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3.7 out of 5 stars
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This is a remake of the old 1980's rape genre films for sick people. The plots are basically the same. A woman is raped. Woman gets revenge. Sometimes it is an abduction or a home invasion, or in this case, a woman is taken in her cabin by a bunch of rednecks. As compared to the original, the nudity was less in the remake and the rape scene less graphic. There I said it.

Oh yes, the characters are more developed and the torture inflicted by the woman is a tad better, but is that why people watch rape films, for character? The same could be said for the remake of "Last House on the Left," they watered down the rape and nudity. I can't believe with all these silicon soft core stars, they could not have picked something with more eye candy for the starring role instead of someone who can act.

Decent folks will want to stay away from this movie. Sickos would be better off with the original or a David Hess film festival. ? 2 1/2 stars
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on March 10, 2011
In this age of rampant 're-imaginings' of previous horror films it seems inevitable that the notorious 70's seminal female revenge flik "I Spit On Your Grave' would get 'the treatment'. Such re-hashings always beg the question of "why?!?" (that's an easy one: for the money!) and invite comparison to the original version. Like several of the '70's vintage re-makes that have recently gone before it (such as Last House On The Left & The Hills Have Eyes) this new version of ISOYG 'benefits' from a slightly larger budget and a glossier look but does it really offer anything 'new' worth noting/watching? From my perspective, the short answer is: "No"... but there are, of course, always some intriguing elements to compare. The basic story line is identical to the older version - an attractive young single woman rents a secluded cabin in the country to get away from the city and write her novel - she is targeted by a group of local country low-life males who viciously rape her & leave her for dead, but she survives to wreak horrible vengeance upon them all....roll credits. Everyone loves a good revenge flik and the original version broke some ground by: 1) having the initial transgressive act be a very graphic rape scene, 2) showing a lot of full female nudity, and 3) 'empowering' the female victim to commit some atrocious acts of retribution. This new version varies in some minor, but telling, ways: the rape scene has a lot more 'humiliating' aspects to it but way less nudity - the original 4 ner-do-well country boys are joined by a fifth character representing the forces of law & order gone bad, and the vengeful acts of the heroine upon her attackers are considerably more graphic and perverse. Call it a 'sign of the times' but in a filmic universe that now holds the likes of the 'Hostel' & 'Saw' franchise 'torture porn' genre - audiences & film producers/directors are constantly perceiving the need to up the ante on the nature of the violence portrayed... and this seems to instill a sense of contrived manipulation that makes them seem much more mean spirited than their predecessors. Combine this with some gaping plot-holes & sloppy continuity elements and one is still left wondering 'What WERE they thinking?!"... (Oh yeah - I already answered that one: "make money"!) More of a 'renter' than ' keeper' in my opinion.
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on October 13, 2014
Sleazy and repellant cult classic remake about hell bent vengeance. Jennifer Hills horrifying, traumatic attack and torturous revenge against her attackers seems excessive but justified.
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on August 2, 2011
i guess it was alrivght it just didnt seem like they added any new good ideas to the origonal, when i watch remakes i usually dont like them unless there was something new that blew me away, it always falls into "bin there done that" territory.
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on December 3, 2014
personally didn't like this movie, nothing to do with the purchase, just the movie
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