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2.9 out of 5 stars
2.9 out of 5 stars
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on May 1, 2013
The device by itself is not bad. But there are big problems with Nettalk company.
1- They are not honest. They have Canadian web site (with prices that are already 50% more expensive than US website), but when you purchase any service on the Canadian website you will be billed in US$.
2- There is practically no customer service. The incoming calls in Canada has been down for over two weeks and there is no way to reach the Nettalk customer service. Two weeks is enough to build a whole new network and Nettalk fails or doesn't want to do anything. If you're lucky, you will receive an email after two days apologizing for inconvenience.

Before buying any equipment or services from Nettalk,try to talk to the customer service on the phone! Good Luck!

Forget Nettalk and try to negotiate with your existing phone service provider.
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on January 31, 2015
Fonctionne très bien et rencontre les objectifs du produit. Par contre le service à la clientèle est très lent à résoudre les problèmes, on parle souvent de 1 à 2 mois. Assuré vous d'avoir une solution alternative car il m'est arriver tout sorte de problème. Mais pour le prix par année je vie très bien avec c'est problème.
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These idiots didn't pay their bills in Canada and lost coverage. We were without phone service for a few weeks. Then they came back and handed out new phone numbers to everybody. You couldn't possibly get a worse phone company.

That said, the unit does work. The calls are reasonably clear with a fair bit of Echo. They do NOT work with fax machines despite what this company says.

And finally - customer service simply does not exist. At all. Ever. No replies to email. Nobody takes your call on telephone support. Not ever.

If you want a bargain basement communication device just barely one step above a tin can on a string then this may be for you. Otherwise stay far far away. On the low end you can try the "magical" alternative. It's still terrible but at least they don't pull this kind of stunt. Or maybe step up and get an Ooma. They have quality service and a superior device, although it is more cash.
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on April 27, 2013
Had it for 18 months now. It was fine after I found a replacement power adapter cord - the one that came with the unit was faulty and causing intermittent false rings, which are supposed to occur only after it is powered-up to indicate it is working. Online support was absolutely no help - I had to figure out what was wrong and how to fix it.
As of April 20 2013 all incoming calls fail - many people are complaining online about it. Netalk( located in Florida US) has not fixed the problem. My advice is to fine another Canadian company/ provider that might be more responsive. I will NOT be renewing the annual subscription.
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on March 23, 2013
I have had the netTalk Duo now for two years and it is great for making calls (not so much for receiving unless the other person also has a netTalk or similar computer based calling device).
Initially I had a 2mb internet connection and found that the line quality was not great. Once I upgraded to a 20mb line speed the quality was very good - no skipping or breakups in the conversations.
I have the software for my Iphone with this purchase too = as members can use the nettalk app for free if they are a member and it also works great. You can take this device anywhere in North America and make free calls - I used it when traveling on Vacation several times since with my laptop computer and cordless phone and as long as I had a high speed internet connection - could make calls to all my family. I highly recommend this.
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on June 11, 2012
It is difficult to understand why renewals of my service with this loose agglomeration of employees (as opposed to a fully-functional company) is so incredibly difficult. I suspect the CEO isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, like any bad commanding officer.

I'm still trying to renew as they put me on 67 minute holds (the absolute truth as I compose this on Monday morning, 11:00 AM) and provide a payment website which produces dire warnings of insecurity from my browser. And there is only ONE PHONE NUMBER into Nettalk. ONE.

The word is FUBAR as I recall from my military experience.

This would be an opportune time for Magicjack if they were up to it.
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on August 25, 2011
Easy as pie to set up on my home network. The better your upload/download speeds the better the sound. Occasionally disconnected or experienced extraneous noise on the line but switching my Internet connection from Bell DSL (4-5M) to Tecksavvy Cable (25M) cleared that problem up PDQ.

As my wife is fond of say, "it may not be perfect but for $40 a year versus $900+ we can live with the occasional hiccup". I LOVE getting voice-mail messages via email.

**UPDATE** NetTalk recently reduced the number of free minutes from 5,000 per month down to 3,000 minutes. If you have teenagers or a chatty wife be prepared for some substantial bills! Averaging 1.5 hours per day on the phone is easier than you might think!
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on August 27, 2011
For 3.33 a month I would not believe possible. Better than my previous because it does not cause answering machine problems. The sound is just great. I have 20 MB/s bandwidth.
Techs are friendly, informative and so far always there. Magic Jack Plus is new and is a good cheap rival now.

Thank you nettalk
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on January 15, 2016
This is the worst product I've ever ordered. It worked fine for maybe 2 months and after that the quality and service went downhill. Here are the issues I faced:
1. I purchased the extra service to port over my existing telephone number. Thinking that this was a simple thing to do, for some reason it took the company over 3 weeks to port over my existing number.
2. The calls keep getting dropped or go directly to voicemail because the product is down. I keep having to disconnect and reconnect the device in order to get it working again.
3. Quality of calls is horrible. There is constant static and those calling me are constantly saying that they cannot hear me. So I'm having to call them back from another phone.
4. Customer service is horrible. I've had the misfortune of having to call the customer service department on various occasions. The first time I had to wait over 2 hours to reach someone. The second time, I waited about 45 minutes. To me, it's not acceptable to have to wait this long to get through to a live technician.

I strongly hope that people take the time to read through all the reviews of this product before deciding to purchase this product. Though the product may be cheap, it's not worth the hassle and frustrations of having calls being constantly dropped or disconnected. I've given this product a rating of 1 but in reality I would have really given it a zero if that was even an option.
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on April 5, 2015
One star as I have to pick one. This is by far the worst product and THE worst customer service I have ever come across.
From the start the duo lost service every 2 days. Then lost power completely. After numerous trouble tickets and Nettalk taking months to answer, all they did was say the problem seems to be resolved and close the ticket. Someone finally called me after 6 months of this and sent another duo. It does not work. Same problem again with service.... Terrible product and even worse customer service. Don't waste your time or your money!
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