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on March 10, 2011
Bulletstorm is out, and what an interesting game. Contrary to statements made by Fox News about the alleged want to rape people after getting the skill kill called 'mercy', where you shoot someone in the groin and then kick off his head. Bulletstorm is super violent, hence the mature rating, and it's also super ridiculous, from the word "f*$%". You're plunged into a game that was never meant to be taken seriously. Playing as the potty mouthed Grayson Hunt, you leash, boot, shoot, and blow up these unfortunate enemies against the back-drop of a ruined vacation resort. Essentially, the story is just a device to progress the huge bodycount you will be compiling, there is no morality or pathos in the game. The mission is to kill and to keep killing these mutants and freaks. And with each different skill-kill you gain exp, the currency for ammo and upgrades to supe up the weapons, making for a fun and mindless romp.

Bulletstorm, is at its core an Epic product; even though it goes FPS instead of the Gears of War third-person shooter perspective, every character is over-muscled, and with Gray you'll be privy to a more colourful vocabulary, when you're not killing the baddies in horrible ways. Graphically, the game looks very pretty with massive back-drops, and very colourful environments. But as nice as the back-drop looks, I was a little disappointed at how linear the game played, to have a vast ruined vacation spot without any real exploration or alternate routes the game boils down to shooter that is a fun waste of time, as you rack up achievements and the skill-kills which in themselves are achievements; however, with all these specific kills getting tossed about you'll notice that there are only a starce few enemy character models, which is a little lazy with the design. You can tell this game was developed with people that enjoy the rewards that come popping up on the screen in mind. Not to be negative on this game, but it is what it is, a mindless shooter with a short campaign with pretty graphics. But hey I still played the game, and had a great time doing it, although it's not exactly for me, sure I'm a completist when it comes to games, but at the end of Bulletstorm which leans heavily towards a sequel, not to ruin the last bit. But it's obvious, and with the great free advertising that Fox gave to the game a sequel is almost assured.

Simply put this is a game to waste a weekend on, whether you get full value for the price that you pay is relative. I played it, had fun, and in the end loaned to out. There's fun to be had, but it's not lasting. In fact after I finished this game I played Stacking, not as violent but much more charming. If I were a smart person, which I'm not since I bought Bulletstorm for full price. I'd either rent it now or wait until the game becomes a $30 game. It's fun, but it gets stale even with the massive amounts of interesting killing.
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on September 11, 2011
Possibly one of the most underrated games of 2011, Bulletstorm is an over the top FPS shooter which relies on skillshots (carefully crafted attacks to get you points for upgrades). Skillshots consist of simple moves like getting a headshot to the more exotic - shoot an enemy in the crotch and kick him in the face. Game is definitely not for kids with over the top gore, creative swear words and non-stop violence. Although this hasn't stop parents from buy the game for kids as evidenced on Xbox Live. Game has a really fun Campaign mode, story is almost an after thought. Game score mode called Echoes mode which is basically the campaign with high score objectives. Anarchy Mode is a 4 player co-op mode which is only multiplayer mode in the game. You won't find any deathmatch or team deathmatch. Which is fine because tacked on multiplayer is happening all to often in FPS games. Anarchy mode is pretty fun. But can become a grind and annoying at times when your asked to do team challenges and people just don't understand the concept of team.

The graphics are pretty awesome and will probably be the first thing that catches your eye. Audio effects are well done. Music is kind of mundane but ok. Overall amazing game with minor drawbacks.
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on October 23, 2014
I'd been looking for first person shooter for some time this one is one of my favourites. I sometimes feel guilty when I'm killing these people characters on screen and getting scores for kicking them into an electrical system or booting them off a cliff...I said sometimes.

Other times I find it hilarious! Great when you play it with friends or a round robin. Its a pity they won't be making a second one.
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on March 7, 2011
This game here is made by the guys that make the Gears of war games and if you like those games you will love this one.
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on July 14, 2015
A fun game and unpredictable in its graphics and storyline . Recommend to those who like FPS
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