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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on May 11, 2014
I had previously owned both Vol 1 & 2 on VHS, so these were a much needed upgrade. The steelbooks have some really nice artwork and it was my main reason for purchasing them. Unfortunately I was slightly disappointed as both volumes had marks and dents on the case in spots that jump out at you while admiring the art.

I would very much recommend these steelbooks, but the seller should really be taking better care as I've seen another buyer post a review with the same denting issues. If you'd like to avoid the risk I would avoid buying these online.
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on June 30, 2004
As a major fan of Quentin Tarantino's work, I was more than excited when I went to see this film in theatres. I had heard nothing but good things about. I was however a tad bit skeptical when I saw advertisements and I realized that it would be nothing like his other films I had loved so much.
While I was correct in assuming that this film was nothing like his others, there was nothing to be skeptical about. This film is amazing. It is the story about Uma Thurman's character known only as 'The Bride'. After Bill and four other members of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad(DiVAS) shoot up her wedding and leave her in a coma for four years, she sets out to take revenge.
This is the first half of the film following The Bride as she sets her sight on her first two members of the DiVAS. It is an all out hardcore and bloody brawl that shows us a side of Quentin's abilities that we've as yet to see in any of his films thus far. While there are multiple scenes of mild, low key conversation, this film truly shines in it's well choreographed fight scenes. Another plus side is the short anime scene Quentin put in to add to the effect of the movie.
Clearly not a movie for everyone (especially those with a weak stomach) but truly a sight to behold, Kill Bill Vol. 1 is yet again another amazing film that Quentin Tarantion has supplied for us to see.
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on June 30, 2004
This is by far one of the best movies you will ever see.Its cool,hip,fast,slow when it needs to.Its a movie with style.Writer-Director Quentin Tarantino just knows how to make great movies.The action is mesmorizing and incredible especially the scene of "The House Of Blue Leaves".The dialogue is not what you would expect from a Tarantino film but good inoff for this.Another thing that is Tarantino trademark of putting great music in his films the music helps move the film and get to feel the groove of the it.Also the acting is top nocth.There is graphic violence in this film but not as much as people say i mean ive seen worse.Trust me this not the movie that will make you stop the film because you feel sick.This not Tarantino best film but it is his coolest to me.So stop whatever your doing my friend and go buy this film,you wont regret it.But i have to tell you this there's a special edition of the dvd coming in the near future if you dont want to waste your money on buying it two times.
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on June 2, 2004
First, if you've watched previous Tarantino films and disliked them, skip Kill Bill - both volumes. It is pure QT from start to finish. Same, if you don't like Uma Thurman (I am shocked there are some who do not!), you might want to skip as well. However, if you like QT's quirky humour and oddball films, then you will love Kill Bill - Part 1 mind you! This is truly the first half of the Kill Bill set. So, expect the blunt ending that leaves you hanging. It starts with the old Drive-in lead clip giving you a hint this movie is gash for the B-film addict's soul. With soundtracks from everywhere and bits and pieces stolen - homage? - to other films, then remade in QT magic, it's a film buff's trivia delight.
In TQ style, you are given puzzle pieces that eventually fit together to present the whole story. Thurman - rather preggers and on her wedding day - is attacked by the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. The whole wedding party is taken out in a
bloodbath, with the unseen Bill putting a bullet to Thurman's head at the end of it. When the police arrive, they find Thurman not dead and rush her to hospital, where she stays in coma for over four years. Once she awakens, she finds it kill or be killed. So, she set out on her adventure to kill the five people on her list - Bill being the last.
Everyone was Kung-Fu dancing, with tongue-through-cheek, in some of the wildest ninja fight scenes. QT's brilliant, quirky wit shines in that totally indefinable way of his. But it's Thurman who is the WOW of this show. She alternates between her homely - breathtaking beauty, as the scene calls for it, and makes the total absurdity believable.
If you like QT, you will love Kill Bill Vol 1. If you have not liked him, then will hate it.
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on April 30, 2004
This movie is brilliantly conceived and wonderfully excuted in everyway imaginable. The storyline is your classic revenge epic and is powerful and moving.
Characters are well developed; you either love them or really hate them. You really feel "The Bride"'s (Uma) from the moment the movie begins and you really want her to kick some arse after seeing what happend to her, and Quintin doesn't let you down there. O-Ren is great, the cartoon showing her background was unexpected yet suitable for the movie and I really ejoyed it. Gogo is great, a take no crap psycho cutie that can really dish it out. I love her.
This movie really is very beautiful once you get past all the blood and gore which is almost cartoonish.f the most beautiful movies I have ever scene. It is also hilarious at times too. The scene with Hatori Hanzo (Sonny Chiba) had me in stitches it was so funny.
The fight scenes are some of the best stuff I've scene since Iron Monkey. Showdown at House of Blue Leaves is my favourite movie scene of all time. Bodies everywhere! Amazingly excuted by all involved. Just awesome. The final fight scene with O-Ren is so beautiful. Pure white snow falling on a moon-lit japanese garden with sounds of trickling water and the clashing of swords. O-Ren's pure white dress and Uma's blood-stained copy of the outfit Bruce Lee wore in his final fight scene are great too.
I love the music in all parts of the movie. The speghetti western, samurai and other borrowed music was well selected and the original tracks are also awesome. I especially love the "5,6,7s and 8s", there's just something about Japanese girls singing surf music...
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on April 16, 2004
(waiting to see vol 2, especially due to high critical review; making up for vol 1 shortcomings). tarantino's style and taste may not be for the average viewer (anyone who disliked pulp fiction, reservoir dogs, natural born killers, true romance) and it may turn off those with narrow visions. although he has had his hand in films like desperado and from dusk til dawn, those films pale in comparison.
a fact is that desperado and the 2nd half of from dusk were robert rodriguez's film. rodriguez is a good friend of tarantino and i'll give him credit for being able to produce entertaining movies on a low budget but, he is nowhere near the caliber of tarantino. rodriguez can be called a good director with ingenuity but he'll NEVER be a great one like tarantino (once upon a time in mexico was the biggest proof of that; johnny depp was the only redeeming element of that sequel).
back to kill bill, this film (which was split due to time constraints and tarantino's refusal to delete scenes to please the studios) was done to pay homage to all the cult films he loved while growing up and working at a video store. if you've ever watch old school kung fu films (shaw brothers: 5 deadly venoms, bruce lee's game of death: yellow & black track suit), japanese samurai films (lady snowblood: geisha assassin, lone wolf and cub; shogun assassin), sergio leone's spaghetti westerns (all the clint eastwood films) and so much more i can't recall, you'd watch kill bill more with a keen eye.
it's so much more than just graphic violence. it's about style and innovation. it updates past film noir into modern millenium visuals. viewers shouldn't go into this believing this is your typical action and violence film. it's an awestrucking rollercoaster ride into a cinematic experience.
i anticipate vol 2 will even be better....
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on March 18, 2004
SOOOO disappointing.
This one is just trying to cash in on the big Asian movie invasion (read: that ridiculous supernatural-Matrix-Crouching Tiger jumping and flipping and swordfight eye-rolling-inducing scenes). And he just puts layer upon layer of the exact same fight scene (um, didn't anybody own a gun? I would assume that, yes, even in Japan, the present day weapon of choice when you're in a jam is a good, reliable, automatic hand-held weapon of some sort), I can only assume to astonish the likes of fourteen year old boys. And these scenes go on...and on...and on...
The acting is probably the worst that I have seen of any of his movies, his character choice is so poor, that I can't believe he's the same guy who cast the Pulp Fiction cast (Samuel Jackson versus Lucy Liu?????? Or Darryl Hannah? Or Vivica Fox?). Can we say 'Charlie's Angels' anybody? Charlie's Angels trying too hard, though.
There was way too much dialogue, and the desperation for it to be witty, clever, and ironic actually had an odour. More of a stench really.
Unless he was trying to resurrect the 'Fox Force 5' idea from Pulp Fiction, with Uma playing the blonde knife expert (though she was more of a swordswoman in this flick), I can't see any intelligence in it. Oh, and when Uma does the 'square' trace in the air in Kill Bill, it may have been a little bit more nostalgic if he had (since I would assume he pasted that into Kill Bill from Pulp Fiction intentionally) insinuated a dotted outline of the trace, as he had in the originating movie.
If you're looking for a good samurai fight scene, I hate to admit it, but The Last Samurai had some good scenes. And of course, if any sword will do, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was pretty amazing. If you're looking for action and comedy, any Jackie Chan would do. If you're looking for something Japanese in an action flavour (with American overtones) see Black Rain. There is a good decapitation scene if you're worried you'll miss out on it. And if you're looking for something clever in the inimitable style of Tarantino, re-rent Pulp Fiction. Or Reservoir Dogs.
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on May 23, 2013
The movie is simply stunning. It's my favorite Tarantino's film. What really amazing with Kill Bill (both part 1 and 2) is that the more I watch it, the more is getting better. I bought the steelbook case version. Even though it's more expensive, it really worths it. It's one of the most beautiful steelbook out there.
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on January 18, 2009
The movie itself: Kill Bill is all about Tarantino being at the top of his game. Uma Thurman plays the bride who's entire family is killed before her eyes and she's out to get revenge and believe me when I say this, that's exactly what she gets. In my opinion, Kill Bill is Quentin's tribute to old spaghetti westerns & martial arts movies that have inspired him for so long. The movie is one awesome adventure as we accompany "the bride" in her journey to avenge herself.

The video: The 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 presented in movie's actual theatrical aspect ratio of 2.40:1 is almost as good as some of the demo material on Blu-Ray disc. Although there is heavy DNR applied to the movie which has been topic of discussion by some, I really don't see a problem with that.

The Audio: The brightest spot of this disc is its uncompressed PCM 5.1 audio which to this day serves me as demo material for testing 5.1 theater systems. The dialogue is crystal clear and the action sequences have so much thump and such amazing use of rear channels that you might want to keep it down a little if you don't want your neighbours to call the Police. The soundtrack doesn't need any mentioning as it has been used by lots of sports stations and broadcast networks so we are all familiar with that.

Final Words: Quentin Tarantino fan or not, its a must have for all western/martial arts movie fans. A true work of art that showcases a masterful director at his best. Do yourselves a favour, and pick this one up along with its part 2 (which is not really a sequel but the second chapter of the story as the movie was too long to be shown as a single episode).
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on April 17, 2004
This film features a couple of vengeful females trying to be tough like men.Its a predictable overused theme in many films today and americans are growing bored with it.Watching men do fight scenes is far more entertaining,especially remembering that men invented Kung Fu and sword fighting.Men invented physical toughness too.
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