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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on June 2, 2012
I've had this grinder for about a month, using 2-3 times a day, and so far so good. In the past, I've had a Krups (twice) and a Cuisinart, and all stopped grinding within a year. Fingers crossed the Bodum will last, but at least this one seems to make it easier to get at the grinding mechanism to clean it - which I suspect was the problem with the others.

The Bodum is definitely quieter than the others, it takes up less counter space, and is more attractive. The container for the grounds is easy to whip in and out, and I LOVE that they've solved te static problem! Also like the air tight lid to keep the beans fresh. And the fact that there's no mess. If there are any grounds on my counter after use, it's because I was sloppy.

Overall, it's obvious that a lot of thought went into its design and if it keeps working, I'll be thrilled!

My only negative comment is that after a couple of weeks, it stopped grinding for the full 15-20 seconds (or whatever I had it set on), and now only grinds for a few seconds at a time. I have to push the little top button a few times to get as much as I need, almost like the pulse button on a blender. I don't mind doing this, but hope it's not a sign that it's going to stop altogether.
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on May 1, 2011
I have been using this Bodum grinder daily now for two weeks.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the purchase as it was an upgrade from using a blade-grinder/pre-ground coffee. The price is very competitive. I was considering spending more for the pricier models but in hindsight, I feel the beans I use (just regular starbucks beans), likely wouldn't make a difference.

In terms of the pros:
- Great colors. Looks great in the kitchen
- Burr grinding: the ground beans are of very good consistency. I make my coffee using a french press (Bodum New Brazil 8-Cup French Press) and every cup has been excellent
- Glass grounds container: there is still static and the grinds do hang off the sides, but it's nothing a nice tap doesn't fix
- Timer: love having the timer. It took some trial and error and some wasted beans, but now I have it timed exactly so that it grinds just the right amount of beans for a cup

Some of the minor cons:
- There will still be some static electricity. But it's no big deal
- The funnel for the beans could've been slightly better designed. I've noticed beans something getting stuck in the funnel, and thus the amount grinded is reduced
- Yes, the machine will take a break after 20seconds of grinding. Since I'm not making a liter of coffee for myself every morning, this is a non-issue.

UPDATE (Jun 28/11):

I have now been using this grinder daily for the past two months. A few pounds of beans have traversed through the burr grinder. I make a French press coffee almost exclusively. The grinder has performed well - one minor issue has been using oily beans, which have a tendency to get caught on the sidewalls of the hopper instead of falling into the grinder. A good tap during the grinding ensures the beans fall in consistently. Otherwise, the machine has performed without issue.

My only concern at this time is how well the grinder will work for espresso. I am in the market for an espresso machine and I hope this grinder will be up to the task. I will update this review according.

I still stand by my score of 4/5.
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on October 19, 2011
Grinds fine and consistent, quieter than some of the other grinders I've used, and the anti static collection container is great. Build quality seems top notch and it even looks reasonably nice sitting on the counter. My first Bodum product and pretty happy with it, the company seems reasonable and even offer replacement parts right on the website so if you drop the glass you're not out of luck.

My only complaint, and this probably stems from the nature of the design and saving costs, is that you can't adjust the grind setting while there are beans in the hopper. I go back and forth between french press for multiple cups and aero press for my morning fix, and they're basically opposite ends of the spectrum. It's a bit of a pain when I'm running late, but otherwise it's a tolerable nuisance.
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on March 30, 2011
Bought this after quite a bit of research. I use a French Press and am very happy the coarse setting.
The grinds are uniform and only the last sip have have a few grinds. Our blade grinder left a fine powder that was in suspension in the coffee.
The beans are sealed on top so you can store a few days worth in hopper. That lets me leave my main bag sealed longer vs a daily opening.
There is a little static on grinds in the cup but nothing you notice until you have to wipe it out.
When I switched beans I had to clean it. The center burn comes out and you clean with a toothbrush quickly.
The guts and internal channel have limited access and you tip it over and tap until grinds stop falling out. Cleaning is a 3/5. Operation 5/5
Give the side a tap when grind is done to get the last of the grinds down into cup. Otherwise they fall on counter when you pull out cup.
5 second grind gives about 5 spoons, 3 cup press, just under 15 second grind is good for 8 cup bodum for my taste.
I also began measuring water temp and had to wait longer than expected for the kettle water to drop to 95C before pouring into press.
That seems to take off the stale pasty taste that I some times get. I think I was burning beans previously. An instant read thermo is your friend.
I am really enjoying my home brewed coffee now.
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on May 26, 2011
I've owned this for two+ months now and used almost daily. I'm using mostly for french press and espresso. Grind is very consistent at each setting. I can grind espresso for me, and immediately go to french press for my wife and grind is bang on. The beaker does significantly cut down on static, but do not expect to have zero grinds clinging to it or the machine. The rubberized finished does make cleaning easily. The bean hopper is big enough for a full pound of beans and lid stays on well. I do think over time that the lid seal will loosen, but its not a product complaint - things just wear over time. Grind head is easily removed for cleaning and appears well made. Noise level is perfectly acceptable - never wakes up my kids when grinding at 6am. I'd like a longer max grind time for when I need to grind a lot for a large group. Overall, this is a fantastic value for the cost. Yes, more expensive grinders have a little bit of this or that, but the Bistro works great for a 5-person family.
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on February 10, 2013
The first one of these had to be returned because although it turned on and seemed to be working almost no coffee was being ground. After several attempts and many hours trying to find help on the web or from Bodum we were forced to return it to amazon. Amazon was amazing in its return process. Another arrived but as it came at an inconvenient time we have not been able to use it as normal. I will say it is a beautiful machine and if it holds up i will highly recommend it. It is disconcerting that the company does not offer any real manuals or on line help and for this i can not rate it higher. I am hoping it does perform as it looks.
I do recommend Amazon and will not hesitate to buy from them again!

Update... It has been some time now and even though it will not work when the grind is set finer than drip it does seem to work in general. We use it for espresso and so the grind could be finer but it isn't that bad so we get by. The first one that was sent back seemed to not grind in espresso mode either. But then it would not grind at all.

We have to be careful as Bodum glass is quite fragile (i had a couple of glass cups that broke when receiving ice from the fridge machine). It looks good but when It goes it will be replaced by something that is hardier and fully works. Also we never could get any help from Bodum so it will likely not be from this company.
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on May 3, 2013
I received the green BODUM BISTRO 10903 electric coffee grinder on Friday, April 26, 2013. I am extremely happy with the product, EXCEPT the bottom of the ground coffee container broke after TWO days use. I was using a spoon to scoop coffee from the container when the spoon hit (more touched than hit) the bottom producing a small 1/4" hole. I emailed BODUM and their reply was:
"Thank you for contacting Bodum. Unfortunately, this item is not under warranty. We do sell spare containers on our website. For your convenience, here is the link providing the spare container needed for your grinder [...] "
I've taped the small hole for now, but may decide to order in the near future. My suggestion is to ONLY use a plastic spoon in this container, as the bottom is VERY fragile.
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on December 22, 2012
I bought this in orange (which isn't listed anymore, so i came here) a year ago and use it every day to grind espresso grind coffee. It has been excellent value, and looks okay. It is a bit messy, but I dry coffee isn't hard to clean up.

Static does depend on the time of year. Ottawa has very humid summers but very dry winters, and dry times have more static problems and more coffee stuck here and there.

But now, after a year, it has begun to jam and stop grinding. I cleaned it out the first time and it worked again for a month, but has become unusable this week as I cannot seem to clean it out well enough. It comes apart easily enough, including the metal grinder (but only the one top piece of two).

I think a $100 device should last longer than a year.

If anyone knows how to deal with this, please respond. Thanks.

EDIT Aug 2015: I found out that it doesn't handle very dark,greasy roasted beans well. If you avoid those, it works perfectly in all other ways and it's still going strong.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 4, 2014
This grinder started off great but slowly day after day it started to grind less. To make things worse you have to wait at least 5 minutes between every grind because the manual states that the motor will overheat and break.
So you grind, turn it off, set a timer and wait. One morning the smell of electrical burning arose from the grinder so I turned it off immediately and contacted Bodum. That was almost two months ago and I still have the broken grinder.
They keep saying they will get back to me. My last communication was early December. I was told:

"I have received your information. We process claims within 7-10 business day.
At the moment we have delays due to our holidays."

I guess they have long holidays at Bodum since it is not January and I have not heard from them.

I will not buy Bodum again since to me customer service is important. I have rated this item to reflect that.
If you buy this product and it works then count yourself lucky you don't have to deal with Bodum.
It did grind well for the first little while but the limited grind time and the motor cool down time do not impress me.

A few days after posting my review a replacement grinder arrived via courier. I will test the replacement soon and post the results, but still zero communication from the company.

update:The new grinder is still working good so I will up my review to 4 stars (still minus 1 star for the 5 minute delay and poor communications from the company, but they did eventually replace the product).
I hope that anyone who orders this grinder does not have problems with it.
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on June 6, 2012
I originally purchased one of these for my wife and I, then one for her parents for Christmas and when my folks saw it and tasted my coffee (made with an AeroPress, which I also HIGHLY recommend) they not so subtly hinted that both my Dad's birthday and Mother's Day were coming up! All reports from both parents are that they love the grinder and the taste of their coffee.

Sure there are better conical burr grinders out there for around $200 and up but for under $100 (and I've seen them on sale for closer to $60 at rare times, which is phenomenal), I haven't seen anything that beats them.

It has a nice even and adjustable grind, is relatively quiet (for a grinder) and the glass grind container is nice and static free. If you have a finicky espresso machine that requires an ultra-fine grind or something, you may have to look elsewhere/spend more money. For anyone using drip, french press or the HIGHLY recommended AeroPress (seriously, I LOVE that thing) or less finicky espresso machines, this machine does a fine job at a ridiculous value.

I gave it four stars largely because it's "merely" as good as I expected it to be and I don't give five stars to anything unless it goes above and beyond/is simply amazing and sadly, it does not give shoulder rubs. There's also the small issue of it not working with all espresso machines which might be an issue for some.
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