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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on October 19, 2011
Grinds fine and consistent, quieter than some of the other grinders I've used, and the anti static collection container is great. Build quality seems top notch and it even looks reasonably nice sitting on the counter. My first Bodum product and pretty happy with it, the company seems reasonable and even offer replacement parts right on the website so if you drop the glass you're not out of luck.

My only complaint, and this probably stems from the nature of the design and saving costs, is that you can't adjust the grind setting while there are beans in the hopper. I go back and forth between french press for multiple cups and aero press for my morning fix, and they're basically opposite ends of the spectrum. It's a bit of a pain when I'm running late, but otherwise it's a tolerable nuisance.
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on July 15, 2016
It works very, very well for sure. Unfortunately my first one slowly had the timer get shorter and shorter, or there is a thermal cutout that hit sooner and sooner. I guess I can't complain - it worked fine for 5 years. I have noticed that the top of the unit is always warm, that the the control board is always energized. We have resolved to keep this one turned off when not in use. Looked at others this time, but this unit still seemed to be the best value. Static is minimal, a few taps of the jar on the counter settles things to the bottom.
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on March 30, 2011
Bought this after quite a bit of research. I use a French Press and am very happy the coarse setting.
The grinds are uniform and only the last sip have have a few grinds. Our blade grinder left a fine powder that was in suspension in the coffee.
The beans are sealed on top so you can store a few days worth in hopper. That lets me leave my main bag sealed longer vs a daily opening.
There is a little static on grinds in the cup but nothing you notice until you have to wipe it out.
When I switched beans I had to clean it. The center burn comes out and you clean with a toothbrush quickly.
The guts and internal channel have limited access and you tip it over and tap until grinds stop falling out. Cleaning is a 3/5. Operation 5/5
Give the side a tap when grind is done to get the last of the grinds down into cup. Otherwise they fall on counter when you pull out cup.
5 second grind gives about 5 spoons, 3 cup press, just under 15 second grind is good for 8 cup bodum for my taste.
I also began measuring water temp and had to wait longer than expected for the kettle water to drop to 95C before pouring into press.
That seems to take off the stale pasty taste that I some times get. I think I was burning beans previously. An instant read thermo is your friend.
I am really enjoying my home brewed coffee now.
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on July 3, 2016
I think it's an excellent machine, for the price. Burrs could be made of ceramic and the top could be engineered better (no big deal but it could seal better). Great price and value. They make it in green, they make it in red! It grinds course enough for a French press, and fine enough for espresso. My favourite grinder of all I've ever owned! I accidentally broke my girlfriend's little buster type grinder and I was glad because it meant I could buy her this one.

Really good design. Being able to set and leave a dial for the grinding time, and start it by pressing a button is the best. Once you figure out how much you want ground, you awake, go to your kitchen, press one button, and make coffee. The same every time. You'll feel like a coffee God. You'll feel like you're living in the future.
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on September 16, 2011
I've been nothing but happy with this purchase. the grind speed, quality and features are all well above average. The grind container actually is static free and my coffee quality has significantly improved since we started using this grinder. Well worth the money.
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on September 26, 2011
I make my coffee in a one cup coffee maker because I drink only one or two cups a day. It takes a lot of time to go through coffee at that rate, so by the end, the coffee is pretty stale. I decided that buying beans and grinding my own was the best idea, but the blade grinder I had made a mess and wouldn't give an even grind.

The Bodum is fast, quiet, the anti static glass container is not messy, the grind is perfect for filter coffee, it is small enough to leave on the counter, and even though the coffee beans are a month old, there is still the yummy aroma of freshly ground coffee each morning. The five second grind gives me just enough for my two single cup brews.

I'm sold on this one.
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on May 3, 2016
It's quiter than most grinders, plus it's speed which it grinds the coffe makes the noise so much less annoying - so the grinding is over quite rapidly- in 3 seconds 4 heaping tables spoons on the french press setting. I love the fact that if the glass breaks, that you can put any regular glass that fits and it works. Beautiful design. Comes with an on/off switch that avoids grinding accidents. The lid has a seal as well, to keep the coffee fresh. Basically, it's the king of all domestic coffee grinders. It's conical grinding design makes no waste like other non-conical grinders.
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on July 16, 2016
I love the coffee that my new Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder produces. It has so much more taste. The grind is much finer than my old Kenmore burr grinder, and I am sure that is why my morning cappuccino tastes so good. Yes, it is a bit loud but only grinds for a short time. I like its appearance, its large capacity for beans, and the glass container. If it lasts as long as the Kenmore, I will be happy.
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on June 28, 2011
I've had the grinder for about 2 weeks now. The comments from others are accurate. It is a small unit and it looks to me that the 20 second grind time will do about 10 scoops or about enough for a 12 cup coffee maker for me. If you like stronger coffee you'll have to wait the 5 minutes for the motor to cool down. This is fine for the two of us at home but some may prefer a higher capacity grinder. I do not make espresso so I can't comment on that but I think some may prefer a better grinder for that.
I love the small size and the looks compared to many that I've seen. I've had no mess at all in the time I've had it so I do recommend it.
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on June 24, 2011
First some things about me so you have context for the review:

1. Started out with a blade grinder for years as I didn't know better
2. Graduated a few years ago to a very entry level burr grinder (Black and Decker about $40)
3. Buy Starbucks beans (Cafe Verona)
4. Drip brew and occasionally french press
5. Never drink espresso

For me, the next step up was, after reading a lot of reviews here and elsewhere, a choice between the Bodem Bistro and the Capresso 560 or 565. Ultimately, if I was willing to spend $140 rather than the $89 for the Bistro I would likely have chosen the 565. The other issue with the 560 and 565 is that they aren't available to order in Canada on Amazon and I would have had to arrange for transport (hello relatives!).

What tipped me in favour of the Bistro, all things being relatively equal (in my admittedly limited experience) between the Bistro and the 560, was the glass container for the grind. This was a must after years of dealing with the mess that static cling and plastic have given me. What scared me off a little bit was the 20 second timer and then having to wait 5 minutes before grinding again. I have the grind selected at a couple of notches courser than the default for drip brew and there is JUST enough grinds to produce 6 cups in our coffee maker. Mind you, we enjoy large cups and so this actually translates into only two of our large cups. That's fine for us but may not be enough for others. This "feature" was what had me tempted to spend the extra $50 for the 565.

The noise is quite acceptable, certainly much less than the old B&D burr grinder. Grinds are quite consistent and there is very very little static cling (although, to be fair, it is quite humid in Toronto in late June so I will reserve judgement for the dry winter months).

Amazon is amazing for their shipping time. I ordered this late Wednesday and had it delivered 36 hours later... for free. That's just hard to beat folks.

All in all, I'm very satisfied with the purchase. If you're debating between these models, as I was, grab the Bistro unless you need to grind a lot of beans at once. You won't be disappointed.

P.S. The colour selection also helped out when pitching this to my wife ;)
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