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2.9 out of 5 stars
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on March 15, 2012
I have it connected in London, ON; there are only limited area codes available. I have it connected via Rogers internet. It is good when it works - sound quality is reasonably good and clear - better than the cell phone at times.

The problem is that there are times when we cannot dial out - we have noticed that this is typically when calling a Rogers phone number (such as cell phone, landline) - you just hear an engaged tone when we know that the cellphone is not engaged (I have tried to call my own 2 Rogers cell phones). There is no problem calling other numbers at such times or receiving calls including Rogers incoming. Not sure what the problem is - I wonder if Rogers somehow blocks these outgoing calls. (And there are no issues with out internet connection at these times.) As a result the reliability is questionable and it cannot be relied on as the sole phone.
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on September 17, 2011
No need to waste words on the value or the quality of the service. I am writing on one of the biggest hurdles or unknowns of using VOIP - compatibility with home alarm systems.

Nettalk officially does not support any home alarm system. You can find the verbiage in its online FAQ. It does confirm that some users successfully make it work with their alarm systems.

I am happy to report at least two successes and share the experience to help everyone.

1. As of Sept 2011, a friend with ADT home alarm was successful on the first try with ADT. I do not know the model of his home alarm unit.

2. I am with The Monitoring Center and my alarm unit is ADEMCO VISTA-20P, initially installed by ADT. The test was successful with a minor glitch first.

The initial test failed and the monitoring center was ready to change the communication protocol (to slow it down a bit). In Nettalk account manager, I could see the alarm system repeatedly tried to connect to a toll free number and got no answer (CANCEL). As it turns out, currently Nettalk has a known issue with toll free numbers (regardless it's US or Canadian toll free). Netalk is actively working with the providers who route the calls to resolve the issue. You can google and find people reported such a problem as late as Sept 6th 2011.

We subsequently changed our tactic: we change the alarm system's call number from a toll free to a local number. This immediately solved the issue.


I also want to add when I first called The Monitoring Center to test Nettalk, they were not enthusiastic but willing to work with me. Their notes said Nettalk would not work. The known working VOIP providers are Vonage first, followed by Rogers Home Phone. But knowing a friend's ADT works with Nettalk, they were willing to troubleshoot with me. Hats off to The Monitoring Center's friendly and professional staff, not to mention the value and quality of their service.

So here we are, two happy campers with Nettalk with home alarm systems.

Some people say you need to put Nettalk in the DMZ. Perhaps true for some. But for both of us, we simply put nettalk behind the firewall (my friend uses OpenWRT and I use TomatoUSB). Nettalk simply works as soon as it was connected to our routers. No changes were necessary.
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on July 13, 2011
Thx to Amazon for bringing this product to Canada. No one else is selling the product beside Dell and they are all sold out :( so Thankyou again Amazon. Got my netTalk duo in the mail after two days of placing order. Plugged it in and it worked right away.

I had a bit of problem in the line because the phone would ring on my end 6 times before it started ringing on the other side, so there was a delay in call. Called NetTalk duo customer service and they took me through the whole thing, when the guy couldnt solve the problem, gave it to engineering department and told me (1-3 business day the problem would be resolved). I didnt believe him but the 2nd day my line was working and this time it would ring on first bell and other side recieved my calls without any delays.

I know the story is boring but if u run into this problem than u know what to do :) For now it is working fine and voicemail access code is *98.

This is my main home phone line and no more magic jack bs for now, plus I got 4 cell phone lines in the house so yea works out


Chingy B.
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on April 19, 2011
I was using magicjack but it was a pain running it with Ubuntu via a vitual machine, I kept roaming the net for a planB and found the netalk duo which can be on 24/7. I was not too sure about the regional codes available but reading the comments on I've found that user took the time post them (Thanks to him)! Sound quality is as good as classic landline. Setup took 5 minutes, just need to log in on the netalk site with the credentials provided in the box sent by amazon (arrived in 2 days). Advertisement is less way agressive than the magicjack, I will certainly renew for the next year as soon as I found out how :)

UPDATE: Downgrading the rating to 3 stars because the renewals form does not work with Canadian credit cards, after waiting 2 hours on their customer service line, their only solution was to get an American credit card (why do they sell the product in Canada then). Anyway, the real solution was to get a pre paid visa card and set it up with a random valid US address, seting the zip code is a bit tricky since American zip code have 5 characters instead of 6. After some googling it seems to turns out that their AVS only checks for the Numeric characters (maybe the reason why it does not work with Canadian Zip codes). You can set up your credit card with a American zip code like 123 54X and in the nettalk form enter 12345, that made it for me after 3 days of research. It took a lot of extra steps but I'm now set up for the next two years. Hope the device will last that long.
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on April 24, 2013
There's been an incoming call outage in Canada since April 18th and there's no feedback from Nettalk. DO NOT buy any Nettalk products.
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on September 27, 2012
Acheté chez Walmart au prix de $58.63. Je l'ai testé depuis 4 semaines, tout fonctionne bien. Le seul option que je n'ai pas pu essayé est celui "conférence téléphonique", car le numéro de téléphone qu'il a donné aux membres pour rejoindre à la conférence est un numéro interurbain. Au Québec, on a le choix des numéros avec l'indicatif régional: 438,450,514 et 819. En résumé:
- Installation facile
- Qualité du son est comme celle du cellulaire
- Appels gratuits Canada & États-Unis
- Possibilité de changer le numéro de téléphone à tout moment sans frais
- Possibilité d'enregistrer un message d'acceuil personnalisé pour la boîte vocale.
- Pas cher

- Limite de 3000 minutes par mois
- Qualité du son depend de la performance de notre ligne d'internet.
- Incompatible avec le système d'alarme.
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on September 22, 2011
You get a local area code, voice mail (emailed to you) or can dial *98 to pickup, call waiting, 3 way calling etc. etc., free calls in USA & Canada. All for only 39$ a year(Canada). Cancelled my Rogers home phone. Plug in Duo's telephone line into one of my home landline telephone outlets and back fed to all the phones in the house. Initially planned to use the Nettalk Duo for traveling when wintering in the USA but now its my home phone.
My home alarm monitoring system works too with the Duo which the MajicJack did not (note had to call the monitoring company to program to call their direct number without #1 in front of it rather then a toll free number)
The advantage this unit has it's own power not relying on your computer. But can also connect by computer USB.
I tried the USB connect but on occassion needed to be unplugged and plugged back in when Computer went to sleep.
It needs Windows OS to use the USB. I use Parallels 6 on my MacPro to run the USB connection. Notwithstanding the Ethernet connection is the best way to go for reliability.
I love that once you plug everything in incl your corded phone Duo connects within about 5 seconds and your phone rings once to let you know all is working.
Reception is excellent with on occasion you can hear your voice echo on a call. The other party can't hear it but I usually just call back if it's going to be a long call.
There is also the odd 1 second break in the reception but that maybe my internet since my Brother in Vancouver doesn't have the problem on his Duo.
Works also when plugged into my cheap portable wireless router/repeater/accesspoint CNet CQR980 which has two Ethernet ports. (Used for travelling and sharing in hotels or any free wireless hotspot. Router works flawlessly with the Duo on wireless mode. My plan is to connect the Duo to Virgin Mobile wireless Hotspot by pairing the CNet router with the hotspot while traveling wintering in the USA. This way can have a Duo phone, ipad, iphone, sharing one hotspot without tethering)
Downloaded their free iPhone App which also works great. They are working on your dedicated Duo phone number will ring on your iphone with this app when you have WIFI. For now free outgoing call only on this App.
To set up or pickup your voicemail dial *98 and follow the prompts.
Although I am still working on a few issues all in all it is a great product that I highly recommend.
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on April 5, 2015
One star as I have to pick one. This is by far the worst product and THE worst customer service I have ever come across.
From the start the duo lost service every 2 days. Then lost power completely. After numerous trouble tickets and Nettalk taking months to answer, all they did was say the problem seems to be resolved and close the ticket. Someone finally called me after 6 months of this and sent another duo. It does not work. Same problem again with service.... Terrible product and even worse customer service. Don't waste your time or your money!
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on May 22, 2012
The Duo works well most of the time. I have two of them, one US based and the other Canadian. I have called phones in the US and Canada from both countries as well as from Panama. The Duo has delivered clear and quick (no speech delay) communication. My only complaints would be that occasionally it drops calls and I have experienced some "pinging" sounds during calls from time to time.
All in all my duos work well and I would not hesitate to recommend purchasing this product; it is infinitely better than paying often rediculous long distance charges!
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on October 6, 2014
The device itself is okay if you just want a backup to your cellphone for making long distance calls or if your minutes are limited. You do need a decent internet connection and at times it needs to be reset and call quality isn't consistent. Sometimes you have to call people back to get a better connection or redial a number that doesn't go through. I've had this for a few years now and it's come time to renew. They did give me a generous extension on my account due to the problems in April 2013, so I'll give them that. However, I have been trying to renew my service for 2 weeks now with no result. The website will not accept the billing address for my credit card (tried 2 different cards) and there is no way to talk to a real person through their phone number. The only way to talk to someone in real time is through online chat. I connected early in the morning and was informed that there were 30 people ahead of me. After 30 minutes, the chat session timed out and I was informed that there was no one to help me and to email a request through a web form. If I can't even get a hold of them to give them money, imagine if I had a problem with my service! This device is turning out to be my transition phone from home phone to no home phone.
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