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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on July 26, 2002
A brilliant and engrossing movie which closely follows Peter Benchley's novel on treasure hunt in the carribean. Spectacular views and under-water footage, all accented by one of John Barry's finest musical scores which lends mystery and expectation to various scenes and sustains an atmosphere of suspense throughout the movie. Top performances by Robert Shaw and Louis Gosset. Even Nick Nolte and Jaqueline Bisset were at their best, the latter sporting a semi-transparent underwater mask so that you're positive no stuntwoman was employed for the under water scenes. Elli Walsh is at his usual sleezy best. Great movie and great music. See it!
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on June 2, 2000
"The Deep" was made a few years before I was born, but I had always heard it was a good movie. I finally watched it and I liked it....a lot. From what I heard, I was just expecting it to be full of great underwater photography, but it has an amazing plot tagged alongside it. Nick Nolte and Jacqueline Bissett are a couple that are on vacation in Bermuda. They go deep sea diving one day and find a small bottle of morphine from a ship that sank in the 1800's. They go to a man who's a known treasure hunter (Robert Shaw) and he tells them what they found. But they are also pestered by Louis Gossett, who is a serious collector that will do anything to get his hands on one of those tiny bottles of morphine. Robert Shaw teams up with Nolte and Bisset after they decide there might be more bottles of the treasured substance and possibly some treasure deep in the sunken ship. All the while, they must stay away from Gosset and his fearsome gang.
There are also more exciting sequences such as an encounter with a deadly eel and of course, the wet t-shirt swim at the beginning.
"The Deep" is one of the most exciting and suspenseful adventure movies ever made. Yes, it does have great underwater scenery (mostly at the beginning) and the background music goes perfect with the movie. Although the wet t-shirt by Jacqueline Bisset might be what's best known about the movie, this is actually a great movie. It's one of my favorites.
As for the DVD, it's not big at all on extras. You do get to select from subtitles in several different languages, there's a scene selection, and best of all, both the widescreen and full screen versions are included in this DVD's one disc. Unfortunately, the sound quality isn't very good. While your current volume setting might be too loud or just right on one of your DVDs, it will probably be too low for "The Deep". The picture quality is good enough though. If you're a fan of the movie, "The Deep", I do recommend adding the DVD to your growing collection.
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on June 25, 2000
The Deep is a very interesting little yarn about deep sea treasure that Peter Benchley released hot off the success of "Jaws" So again we get a sea monster (moray eel) and a clean shaven, back from the dead Captain Quint, as Robert Shaw basically plays that character again with as much gusto as he did in Jaws. In the place of Dreyfuss and Scheider, we get a young looking Nolte, and an incredibly sexy Jacqueline Bisset...wet t-shirt notwithstanding, "Gail" just oozes sexuality/sensuality just standing around. Powerful supporting cast with crusty Eli Wallach, and an evil Louis Gosset Jr. I believe this film would have been better off with a hard "R" rating, as Bisset parades around showing off her best assets the entire film anyhow! There was also a sexy scene with her and Nolte that could have been made more elaborate, and would have only added to the film...but overall, it was very enjoyable to see Robert Shaw chew up the scenery one last time!
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on February 7, 2002
There is a scene in this film wherein Robert Shaw's character, Romer Treece, discovers the body of a friend strung up in a shed, gently lowers it to the floor, and covers the body with his coat. Treece, overcome with grief, then drops to his knees and hugs his friend's lifeless body. On this DVD, the scene ends after Treece covers the body with his coat. The footage that is supposed to follow is missing from both the widescreen and full screen presentations on this disc, so viewers don't get to see a very powerful and emotional moment. Also, this DVD is a no-frills release, with just the widescreen version on one side and the full screen version on the other--no trailers, nothing. Perhaps at some point there might be a special edition or director's cut which will restore the missing footage. I can't recommend this title in its current DVD incarnation.
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on March 8, 1999
This is it, the best underwater suspense film for all-time.Gail Berke and David Sanders are diving of Bermuda, when they stumble upon a load of morphine and a Spanish treasure.A chase ensues between a veteran diver, Romer Treece, and Drug lord, Cloche, who is after the priceless cargo of morphine, and will do anything to get it.Bermuda never looked so good.The DVD version is widescreen, and digitally remastered, so you are assured to get the bright whites of the houses, the lush green grasses, and the deep blue of the ocean.This is a must see movie, pick it up as soon as possible.
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on May 16, 2002
The Deep grabs your attention in the first ten minutes, which shows Jacqueline Bisset and Nick Nolte scuba diving, and Bisset's wearing a.....well, you probably already know. The underwater photography throughout this movie is gorgeous, but the action that happens on land, I felt, was kind of fake and somewhat improbable. The story is interesting, though, but it could've been told in the film better. The book by Peter Benchley is good, though. The film's worth watching for the underwater photography.....and the first 10 minutes.
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on May 6, 1999
In addition that has already been said in the other review, the movie, the Deep advertises the island of Bermuda in the Caribbean. It shots the exotic marine life, the beaches and the way of life of its people. I don't know about witchcraft or voodoo, but the island seems so fascinating to see that one day, I'll come down and visit. I rate this movie & the production of the DVD to be excellent--the sound effects, in particular.
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on December 22, 2013
I have loved this movie for years, in fact it inspired me to move to the British Virgin Islands where a lot of the under water scenes were filmed on the RMS Rhone. The new Blue Ray format is beautiful and the colours and cinematography are really evident now, versus the old VHS version I had.

Great story and acting...a must see in my opinion!

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on June 18, 1999
The Deep was one of the first movies i ever saw at the cinema, and i loved every minute of it, and twenty years later i still watch it and get the same enjoyment i did all those years ago. The film has everything in it you could want if you love or even just like the sea. The under water scenes, the romance between the two leading characters and the whole escapism of this movie is wonderful. The film rolls along at a very good pace and its just too easy to sit back and really believe your there, yes REALLY! I was David Sanders the lead character in the movie, and Jacaline Bisset still takes my breath away, pwrooooooor. Do they still make movies like this?
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on January 30, 2003
A pair of young vacationers (Romer Treece as Robert Shaw & Gail Berke As Jacqueline Bisset) are involved in a dangerous conflict with treasure hunters when they discover a way into a deadly Caribbean wreck ...
Very good underwater scenes if you think 70's ...
A must for Horror , Mystery , Adventure , Thriller lovers ...
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