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3.2 out of 5 stars
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on February 10, 2004
It' a classic, no question about it. But is it really that great? I find it diffucult not to cheer at the evil Robot-Messiah turning the slave-workers into communists, destroying the machines and flooding the city, but I'm not sure that's the point. Hitler wept with emotion after the screening, actually he saw it on several occasions and declared it his favourite movie. McCarhthy would had wept too, if he knew anything about art. Well, I don't think the story or the ethics has made it a classic, rather the visuals, but apart from the transformation-scene they aren't really that impressive. The german expressionist-scene has made far superior movies, not half as celebrated as this one. I wonder why.
Fritz Langs own "M" is a much better movie, great visuals, intelligent script, great acting (in stark contrast to the silly twitching in this one), brilliant and disturbing - and made only four years after this hilariously overrated piece of hokum. Not to mention that the nazis hated it.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 11, 2004
For some strange reason Amazon is putting up reviews for the 2003 Kino release version of Metropolis and using them in the revamped 2010 version!? Go figure.My review for the 2003 release is below.This one is for the 2010 release Kino version of the so called "complete" Metropolis.Well let us set the record straight right off the top by saying the 2010 release is NOT complete.It is between 6-9 minutes short of the original theatrical release,but it is the most complete as of now.An extra 25 or so minutes was found in an archive in Buenos Aires,but in a reduced frame of 16mm.It was in a terribly scratched condition and the archivists in Germany did their utmost to reduce the effects.With that extra footage added in,while it is not complete,it is,to date,the most complete and the movies plot now makes sense for the first time since its release back in the 20s.Like the 2003 Kino edition,this new 2010 edition is a marvel of restoration.It also boasts two discs.The second disc contains a documentary on the making of the film and its restoration,along with an interview with the curator of the museum in Buenos Aires where the footage was discovered.So for those that think that this 2010 release is just a re-release of the 2003 edition it is not.This is the definitive version right now and I highly recommend this new title for purchase.It is outstanding for its historic value and the restoration work accomplished on it.Kudos to all who were involved.

All major studios the world over take note!! This is THE film by which all your restoration and release work should be measured by.
As a movie this version,the most complete ever released,is one of the masterpieces of the cinema in any age.
As an end product of extensive and exhaustive restoration work,this is the new benchmark by which all studios should be releasing their products whether old or new!!
I won't bore the reader with details of the exact process by which this was done(the accompanying liner notes in this DVD are quite clear on the subject),but I will say I have never seen a movie that was originally in this terrible of a condition literally reborn through the efforts of two archival groups in Munich and Wiesbaden,Germany.
Fritz Lang,the former art student turned scenarist turned director had become one of Germanys' Universum Film Aktien Gesellschafts'(UFA for short) brightest talents.
Lang who co wrote the story for Metropolis with his wife,always preferred his movies/sets on the grand scale and this one was no exception.When released world wide in 1927 it caused quite the sensation and Lang was courted by every major studio around the globe for his services.
Langs's story works on many levels from labour versus management,mechanization versus humanity,good versus evil,etc.But Lang's grand vision and scale brilliantly binds everything together,while his attention to small details and deft touches reinforces the tale.A prime example of this would be Langs' staging of the changing of the workers' shift.The workers leave their stations in precise rows and groups,walking in step,heads bent forward.They enter an elevator.They exit the elevator again in tandem,heads still down.This "choreography" reinforces wonderfully our empathy for these downtrodden and depleted people/slaves.The workers who enter the elevator to replace their spent brethren also walk in tandem but their heads are held upright.But you know that come the end of their shift it will be they who will walk with heads down once more, bent over with the pain of exhaustion and continuing the never ending cycle of hopelessness and despair.
Powerful scenes with much to say and Lang did it masterfully.
This movie deserves each star(and more!) I've given it.
Kudos to Transit Films in Germany for its phenomenal work in the restoration of this "silent" masterpiece and to Kino in the U.S. for obtaining the rights to release this on DVD here in North America.
One of the best releases of any type,in ANY genre released on DVD to date!!
Get it.
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on March 8, 2003
Fritz Lang's greatest silent film, "Metropolis," is a masterpiece of the sci-fi genre, with some thought provoking social commentary and an amazing, nightmarish vision of the future. In fact, it ranks among the best movies ever made.
But you wouldn't be able to tell it by this shoddy Madacy disc. A muddy, scratchy version is introduced by title cards that go off the screen and a pretty bad musical score. Things get so bad that first time viewers will have trouble even figuring out what's going on. There are also the usual not-very-good Madacy extras (Poster, Biography, Trivia Game, Credits). In fact, the only reason that I haven't given this disgraceful disc one star is because the movie is just so good.
A prestigious, fully restored and digitally remastered version with a full plate of extras has been released by Kino. Get it.
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on January 1, 2004
Science fiction suffers from a lack of sound and color. I love old sf films -- but I have to agree with Stanley Kubrick (as quoted by Arthur C. Clarke in The Making of 2001 -- A Space Odyssey). Most science fiction before 2001 -- A Space Odyssey is awful. My love of Metropolis and Things to Come and Destination Moon is a result of nostalgia -- an 80 year old man may still love an 80 year old woman, but he can hardly expect a young man to see her in the same light. The only reason for a young person to watch old (pre-Kubrick) sf films is to learn about the history of the science fiction film. If you do want to learn about the history of film sf, Metropolis is the place to start, and despite some valid and informative objections from purists, this version comes the closest to making sense.
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on October 17, 2015
loved it....thank you
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on September 21, 2002
Sorry I bought this. I'm looking forward to the 2002 restoration (now playing art houses around the USA) on DVD.
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on January 24, 2004
I kept waiting for the great looking female robot (what really qualifies this as sci-fi), and she has all of a minute of screen time! All that work to design and create her, so why not find a way to use her? As to the poignancy of the narrative, it is basically angry communist propaganda. Time did not prove that philosophy relevant. There is nothing particularly groundbreaking about the story, the cinematography, nor the acting. And the entertainment value is fairly low for a film this deep into the silent era. I really don't think this film is at all entertaining or important. Fire away, but I think this is probably the overrated silent film ever.
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on June 8, 2002
ce dvd est une horreur, je n ai jamais vu une aussi mauvaise copie de film, tout support confondu.
je ne sait pas ou l editeur a trouver le master pour la gravure mais ca devais certainement etre au fond d une cave humide.
la bande son est a pleurer et l image ...... et bien je ne prefere pas en parler on dirait un scopitonne des annees 40.
de plus l intro du film est manquante ainsi que certaine scenes.
enfin pour en finir garder votre argent jusqu a la sortie d une meilleur edition celle ci ne vaut pas un clou.
conseil pour ceux qui comme moi ont fait l erreur d acheter ce DVD: revender le le plus vite possible.
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on April 5, 2003
Let me start by saying that a movie of this stature can't be praised highly enough. Having said that I beg to differ with all the five star rave reviews concerning the DVD transfer. I'm quite the Metropolis fan and my toes curled when I saw that the newest and latest official release has its intertitles translated into English up to the point of actually changing the original images as well.(The address card Freder shows Josaphas, the Hel memorial plaque, the tower of Babel sequence, a business card picked up by Freder, etc, are all English translations inserted by digital or other means into the film.) So, claiming that this version is original is dubious to say the least. Why not benefit from DVD's technology to leave it up to the viewer to choose between the (original) German or English intertitles? If it can be done with subtitles, I'm sure intertitles can't pose a problem. Imagine the frustration of the German movie buffs who have to watch one of their greatest movies of all time with English intertitles and German subtitles! What really made me frown is that in the scene selection section on the DVD you can make out the original German intertitles in some of the preview windows! The frustrating part about this is that even when using DVD's technological advantages to choose between intertitles, changes made onto the print by substituting English text over the images are permanent.
Furthermore I challenge any film technician or any of the members on the restauration team of the Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Foundation to tell me that this version of Metropolis is transfered at the correct speed. And by that I mean the speed at which any normal human being walks, runs and can gesticulate without looking like an episode from Comedy Capers. Have a look at the final scene where Rotwang chases Maria up the Cathedral. It is actually comical and embarassing to see, taking into account the enormous effort the F.W.M. Foundation took in restoring this monument. Trust me, you don't have to be an animation student or an expert in locomotion to see that the actor's movements are sped up. Even the big clock's second hand in Frederson's office races by at exaggerated speed. When Joh Frederson stands opposite of Rotwang (Hal statue sequence), Rotwang waves his hands frenetically in Fredersen's face to gesticulate refusal. For a moment his hands elude me because of motional blur. Eureka's 1999 release of Metropolis had much better and natural movement of the actors. What very few people know is that Fritz Lang under-crancked the camera for some of the shots in his movie to add drama and weight to some scenes. These little moments of genius gave Metropolis some of its extraordinary atmosphere and appeal and are now completely lost with this release.
In 1927 the German production company UFA ordered the film to be cut for the US release. The American editor charged with this operation also exchanged the German intertitles and scenes with German texts for English substitutes. It's an irony that this release has been labeled "Restored Authorized Edition" for it perpetuates the act of defacing the original print as the editor did in 1927. The claim Kino makes this being a restored edition is at least misleading. Apart from footage that must be considered permanently lost, the claim holds no truth. The Merriam Webster dictionary defines "restore" as: "To put or bring back into a former or original state." Metropolis is a German movie. It used German text and titles. So let's get over the five star rave and try to be at least a little critical. I mean we're talking about one of the most influential and monumental movies of all time. Too bad its fantastic restauration is marred by such obvious flaws.
My first copy of Metropolis was Eureka's 1999 release which runs at 139 minutes on region 2 equipment. Although the image suffers from a very bad transfer and even more missing footage in comparison with this release, it is so much more the viewing experience you want and ultimately can't forget. Speeding up a film destroys the director's artistical vision together with the movies ambience and atmosphere. Needless to say I immediately returned my recently acquired Restored Authorized Edition for a refund.
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on September 26, 2003
I was unable to completely view this DVD, apparently due to a bad pressing. Amazon cross-shipped a new DVD, but it had the same problem (any chapter after about 40 would not play or had multiple tracking and audio errors; none of the specials would play at all). I had to get a refund :-(. So terrific movie, but Keno seems to have continuing production problems...
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