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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on January 6, 2012
Very easy to configure web interface
Very stable
Real N speed, extremely fast
Very good signal range and the boost configurable option works at perfection for large home
Nice design

Poor static IP adress interface, you can't name a device for wich you assign an IP, you can only see the MAC
slow refresh of the web interface when making changes to the configuration file
poor log file, not enough levels of details

bought 3 yet, one for my home, one for my mother and a third for a friend. I used to work with Linksys products but the Asus RT-N56U is way better than any other linksys AND DLink consumer product.
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on November 25, 2011
This unit was recommended by a number of technical sites I researched as the number one choice for routers. Having used it for a month now wired to my main desktop and wireless to second desktop, laptop, tablet, iPhone and two wi-fi enabled Sharp televisions; not one dropped signal throughout a three-storey house with unit located in basement office. Can only say that the reviews I read were right; this is a teriffic router.
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on June 15, 2016
it was working find until it start blocking from some web site. contact customer service at asus once to do trouble shooting and it did not fix. they told me they will contact me the next 2-3 days. 10 days later nothing called back. did trouble shooting again = not fixed. they again told me someone will get back to me in 2-3 days. a week later I have to call them back because no one did get back to me. they wanted to do touble shooting again...come on...he agreed after i had to raise the tone not do trouble shoot again and told me send it to us we will fix it ... i told them that i will go buy a D-Link and never buy asus no more in my life
a rooter that block bank sites...
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on July 10, 2012
Linux out of the box always a good thing! Router can be used to replace ISP supplied Fibre to the home solution routers, assuming your TV receivers can do Cat5E/6 for their connections. Used this to replace the Bell-Aliant Action Tech router that has the worse put together firmware I have ever scene. Go Bell Canada...

With the custom WAN interface options, for a Fibre to the home solution, all you need to know is what VLANs that your TV, Internet, and Phone run on. Ports 1 and 2 will be internet, 3 for phone and 4 is for your TV. Easiest router by far to use to replace the ISP solution's. Highly recommend as other solutions are not as easy to setup.
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on May 17, 2014
Use router for three weeks now and have not encountered any issue especially on movies download, Really consistent and reliable would have given it a five star if not for the slowness of my laptop. May not be the issue on the router but rather the lapt0p itself. Happy to purchase the router and quick delivery from AMAZON.
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on April 21, 2013
I work for a major IT company and I do a lot of research before making any purchase for my home office/network. This router was rated very highly and all the reviews were excellent so I purchased it for my home. The unit was simple to use, easy to set up and was working n minutes. The wireless range is amazing and far better then my last d-link unit. I would recomment this unit to novices and experts alike. Great unit that meets or beats all expectations
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on January 11, 2015
Bought to replace my ISP stock wireless modem/router. Rated as 2011's fastest router, I can see why. Dual band throws out a 2.4ghz and 5ghz wireless signal so supplement all your wi-fi needs, while the hardlined gigabit ethernet ports do the rest.
Very easy to setup out of the box, included cd installation and instructions were very clear. Very friendly administration page; easy to navigate.
Had the router going now for two months and it has been solid - no dropped signals or stalls. Packet loss is very minimal.
Only thing I can think of that is that the USB file servers are a bit of a pain to setup. Your drives must be externally powered, so if you're looking to use a WD Passport or the like, think differently. They also must either be in FAT32 or exFAT; NTFS does not read as a logical partition in my tries. As long as you have a dedicated media server running on your network, this doesn't really matter anyway.
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on January 6, 2012
I bought this to replace my old DIR-625. Immediately noticed greater speeds when surfing. No problems setting it up. Took all of 5 minutes to have the basic network going. Wireless signal is very good. iPad's run on the 5ghz side and ipods/iphones/laptop run on 2.4 no conflicts. I would recommend this product for sure over the current Linksys or Cisco items for home users.
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on April 14, 2012
It is just another router for me because I did not receive expected results. I purchased this router thinking that my old DLINK DIR-601 is not supporting a 20MB connection. My problem was slow browsing and weak signals.
After a detailed search and analysis I had two options Asus RT-N56U and Asus RT-N16. Considering RT-N56U's advanced capabilities and dual signal I purchased this one.
Shipping and seller response was great but the marginal benefit I receive from spending extra $120 is:
- FTP server
- Network printer USB port
- Network central storage
- Built in torrent download software

These benefits are great and I enjoy each one of these but my signal problem is still there. I have tried both frequencies 5ghz and 2.4ghz also I had changed the client priority but signal problem is there. I receive 60% signal strength in my bed room which is hardly 8 yards away from the place where I have placed Asus RT-N56U and there is just one wall in between. So do not expect that it will boost your signal strength.

There are 2 major problems I have with this router.
1- Its design is not practical. It erects like a photo frame, which looks cool if you have connected no cables to it. But once you connect more than 2 cables LAN or USB then it comes down because it is light weight and has no solid foot.
2- When you connect an external HDD to USB 2.0 of RT-N56U then it usually fails to recognized the hard drive because power supplied to external hard drive via USB 2.0 is so weak that resistance in USB cable cause detection problem. To solve this problem I am using USB 2.0 to USB mini converter instead of using USB cable.

I highly recommend this product if you are looking for advanced features I have discussed above. However, if you are looking for improved signal strength or network speed then you will be disappointed like me.

I have 3 stars because it does not provide me the real value of my money. It is just ok.
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on September 2, 2015
Yo yoooooooooooooooo, I'm going to keep this review as simple as possible because a lot of people are not familiar with more technical terms.

Now I been using a D-link router like most of ya'll but I have good experience with routers because of my line of work and also helping set up for neighbors/friends.

I've read reviews and from experience most people upgrade from walmart (20$) routers to something like this ASUS and don't know what to expect; well Ima give you all a viewpoint from someone who KNOWS what's what and i'm not feeling this router at all. It look good though lol

2.4ghZ vs 5ghZ:
=A lot of people are probably wondering, WHAT THE HECK IS THAT? Simply put; you have 2 wifi's now, one has a band/frequency of 2.4ghZ(pretty much anything has this band, it's the normal one that comes with laptops, phones, ect) and you have a newer one which is 5ghZ(newer technology has this, for example my phone which is a Galaxy Note 3 has this but my older laptops don't have it so my phone will be able to see the wifi but my laptop won't)
Ok who cares, what's the dealio, what's the difference?? 5ghZ frequency works better in closer ranges and more populated areas, so if you're in a condo or apartment surrounded by hundreds of different wifi signals only newer routers have 5ghZ capabilities so you'll have a smoother time surfing the web and using your internet speeds at the best possible rate. Now in a house where you'll have the Router in the living room for example and you're on the 2nd floor you'll be using the 2.4ghZ frequency because it works better and reaches farther distances.

Hope that clears up any confusion, now enjoy the good stuff you all came here for!

The Cool:
-The design; I mean the glossy/glassy finish at the top looks like beauty. Very nicely done and the blue lights are a nice touch to go with the black.
-Features; You'll get these with any Asus router now a days but it still counts as a positive.
--USB slots: can charge anything or turn an old printer without wifi capabilities into one
--2.4ghZ and 5ghZ: I explain more of this above so scroll up if you want a ELI5, but it's awesome having it
--Download Master: It's pretty cool; you basically download torrents right onto a USB connected to the router
--Parental Settings: If a router is missing this then I wouldn't even bother looking at it, Asus does a good job on this feature
--There are other features but these are my favorites to mention
-Guest network which basically opens a guest network for anyone to use, it's probably more helpful for a workplace or office setting
-Very easy setup, as any router should have

The Nah's
-DON'T PROMOTE "up to 300Mbps data rate" IF IT'S NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THIS, this was the biggest turn off for me with not just this Asus router but so many routers I see on the market today. I get at most 72-100Mbps on the 2.4ghZ network and around 150Mbps on the 5ghZ network. This is absolutely ridiculous for a company to promote on a product and they get away with it. Most people do not understand the tech with ??Mbps but please read this over and understand it when you're looking to buy a new router
-The stand; it's not a great stand and it will tip even with a little gust of air from a fan. I'm not a fan of how they made this.
-Asus Firmware; This is more technical but if you do plan on buying this router look for a custom firmware called "Padavan" and install it as it's a lot smoother with the interface and improves the routers range/strength

tldr; If you're a person upgrading their router from a cheaper walmart or older router and this is your first real buy at a router, read this review and look for an AC router. All in all I love Asus as a brand but this router is not worth it's price, absolutely not. Throw in another 20$ and look for an AC Router by Asus, they're more reliable and work at better ranges and well worth the price. Google "AC Routers" to learn more.
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