
Item was received within time it was promised
Item received in perfect conditation
Price was better than expected
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on March 31, 2011
I'm satisfied with my purchase - good price, arrived quickly, and it does its job. It arrived in an envelope within a couple of days and comes with a cleaning cloth. I've been using my first protector screen for about a month now and it is doing pretty well.

Only thing is I didn't apply it perfectly, so there are some corner edges that are bubbling up and it doesn't look that great. Maybe there should be some instructions on how to apply it better?

Overall, it is a good purchase!
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on March 14, 2011
Make the job for the price. I've used the screen applicator product provided by iShield and the installation worked well. This plastic is more sticky then iShield and there is more finger traces left on the screen. But again, do a great job for the price, and you've get 6 of it!
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on July 18, 2011
Clear screen protectors for the iPhone are pretty standard and I've used quite a few brands, purchased from many outlets and ended up throwing MANY out. This product shipped quickly and was exactly what I expected.

The cutouts are properly placed, not off or incorrect and the edges are as well. Had a few problems getting the first few on without dust but anyone who's tried to put one of these on themselves knows that's a hazard that comes with the territory. At the very least, I don't feel bad about going through 3-4 of these until I get that perfect application when the 6 pack only costs 0.99 including shipping. They came in an envelope and none of them were folded or damaged or anything. Each screen protector is covered on both sides with additional plastic so that the sticky part isn't exposed and so that the front stays clean until its applied. On top of that, they each come individually packaged and included was a microfiber cloth.

For application, I recommend having everything ready in front of you and be prepared to slap that protection screen on as soon as you've finished cleaning the screen. If you have a friend to do the cleaning and you can prep the protector, you'll get better results. I personally have the very best luck slightly bending the protector in the middle, lining up the camera/speaker and circle button lines and then placing it down.

Overall, great product at a great price. I'm more than happy to buy these and save myself the $5/each I pay at the flea market. In future, I'll buy antiglare though, I get better screen response and less fingerprints show with those ones.
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on November 7, 2011
USED ON MY iPhone 4S

-Good quality- NO RESIDUE LEFT when I take them off.

-Will get scratched due to NORMAL wear and tear, just like any other screen protector.

-Good value.

-As with any other screen protector, the touchscreen is not going to be resistant (oil-repellent/ oleo-phobic) to the smudges and marks from your finger, hence the cleaning cloth, or you could just rub it on your shirt as I do. Just a heads up.

It came in an envelope, along with a cleaning cloth. These are your standard iPhone screen protectors, I'll be ordering more of these.
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on August 15, 2011
I thought with the price being so cheap it was practically a no brainer, but this was awful. No matter how careful I was (or how much I cleaned the surface or removed dust), there were still air bubbles that I could not get rid of. In addition, I think the film was a bit too big for my Rogers Apple iPhone 4 -- as when I put the bumber on, it caused further air bubbles at the edges each time. At first, I thought I just messed up the first one or two, but then realized that it doesn't pay to use it no matter how cheap the product it :(
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If you consider the price (which is ridiculous), you can't go wrong by purchasing this product. Cutting is well done and fit like a glove! The protector is also a little smaller than the display height and width so it's CASE/SKIN COMPATIBLE which is very important if you use a case or skin, otherwise it will peel off by itself. Application is very easy, it don't leave any sticking residue because it's more like a "magnetic" protector, it doesn't actually stick (no glue). I worked A LOT with InvisibleShield, BestSkinEver, Belkin and other expensive screen protector and those ones are easier to install a lot! Require no fluid to install.

Only one advice : because it's not actually sticking on the display (there's is no glue) your screen need to be CRISTAL CLEAR before applying, if there is a microscopic dust under the protector, it'll not stick to the screen. It is not possible to "push" the dust off the screen by pressing on protector it with an application blade (like an InvisibleShield). If you have dust, you need to remove the protector, remove dust (with a air spray for example) and apply again. Not a big problem however. Just an advice from a professional installer!

I do recommend this product for the price!
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on September 16, 2014
I've had two types of screen guards. The way more expensive one I had in the past is a bit finicky to put on, but it is nice and flexible, so it isn't too bad. You pay for this convenience though.
These are the cheap version. They're probably a bit less resistant to scratches, but I find the biggest issue is that they are much more difficult to put on. They are very rigid, so you can't ease it on a bit at a time. You sort of have to line it up, smack it down and hope for the best. The advantage of course is that they are a LOT cheaper. You can throw away a few practice ones and it is OK. The one I've had on for a year or so has some more considerable scratches on it now, but it hasn't shifted or peeled - which I seem to remember the more expensive ones doing.
If you have the patience, I'd say give these a try. They are so cheap that even if you botch applying SIX, you'll only be out a few dollars. If you don't want to deal with putting a screen protector on, I'd just do one of the more expensive mall stalls that will do it all for you.
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on June 6, 2013
I received this order within a week that I ordered it. It came in an envelope, 2 packs of 3 screen protectors with a cloth in each pack. It was not difficult to apply since air bubbles are human made not the product itself as I've seen many customers "complain" about the amount of air bubbles the product "caused".

I was glad all 6 were matte finish. I personally find matte the best out of all finishes. Glossy are too oily and reflective for eyes. Mirror are so reflecting that in the sun or anywhere bright it is nearly impossible to see. The description said anti-glare and finger print free in which many sellers put in their description, but they come as glossy and catches finger prints easily. So I was glad I made a good purchase and the product matches the description.

I read reviews that they were expecting 3 front 3 back but I received 6 front which is totally fine as seller has never specified how many of each.

All in all, I don't think I will purchase another one since 6 screen protectors will last me a long time. But I highly recommend this to anyone using an iPhone 4/4S and you don't want to spend $15-20 at your local electronic store when you can purchase six here delivered to your door!
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on September 12, 2012
First of all, the price of these things is so minimal that there isn't too much room to complain. The screen protectors work fine for me, with only a few air bubbles. However, when I received mine in the mail, the package had 4 front screen protectors and 2 back protectors, which I don't need as I have a case for my phone. The description is clear that what is included is 6 screen protectors. When this issue first occurred, the seller noticed that I had posted a review stating what had happened and quickly got back to me to let me know he'd ship me out the proper screen protectors, so I was happy with the customer service... Until I got the package in the mail and it contained about 10 back-of-phone protectors! Maybe it's an honest mistake, but it was clear in my past review and in our correspondence that I definitely did not need the back protectors. And it's relatively easy to tell which is which, so you'd really have to be not paying attention to mix them up! All that being said, the price is right and for this reason only I'd probably buy this product again.
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