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4.3 out of 5 stars328
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on June 28, 2011
I've had the grinder for about 2 weeks now. The comments from others are accurate. It is a small unit and it looks to me that the 20 second grind time will do about 10 scoops or about enough for a 12 cup coffee maker for me. If you like stronger coffee you'll have to wait the 5 minutes for the motor to cool down. This is fine for the two of us at home but some may prefer a higher capacity grinder. I do not make espresso so I can't comment on that but I think some may prefer a better grinder for that.
I love the small size and the looks compared to many that I've seen. I've had no mess at all in the time I've had it so I do recommend it.
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on June 24, 2011
First some things about me so you have context for the review:

1. Started out with a blade grinder for years as I didn't know better
2. Graduated a few years ago to a very entry level burr grinder (Black and Decker about $40)
3. Buy Starbucks beans (Cafe Verona)
4. Drip brew and occasionally french press
5. Never drink espresso

For me, the next step up was, after reading a lot of reviews here and elsewhere, a choice between the Bodem Bistro and the Capresso 560 or 565. Ultimately, if I was willing to spend $140 rather than the $89 for the Bistro I would likely have chosen the 565. The other issue with the 560 and 565 is that they aren't available to order in Canada on Amazon and I would have had to arrange for transport (hello relatives!).

What tipped me in favour of the Bistro, all things being relatively equal (in my admittedly limited experience) between the Bistro and the 560, was the glass container for the grind. This was a must after years of dealing with the mess that static cling and plastic have given me. What scared me off a little bit was the 20 second timer and then having to wait 5 minutes before grinding again. I have the grind selected at a couple of notches courser than the default for drip brew and there is JUST enough grinds to produce 6 cups in our coffee maker. Mind you, we enjoy large cups and so this actually translates into only two of our large cups. That's fine for us but may not be enough for others. This "feature" was what had me tempted to spend the extra $50 for the 565.

The noise is quite acceptable, certainly much less than the old B&D burr grinder. Grinds are quite consistent and there is very very little static cling (although, to be fair, it is quite humid in Toronto in late June so I will reserve judgement for the dry winter months).

Amazon is amazing for their shipping time. I ordered this late Wednesday and had it delivered 36 hours later... for free. That's just hard to beat folks.

All in all, I'm very satisfied with the purchase. If you're debating between these models, as I was, grab the Bistro unless you need to grind a lot of beans at once. You won't be disappointed.

P.S. The colour selection also helped out when pitching this to my wife ;)
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on May 26, 2011
I've owned this for two+ months now and used almost daily. I'm using mostly for french press and espresso. Grind is very consistent at each setting. I can grind espresso for me, and immediately go to french press for my wife and grind is bang on. The beaker does significantly cut down on static, but do not expect to have zero grinds clinging to it or the machine. The rubberized finished does make cleaning easily. The bean hopper is big enough for a full pound of beans and lid stays on well. I do think over time that the lid seal will loosen, but its not a product complaint - things just wear over time. Grind head is easily removed for cleaning and appears well made. Noise level is perfectly acceptable - never wakes up my kids when grinding at 6am. I'd like a longer max grind time for when I need to grind a lot for a large group. Overall, this is a fantastic value for the cost. Yes, more expensive grinders have a little bit of this or that, but the Bistro works great for a 5-person family.
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on January 16, 2014
I had one for 2 years, I am very happy with it; I decided to give one to my son has a gift a year ago; it fails 11 months later, I contact Bodum N.-A.; they confirm a 2 years warranty and asked me all necessary info for repair or replacement. after I send the requested, I never heard from them. If you contact them by mail, you have an automated answer: ''we will come back to you within 3 working days''. As of yet, no answer, 5 weeks after first contact.
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on March 28, 2011
I read the reviews for this grinder before buying and I am not dissapointed, it was shipped promptly and packed very well.
The grinder does a great job just like the ground coffee you buy in a package, I was using a blade grinder and was not happy with the results, no way to control the grind and lots of fine dust, now that I am using the Bodum Bistro I can control the grind and there is no dust.
It is very important to be able to set the grind, to give an example I had some coffee beans that I ground at a medium setting, when brewed it was too bitter for my taste so next time I used that coffee I ground it courser and it was not bitter.

The quality of this grinder is very good, the ground coffee it grinds is very uniform each piece of coffee is the same size, no dust and no lumps.
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on September 6, 2011
Purchased this after my $30 Presidents Choice burr grinder bit the dust. As soon as I opened the package I knew this product was leaps and bounds beyond the PC one. The grinding burr is much different than the PC one and works fantastic. A nice even grind. With the glass container, there is little to no static buildup so no grinds go flying all over the place (this was an issue with my PC one).

If I had one complaint, it would be that the measurement timer is in time not amount. So I have to choose 5 seconds instead of 2 tablespoons. Not a big deal, just would be more convenient for determining the amount of coffee to grind.

If you are looking for a solid coffee grinder at an excellent price, look no further.
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on April 11, 2011
Have been using this compact grinder daily, alternating between espresso some mornings and French Press on others. It does an excellent job on all grinds. It's also relatively quiet and easy to clean - I use a brush purchased at a dollar store to clean out the fine grinds. Totally recommend it for all caffeine addicts.
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on February 10, 2013
The first one of these had to be returned because although it turned on and seemed to be working almost no coffee was being ground. After several attempts and many hours trying to find help on the web or from Bodum we were forced to return it to amazon. Amazon was amazing in its return process. Another arrived but as it came at an inconvenient time we have not been able to use it as normal. I will say it is a beautiful machine and if it holds up i will highly recommend it. It is disconcerting that the company does not offer any real manuals or on line help and for this i can not rate it higher. I am hoping it does perform as it looks.
I do recommend Amazon and will not hesitate to buy from them again!

Update... It has been some time now and even though it will not work when the grind is set finer than drip it does seem to work in general. We use it for espresso and so the grind could be finer but it isn't that bad so we get by. The first one that was sent back seemed to not grind in espresso mode either. But then it would not grind at all.

We have to be careful as Bodum glass is quite fragile (i had a couple of glass cups that broke when receiving ice from the fridge machine). It looks good but when It goes it will be replaced by something that is hardier and fully works. Also we never could get any help from Bodum so it will likely not be from this company.
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on February 10, 2012
As others have mentioned this thing has a flaw. The max time in can run is 20 seconds and then you have to wait 5 minutes to run it again or risk motor burn out. For fine espresso it grinds less than the amount I need for double espresso for my espresso coffee maker. The bean holder is quite big for the amount you can grind in 20s. It grinds about 2 tbsp of beans - barely covers the bottom. The request in the manual to empty the bean holder after each 20s grind to allow the motor to cool is quite ridiculous. I wondered why would they make the bean holder that big if I need to empty it all the time?
And then I looked at the package - the photo of the grinder has a timer with 40 seconds not 20! So my guess is this grinder was designed for 40s operation and probably did not require emptying the bean holder every time. This makes sense and 40s would work well for most people.
Then after they started manufacturing it, they discovered problems with overheating motor on some grinders and instead of fixing the motor, they changed the timer to 20s and rewrote the manual :). Btw I read reviews on amazon where people mentioned the manual was not changed on all languages and they still referred to 40s operation. Nice work Bodium :( Great solution:(.

On the positive side it grinds nice coffee - fine enough for my espresso machine and I am tired of buying bad grinders and returning them so I will keep it. And my advice - if you are under warranty you can try going for 40s which should be the normal operation mode and if it burns - return it.
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on October 19, 2011
I did a ton of research looking for the perfect coffee grinder. I couldn't seem to find one that had mostly all good reviews. It seems that no matter what item you choose to research there is always both good and bad comments.
I knew I wanted to purchase a burr-type grinder as this is supposed to be the best on the market today. I find that it really does give the best flavour (no burnt taste!). I decided to first try to find a grinder locally so that I could easily return it if it was really bad. I tried 3 burr grinders and they were all crappy! This grinder is without a doubt the best grinder I have ever used! It's really easy to use and it doesn't leave any coffee grounds on the counter whatsoever. I can transfer the ground coffee into another glass container without even having to take the lid off (it has an opening in the lid when pulled from the unit).
I do however agree with the other reviewers in regards to the amount of coffee that can be ground at one time. It is perfect for me as I am the only one in our household that drinks coffee. I set the timer to 15 seconds and it grinds the perfect amount for me. If you have a need to grind more coffee, then there is some advanced planning needed as the grinder needs a 5 min. break between grinding the maximum allowable grinding time (20 seconds).
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