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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on November 18, 2015
I have to do a lot more steps with this grinder than with my previous one. There is a On/Off switch on the side that seems to be useless, as you still need to press another button on top to get it started. I was attracted to this product for its "Borosilicate glass catcher that reduces static", well is does NOT reduce static at all, when you do an espresso grind it really sticks to the jar. Another problem with the jar is that it has a plastic cover with a hole in the middle that needs to be on to prevent the grinds from flying when doing the actual grinding and it needs to be off to pour the grinds out. Because of the static and the shape of the jar it has been impossible to transfer the grinds to my portafilter without making a mess. That alone makes me regret my purchase every morning. Another let down it the color; I bought it in red the match all my other red appliances but the coloring of this machine is a "faded" red which does not match with anything, get the black one. The only saving grace of this grinder is that it can do a proper grind for my little espresso machine, I'm using a pressurized portafilter. The whole bean container can be easily taken off to access the metal burr. I would have sent it back but the box had been destroyed already.
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on July 8, 2016
The colour is a bit nauseating, but it has served us well for several months. The coarseness of the grind is not entirely consistent, but if we plunge the french press slowly there's not much sediment. We don't twist the hopper around to change to a finer grind, so there's less opportunity to break something. Grinds do constantly stick to the outside of the glass jar which requires attention unless you want to leave a trail everywhere.
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on July 22, 2016
loved it until it began sounding like a tank going over gravel...not impressed with the warranty that ran out in Feb of this year (2 years) with no offer of compensation of any kind from the US distributor. nor any provision of a service company to rectify the problem.
I was told that there is no service available in Canada or the US
I would have that with the higher cost of an appliance like this, there should have been something more.
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on February 10, 2012
As others have mentioned this thing has a flaw. The max time in can run is 20 seconds and then you have to wait 5 minutes to run it again or risk motor burn out. For fine espresso it grinds less than the amount I need for double espresso for my espresso coffee maker. The bean holder is quite big for the amount you can grind in 20s. It grinds about 2 tbsp of beans - barely covers the bottom. The request in the manual to empty the bean holder after each 20s grind to allow the motor to cool is quite ridiculous. I wondered why would they make the bean holder that big if I need to empty it all the time?
And then I looked at the package - the photo of the grinder has a timer with 40 seconds not 20! So my guess is this grinder was designed for 40s operation and probably did not require emptying the bean holder every time. This makes sense and 40s would work well for most people.
Then after they started manufacturing it, they discovered problems with overheating motor on some grinders and instead of fixing the motor, they changed the timer to 20s and rewrote the manual :). Btw I read reviews on amazon where people mentioned the manual was not changed on all languages and they still referred to 40s operation. Nice work Bodium :( Great solution:(.

On the positive side it grinds nice coffee - fine enough for my espresso machine and I am tired of buying bad grinders and returning them so I will keep it. And my advice - if you are under warranty you can try going for 40s which should be the normal operation mode and if it burns - return it.
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on September 26, 2011
First the pros-
Relatively low price, great styling, fast and quiet. Good range of grinding settings (I have not used this for espresso).

Now the cons-
Grind setting adjustments can only be made when unit is running. No matter how much I tap the unit after grinding, stray coffee grinds end up falling out onto the base where the cup sits and onto my counter almost every time. There is a power switch with indicator light, both that really serve no purpose - the only way the unit will run is when you press the timer button. There is no need to have an indicator light burning all day and night.
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on December 17, 2014
This grinder is ok if you own a pressurized espresso machine or a coffee press. It is my second one within 2-3 years. The first one got broken by a tiny stone even if there is some mechanism supposed to avoid this trouble. I inquired and Bodum was not going to replace or fix the machine even if it had around one year (even less) usage. I opened it and found one plastic gear totally destroyed. I contacted Bodum again to get the part and I was told that it was impossible and that I needed to bring it to a Bodum repair shop and pay for the repair or purchase a new one. So, I purchased a second one. From now on, I always make sure there is no stones in the beans.
The second machine worked ok for about one month when one day it was not turning on. I found out that by resetting the main power switch many times on/off it did its job. Whenever I would turn off the main switch it did not work the next day unless I would flip the power switch on/off many times. So, by leaving it ON all the time it was working but when there was a power failure I had to reset that switch to make it work.
I contacted Bodum again and I was told that I needed to get it repaired by an approved service man and that they might pay for the repair possibly if it was fixable.
So I decided to keep it as it was, leaving it on constantly.
About 18 months after the purchase it started to act worse; it would now start but stop immediately after a couple of seconds and not restart. Now I need to reset that main switch 20-30 times and even bang the machine hoping to get it going. That is not a good sign.
I contacted Bodum for the third time this morning and I am waiting for their response but I am not hoping for the best. I explained all this and I asked for a replacement grinder saying it had a manufacturing defect. I do not expect much from them. Good service does not seem to be the company policy.
I also would like to note that the retail price on the company site is 110$, not 160$.
This grinder can be purchased in USA for around 80-90$ on special.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 7, 2014
This grinder started out great. It was quiet, it ground very fine. Even a pebble in some coffee brought back from Jamaica didn't hinder it. Then suddenly it started acting up. I couldn't get it to grind fine even at the finest setting. A couple of times, I was able to "restore" the fine grind, by taking the hopper out and simply putting it back on. But now that trick has stopped working. So I can no longer get fine grind. It's also a very messy grinder with static all over the place and fines that fly out all over the floor and counter. I realize some of this is dependent on the coffee itself, but as a general rule, all coffees seem to become static-y in this grinder. I love the look. I love the quiet grind. But I've just purchased a new grinder to replace this one.

Update: When I cleaned the grinder and sold it, the person I sold it to was happy with it. It is critical to keep this grinder clean for it to get a fine grind. the manual I had didn't explain how to clean the grinder, but I searched on the web and found some instructions. I still say it was a bit fiddly to get a fine grind compared to my new grinder.

Do not buy this grinder at this price ($187). I purchased it in a coffee store in town for $90.
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on April 8, 2012
I shopped around quite a bit before settling for this grinder. The reviews sold it to me when I read several people saying it did grind for espresso well. I was rather disappointed with the result. It wasn't fine enough and there are some coarser pieces in there as well. So I was not satisfied with the product and returned it.

It looks well made and it's easy to use but if you are buying to grind for espresso and you are a serious coffee drinker you'll want to look at a higher end grinder that can do this properly.
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on December 17, 2014
Had an issue with mine during a grind cycle. Sounded like something hard went thru and it immediately shut itself down which is by design. Now the grinder works, but is very noisy. I took it apart and found one of the small grind wheels inside the housing has a few teeth missing. (Not sure if that was the sound when it shut itself off). Contacted the company a week ago and have heard nothing yet. Searched the net and no internal parts to be found. Too bad as it will be an easy fix if only I could get the part.
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on January 31, 2012
After having done some research I decided to buy this Bodum grinder. It is a stylish good looking grinder and works pretty fast too. I use the grinder mostly for on the coffee press setting. It seems that it is still to fine for at its coarsest setting. When comparing this to coffee bought from professional coffee grinders there is a big difference. I'm a bit disappointed that even in its coarsest setting it is still to fine for the coffee press, seeing that's what I use it most for. I did contemplate sending it back but after having used it a bit, I'm not sure if it still is returnable. Other than that, it works very well.
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