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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on April 16, 2012
All gamers should have this product. Sooo many buttons. I like buttons. Plus you can tell the buttons who they are. I like defining buttons. My hand fits. That is a plus. Fantastic all around gaming rig.
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on January 25, 2012
I own a few products from Razer including the Razer Black Widow Mechanical Keyboard. I am a big fan of their products. The Nostromo is a great gaming pad it is built solid and can be programed for any game, but it finds its true use for MMO's. The nice thing about the Nostromo is that the keys on it can be bound to any key on your keyboard or even mouse clicks and macros. So while it is good for BF3 and other FPS games because you can move everything around so it is the most comfortable to use, while playing MMO's like WoW, RIFT and SWTOR you can actually program everyone of the 15 keys to be your abilities, plus if you make the thumb button (or any other button) shift ot Ctrl then you can have 28 abilities programed to it. The only downside to the Nostromo are the feet on it, I find that they do not have enough grip and sometimes the Nostromo slides around a bit on my desk which I am ok with because the comfort and versatility more then make up for a bit of desk sliding.

I would recomend this product to all of my gaming friends because the price is great for what you are getting and once you get used to the Nostromo it feels like and extension of your hand.

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on July 13, 2012
I do really like my Nostromo. It does take a little getting used to (as does using any new input device), but now I much prefer it to my laptop or home keyboard. The keys are well spaced and solid, with good stiff return, and the hand-rest takes all strain off my wrist. There are a few things I wish this had though - on board memory for storing and transporting profiles, as they are a bit time-consuming to set up even when you export your macros, etc. It would be fine to do this through the Razer software though. If Razer integrated the Nostromo with their cloud-based Synapse, that would take away my concern.
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on January 27, 2013
This product is aimed at game players on Windows machines. I'm not a gamer and I use mainly Macs, so I initially kept passing over this device as a possible choice. However it turns out that it works superbly well on a Mac, (with a little help), and it is amazingly useful for adding macros and customizing the many of keyboard shortcuts found in most high end programs.

The key to making it work on a Mac is a program called ControllerMate, which can take all the keys on the Nostromo and redirect them to do whatever you want. I've made up program-specific profiles that will automatically switch in when they detect "their" program is active, with a huge burst of productivity.

I left off one star on this review for the utterly stupid decision by Razer to block access to the 3 LEDs that normally show which of their built-in profiles is selected. These would be SO handy for showing me the same thing with my profiles, but Razer says NO. Unless you're on a PC and you use Razer software, which is totally outclassed by ControllerMate, then you can't use their LED's.

The quality of fit and finish is lightweight but good. It didn't fit my hand initially, but my hand adapted after a few hours of use. The key action is solid, with not exactly a click, but a slight "over-center" action that makes key presses unambiguous.

I'd recommend this device to anyone who would like to dramatically expand the user friendliness of their favorite programs.
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on April 25, 2014
This is my second Nostromo product. The first was the prototype they developed with Belkin. It was indispensable for many tasks and still works. This is the evolution of that device and with the additional rows of buttons and the slightly better placement it's an excellent tool. I've created profiles for data entry work, programming, gaming, and graphics. I bought one for a friend who uses a Wacom tablet and it entirely changed their workflow allowing them to dispose of the bulky keyboard entirely when working.

It's solid, puts up with some abuse, and has 8 keymaps per profile. I've never used them all on a single profile, which is great! Better too many options than not enough.

When gaming the keymap switch allows you to create custom programs for different weapons, specs, characters, or whatever you're playing with. In graphics I have one profile for Premier, one for Soundbooth, and one for Photoshop. The installed software will switch the profiles for you based on the active application. THIS IS AWESOME. Seldom does a great piece of hardware come with equally excellent software.

If you've never used any Nostromo keypads before, I suggest you try one. It will change your life.

I'm sad that the newer pads have removed the scroll wheel. I like it. I like to program it to different options (say scrolling through weapons in a game, or options in an app, or the x axis on a time-line (sound or video editing) etc...) A programmable wheel can be very useful, but I guess it wasn't popular enough to be kept in future models.
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on July 28, 2013
I play a lot of games but I actually bought this to use with my Wacom Cintiq. Drawing/painting for more than an hour would start causing me back pain, having to lean across my desk to reach my computer for 2+ key hotkeys, or one-key hotkeys that were far away. The Nostromo solved that problem perfectly by letting me map very specific commands in a neat little cluster without messing with the mapping of my regular keyboard and playing how-far-can-i-stretch-my-fingers-with-a-stylus-in-my-hand.

My only problem with it was that with slow internet, I couldn't find a way to sign into Razer Synapse 2.0 to change some keys (though supposedly you can change the mapping/settings without using Synapse at all). It was such a minor problem compared to how much better my back feels and my workflow goes though, that it's not even worth taking off a star.

I use a wacom 12wx tablet, which only has 4 function keys on the left side (I don't use the right side ones at all). While they're in a more convenient place given my habit of holding onto the cintiq with my free hand while I draw, there are just not enough buttons and the scroll strip is buggy and unresponsive. If you had a tablet with more function keys such as the 21hd and bigger, or another brand, maybe the Nostromo's function here is already done for it. For me it's perfect though, I use every single button on it.

The keypad itself is very handsome, sturdy, and has a nice rubberized texture to it. The packaging was gorgeous as always.
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on December 12, 2011
I've used a Belkin N52te in conjunction with a Razer Naga mouse since Star Trek Online came out. The combination has been incredible. Having the full 12 number pad on the mouse has eliminated the keyboard stretch. Combine it with the N52te's ability to add modifiers and it becomes even more incredible. My only complaint has been restrictions in the software Belkin put out.

Enter the Nostromo. Unlimited macro length, easier modifiers, multiple modifiers on a single key, and 8 keymaps? All steps in the right direction. The same great feel that the N52te had.

Couple that with Razer's new "Synapse 2.0" that is in beta currently. All the keymaps for different programs will be stored online allowing you to access them wherever you are. Lan Party? Friend's place? If you can plug your Nostromo, Naga, or any other Razer product into a computer and download the utility you'll have full access to all your keymaps on the fly. When Synapse 2.0 goes live the Nostromo and other Razer hardware will be practically required for every hardcore gamer.

If you loved the N52te or have been looking for a good gamepad for MMOs, FPS, RTS, Graphics Editing, Sofware programming, or pretty much anything that uses the same commands frequently, there is no better feeling, easier programmed, or more durable pad available.

With Christmas just around the corner, this is the must have gift for any and all serious gamers.
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on December 1, 2015
i got mine a while ago and have to say it is very usfulll when it comes to gaming and i have found so many ways to use it as it can be applyed to every game out there. but as of late razer synapse does not recognize it and the 06 which would normally be shift has changed to being CAP LOCK which is almost completely a usless button when it comes to gaming at least. razer customer support has done nothing for me when i contacted them on multiple occasions so now i cannot change any of the key bindings except for when im in game and i change the game's key bindings. i would have to say word to the wondering customer get a the lastest version the "tatarus or the orb weaver" bc im sure that razer would atleast try to fix that compared to the older model of the nostromo
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on February 24, 2012
I am not a fan of razer, but I didn't want anything but a Nostromo. Its design is sleek and I like the full on black look, the keey feel great, not just hard plastic. It is easy to set up the keys and the backlighting is very nice, but if that is not your thing is has a slider to bring them to 0%.

The only problem I have is that it is shipped without a grip on the joystick, I don't use the joystick at the moment but if I were to it would be difficult because it is the only "key" that is just hard plastic.
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on July 31, 2011
Nice shape the button are well placed and there is light coming from the inside making it easy to use. Easy to instal and program. Any heavy Gamer should have one!!
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