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TOP 100 REVIEWERon June 6, 2011
I have to admit that ever since I heard about special 30th Anniversary editions of Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman that were to be released shortly the release of Ozzy's tenth studio album, Scream, I've been anxious to see what would happen with those "special editions". The little note insert in the Scream album advertising Blizzard and Diary special editions claimed that the original musical performances had been restored, I could only hope so. I'm a huge Ozzy fan and feel that those two albums are sacred rock/metal albums, therefore the 2002 remasters sounded to me like someone butchered two of my favorite albums. Well friends, now that these new editions of those metal classics have been released I can safely say that these editions are actually worth buying. These editions sound great and I feel that one of the biggest travesty in rock n roll has been corrected at last, and maybe fans can forget all about the awful 2002 re-recorded tracks.

These songs sound better than ever, certainly much better than the 2002 re-recorded masters. Ozzy and Sharon did the right thing by reissuing Blizzard and Diary with the original musicians' parts left on, maybe a little late but better than never. I would be wasting time if I were to write about the songs here, "Crazy Train", "Mr. Crowley", "Suicide Solution" and others are rock'n'roll classics and Blizzard is an essential album for RNR/Metal collection.

The 2002 remasters are now only collector's items, in the future people may wonder about those remasters wanting to know why people were so upset with them in the first place (that's the only good thing I can say about owning them, oh and the liner notes were very nice). The Diary remaster gets 5 stars because it includes something extra, the second disc of unreleased live content which is a very welcome addition. My hopes for Blizzard of Oz was that maybe finally the Mr. Crowley live EP would be released in the form of bonus content, it's rare and it would have been neat to finally see have You Had It All on CD for the first time. Blizzard has three extra tracks which is still better than nothing. "You Looking At Me, Looking At You" was previously released on the 2002 remastered album and is great non-album B-Side that probably should've made it on the original album. There's also an alternate version of "Goodbye To Romance" which is very nice. "RR" is a 1:13 instrumental Randy Rhoads solo, a cool extra.

THIS is the remastered version of Blizzard that should have been released in 2002, this edition is excellent, has terrific sound, 3 extra tracks and best of all the original music! As previously stated, I hoped for more extra content (Mr. Crowley live EP specifically) and I thought this special edition was the perfect opportunity to do so. I'm slightly disappointed but I can't say I regret my purchase but I will take away one star because the special edition of Diary of a Madman offers much more than this one with its extra live disc, it makes this one pale a bit in comparison. New liners notes would've also been welcomed but the important is that this reissue was done correctly and does justice to not only Ozzy but Randy Rhoads. 4/5 stars, very recommended!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon January 25, 2011
When Ozzy got kicked out of Black Sabbath in early 1979 after more than a decade in one of the best and most famous rock n'roll bands he was in shock. Sabbath was pretty much his life, and it truly affected the man. So much that spent months in a hotel and spent his time doing drugs and alcohol, after seeing Ozzy in this state Sharon could not let him being miserable, She suggested that he audition members to form a solo band. Ozzy didn't believe in it but it happened, after finding former Quiet Riot guitarist Randy Rhoads he got on the right track. Ozzy didn't even want to hear Randy but a friend persisted and that's when magic happened, to quote Ozzy he said "When I heard Randy playing guitar it was god entering into my life". He then founded his band with bassist Bob Daisley and drummer Lee Kerslake and made history.

The plan for the band was to record enough songs to release two albums according to what Ozzy said, but Bob Daisley said that wasn't the case and that their first album Blizzard of Ozz and their second album Diary of a Madman were recorded months from another and from different studios. Whoever is right doesn't matter as Blizzard is an amazing album.

I Don't Know starts the album in a great way, its a great song and gives the listener a preview of what is to come. Then comes what is probably Ozzy's most famous song Crazy Train, a song I've probably heard too much in my life but still as good as the first listen, a serious classic rock song here. Goodbye to Romance follows; it's a slower, more melodic song which can be described as Ozzy's tribute to Black Sabbath and a farewell to the band, touching song. The next song Dee is Randy's tribute to his mother, a short, under one minute instrumental on the acoustic guitar. Suicide Solution is next, a song which would haunt Ozzy later as some people committed suicide on this very song. It is not what people think, it does not promote suicide and is clearly a song about alcohol addiction as it starts "Wine is fine but Whiskey's quicker, suicide is slow with liquor...", despite court cases and all it remains one of Ozzy's true classics.

Mr. Crowley is probably my favorite song here, it starts with terrifying keyboards and that's when Ozzy screams sounding desperate "Mr. Crowley" which became one of his signature. The song was written about alchemist Aleister Crowley who had a fascination with the occult. Ozzy asks many questions "I wanna know what you meant, did you talk to the dead, what went wrong in your head", in some ways it is weird but it all works and is regarded as one of his best songs. No Bone Movies is the song here that sounds closest to Sabbath, and it does have a Sabbath feel to it, another solid song. Revelations (mother earth) is another slower song much like goodbye to romance, another great song. Steal Away (The Night) is my least favourite song on the album, not bad but not great either. You Lookin' at Me Lookin' at You is a bonus unreleased song which makes me wonder why it was not included on the album, the song is really good and catchy it's a nice bonus.

The sad thing is that Ozzy wouldn't pay Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake who played on the album originally; instead he had then band members re-record the parts so he wouldn't have to pay them royalties. They helped Ozzy reach success during the 80s and deserve that money, speaking of which I think Ozzy gets enough that he doesn't need their incomes too. He destroys his reputation with those actions. Maybe after all those years Ozzy doesn't notice the difference but fans do. It won't necessarily bother new fans because they can't tell the difference, but old ones feel Ozzy is cheap for making that decision. Removing some of his past catalog was not a very good choice also, why mess with the past? A good thing about the remasters however is that you get expended liner notes from Ozzy which are worth reading and really interesting.

One of the greatest albums of all time by one of the true legends, Ozzy's "Blizzard of Ozz" is a masterpiece and sees Ozzy and Randy at the top of their games. Ozzy sounds amazing and Randy just wails, he proves here why he was one f the greatest guitarists that ever lived. Ozzy wanted his first album to make an impact and he did just that with Blizzard, his first album still sounds amazing today and still gets lots of airplay on classic rock radios around the world. Blizzard really set the standard for heavy music in the early 80s and is full of classic songs. If anyone wants to get into rock music this is a fine place to get into rock music this is a fine place to do it. A must-own for any rocker.Just be sure to get THIS remaster and not the 2002 version!
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When Ozzy and Sharon first reissued this album (and Diary) with bonus tracks back 'round the turn of the millenium, it was a travesty. Y'see folks, Sharon's a great manager, there is no doubt out that. But she also holds legendary grudges. So when original Blizzard of Ozz members Lee Kerslake and Bob Daisley had the audacity to sue the Osbournes for unpaid royalties, they responded by erasing their bass and drum parts on the last reissue, and having them replaced by Rob Trujillo and Mike Bordin. See my scathing review for details.

You can't mess with a classic (cough cough George Lucas) so I'm pleased to report that Ozz and Sharon have done the right thing, and reissued the original Blizzard of Ozz. It didn't sound right otherwise.

I've always loved Blizzard. My favourite Ozzy record? Yeah, this and Diary for sure. I still remember hearing these songs for the first time on Randy Rhoads Tribute, and thinking that Ozzy truly had an amazing catalogue of classic tunes here. Unfortunately I think the live recordings are superior. Randy's guitar had more bite on them. But you can't go wrong with Blizzard. Every song here -- every tune! -- is a classic! From the obvious classics ("Crazy Train", "I Don't Know", "Mr. Crowley") to the less familiar to the unitiated, this is just an awesome record. Written and produced by the quartet of Ozz, Randy, Lee and Bob, this was exactly what Ozzy needed to release after being sacked by the Sabs -- aggressive with stunning guitar, but a hell of a lot of melody. And while it is indeed a riffy album, it is different by a wide margin from his Sabbath origins. The riffs here, rather than being rooted in power chords on the 7th fret, are nimble and verbose, thanks to Randy Rhoads.

Bonus tracks: "You Looking At Me, Looking At You" is back on this edition, but in its original version. (The bass and drums from the previous remaster were also re-recorded.) This is its CD debut. It is one of the more comercial tunes, and certainly worthy of another look-see. Then there is a new mix of "Goodbye To Romance" which strips the mix down to Ozz's voice and Randy's multi-layered guitars. It is interesting but not essential to the casual fan. It does reveal the strength and expression of Ozzy's young voice, and of course Randy's intricate chordings. Lastly "RR" is a previously unrelease Randy solo, an alternate (mindblowing solo) excised from "I Don't Know". Brief but great bonus track! It is similar to the guitar solo that Randy was playing back in Quiet Riot.

There are a handful of nice photos, but no liner notes. Shame, that.

5 stars!
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on July 5, 2004
When I first heard about Ozzy Osbourne when I was 13 years old back in 1980, I was told by a sort-of friend who hated him so vociferously that to me at the time, Ozzy sounded like a real no-talent slimeball. I knew nothing of Ozzy's seminal influence as the original lead singer of Black Sabbath; in fact, I didn't even *know* Black Sabbath for anything other than their demonic-sounding name! I wasn't even into heavy Metal at all back then. I certainly knew nothing of Ozzy's talent or influence on heavy rock. Then, later that year, I first heard "Crazy Train" and I was stunned: *This* was the same guy who likes to pee on things, inlcuding the Alamo, and bites the heads off birds??
Of course, I became fascinated with Ozzy in part because of his contradictory aspects. I fell in love with "Crazy Train" and as soon as I first heard "I Don't Know" a couple of years later, I had to FINALLY go out & get the album. I purchased BLIZZARD OF OZZ (1980) on vinyl---of course---in 1983. I purchased the 1995 remaster on CD just a couple of years ago. As influential an album as this was back then, we really take for granted the fact that, when Ozzy assembled himself on lead vocals, Randy Rhoads on lead guitar, Don Airey on keyboards, Bob Daisley on bass guitar and Lee Kerslake on drums, Ozzy was operating heavily on a wing and a prayer---and on heavily controlled substances. His attempt at a comeback after being dismissed from Black Sabbath for good after their so-so NEVER SAY DIE! (1978) album was almost not to be.
As I and many others have learned in the past few years, thanks to Ozzy's candor on VH1, Ozzy was down & out in 1978 when he met Sharon Arden, the daughter of a record company exec who had given up on Ozzy as a drugged-out has-been. Sharon saw something special in him. Soon, they became romantically involved, then married. She tried to shop BLIZZARD OF OZZ around to everybody, and was soundly rejected over & over again---until a growing division of Columbia, Jet Records, decided to give him a shot. (Of course, it was at the release party for the record that Ozzy got drunk and bit the head off a dove that had been released as a sign of goodwill!) Ozzy waded through his newfound infamy while many people---like me---became awed by his music.
After all, what's not to love about his music? On Black Sabbath's NEVER SAY DIE, Ozzy and his soon-to-be-former bandmates sounded rather disjointed & tired. Just as Sabbath became re-energized by the arrival of Ronnie James Dio (culiminating in their own great 1980 album HEAVEN AND HELL), Ozzy became re-energized as well. Working with great British Metal veterans Daisley & Kerslake, and especially with young up-and-coming Californian guitar virtuoso, Randy Rhoads, Ozzy finally re-found his musical inspiration. Ozzy's sound was now very modern and very American. Even with his penchant for drugs and drink, his high tenor voice was in great form. The great, fast-riffing, heart-pumping opening song "I Don't Know" became an anthem for disaffected youth, and the equally-driving "Crazy Train" became the most popular Heavy Metal song of 1980, directly causing a huge resurgence in the popularity of heavy Metal, which in the wake of Disco in the late '70's had been dismissed as "dead music." Talk about rebirth!!
Thanks to this rebirth, I became a huge fan of the music that ended up informing my high school years. I appreciated the melody that went along with the heaviness of the music. All of Ozzy's songs on this album are melodic, and not all of them are heavy. Witness "Goodbye To Romance," a non-heavy, acoustic ballad that shows Ozzy did have a heart, after all! Randy Rhoads' light, acoustic instrumental "Dee" also shows that metallers are not just about "noise." Then, we have the song which actually took four years to become controversial, the unfairly-maligned "Suicide Solution." Let me tell you something about my experience listening to this song: No, I didn't take drugs, I didn't drink, I didn't worhip Satan and this song certainly didn't make me want to kill myself. Enough said. :)
"Mr. Crowley" has a great keyboard intro courtesy of Don Airey, again showing that guitar isn't the *only* instrument used in Heavy Metal. The last three songs never really made much of an impression on me, but that's probably because I played the other songs hundreds of times each! Maybe one of these days, I will revisit "No Bone Movies," "Revelation (Mother Earth)" and "Steal Away (The Night)." Even just on the basis of the first five classic 80's tunes alone, Ozzy Osbourne fully deserved his comeback all the way, and BLIZZARD OF OZZ became his first of many multi-Platinum albums which all shared incredibly smooth production values, great blazing guitar riffs and melodic singing by Ozzy, who never gave himself enough credit for his unique voice. This is still one of the all-time greatest rock albums of the 1980's.
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on June 4, 2004
Released in 1980, this was Ozzy Osbourne's first record in his solo career, and his most popular.
After being kicked out of Black Sabbath for disorderly conduct, Ozzy Osbourne set out to find instrumentalists for his new solo band. First off, he hired former Quiet Riot guitarist Randy Rhoad,Don Airey on keyboards, and Tommy Aldridge on drums. With his lineup complete, Ozzy and Co. set out to make the album that would eventually become Blizzard of Ozz. Ironically, being kicked out of Black Sabbath was Ozzy's blessing, as he found much greater success in his solo career, and Black Sabbath made Heaven and Hell with Dio, one of their best albums if not the best.
Released in 1980, this record immediately received rave reviews from critics, impressed at the mastery of Rhoads' guitar playing and Ozzy's soul-searching vocals, and the sheer amount of variation in the songs, from all-out rockers like "Crazy Train" to melodic ballads like "Goodbye to Romance". Although Blizzard of Ozz only got as high as #21 on the Pop Album charts, and "Crazy Train" only charted as high as #9 on the Mainstream Rock charts, This CD's legacy still lives on today with such radio staples as "I Don't Know", "Crazy Train", and "Mr. Crowely".Unfortuneatly, this album was greeted by angry parents because of such songs as "Suicide Solution", and that's what originally hurt sales. With Randy Rhoads legendary Guitarmanship, he equaled and even beat out Eddie Van Halen for the best guitarist, and even though he only made two albums with Ozzy, Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman, his legacy is still as pronounced today as it was in the 80's. So is this CD overrated or is it truly a classic that should be owned by everybody? Truly it is a classic, and read below for song ratings to see why.
Track Ratings:
I Don't Know-10/10:Starts off the album perfectly, introducing the listener with an insane riff by Rhoads that Ozzy perfectly dishes out his vocals over. The Chorus is great, and at about 2 minutes 30 seconds in, Ozzy dramatically changes the song with a ballad-like quality, but then he quickly switches back to the full-throttle rocking! Good musicianship!
Crazy Train-15/10:Who hasn't heard this? Played at football games around the world, it truly is hard not to hear. Starts off with Rhoads' legendary riff and Ozzy's "Aye Aye" that perfectly starts the song off with a bang. Great chorus, and maybe the best guitarmanship on the whole album.Perfect solo by Rhoads, and it shows why he was one of the best soloists out there.
Goodbye to Romance-10/10:For all you ballad-haters out there, this happens to be one that you might like! With the Soul-searching melody and Ozzy's brooding vocals, this song makes you feel like you want to cry. A great chorus("Goodbye to Romance, Goodbye to friends"), and a solo by Rhoads that fits the tone perfectly. One of the best ballads out there PERIOD!
Dee-8/10:A tribute to Randy Rhoads' mother, it shows a softer side to Rhoads with a heartfelt solo off an acoustic guitar. Gets downgraded because its only 50 seconds long.
Suicide Solution-9/10:Really good lyrics from Ozzy, and this is the song that angered many parents because of its slightly mature lyrics, but really they overdid it. Ozzy's vocals sound sardonically sarcastic, and it really enhances the song's dark tone. Gets downgraded for a lack of a good solo from Rhoads, but he does play a killer riff.
Mr. Crowely-10/10: The Organ solo rocks! The organ solo perfectly develops "Mr. Crowely"'s dark and mysterious tone, and Ozzy's haunting vocals truly make this a song perfect for any horror flick. Great solo from Rhoads, and the solo clocks in at about 40 seconds long.
No Bone Movies-10/10: I don't understand why people say this is a filler song! This is a flat-out tough rocker with Ozzy's sarcastic vocals and an absolutely lovable riff from Rhoads, with a great solo coming in about 1 minutes and 45 seconds in. Aldridge's drumming is also a highlight here,as his drumming sounds more pronounced than on most tracks.
Revelation(Mother Earth)-10/10:A slow ballad that tries to warn people about the end of the world, it's a very soulful song that would fit in any horror movie. Gets harder as it goes along,with a superb solo from Rhoads and great keyboarding.
Steal Away(The Night)-10/10: Another hard rocker that never fails to please, this is probably the fastest song on the album, and Rhoads' riff is pure bliss. Great Chorus and killer solo, as usual.
Overall, Blizzard of Ozz is nearly perfect, with "Dee" being it's only low point, but that's only because it's 50 seconds long. This album perfectly shows us why Ozzy Osbourne and Randy Rhoads' names have lived on for over 20 years, and their legacy on Rock N Roll will never be forgotten. If you are a fan of Rock in General, you should already have this album or be ordering it off Amazon now.
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on March 26, 2004
Fresh from a painful split with former band Black Sabbath, and spiralling in an alcohol and drug frenzy, Ozzy broke all expectations with 1980's multiplatinum 'Blizzard of Ozz'. Partnered with Quiet Riot's guitar sensation Randy Rhoads, former Rainbow basist Bob Daisley and Uriah Heep's drummer Lee Kerslake, Ozzy was back to his hard rocking glory. 'Blizzard' pushes the boudries of Heavy Metal and is surly one of the most influencial Metal albums of the 80's. Rife with controversy (Ozzy was taken to court for the song 'Suicide Solution' after a teenage suicide in the US) and musical genious, it confirmed Ozzy's place as the God Father of Heavey Metal.
I DON'T KNOW - Still the opening track of Ozzy's sets today. Timeless indroducaton to the new Ozzy
CRAZY TRAIN - Ozzy's coronation as a solo artist. Rhoads at his devestating best, and Ozzy documenting his life with pin-point accuracy - "I'm going off the rails in a crazy train!"
GOODBYE TO ROMANCE - A Farewell and ode to Black Sabbath. Beautifully constructed melodies with fantastic keyboard work
DEE - Rhoads' instrumental to his mother. Offers the audience an alternative side to Randy Rhodes and reminds us of his classical heritage on the guitar
SUICIDE SOLUTION - The infamous track that landed Ozzy a court hearing for alledged subliminal messaging within his records. A foolish young teenager in the states decided to take his own life after hearing ozzy tell him to fetch the gun and "shoot, shoot, shoot" B#ll#cks. The song is in fact dedicated to the late Bon Scott of AC/DC who died tragically at the hands of alcohol. Fantastic riffing once more from Rhoads
MR. CROWLEY - A dedication to Occult figurehead Aleister Crowley. A dark opeing sequence followed by more crushing riff work from Rhoads. Randy's solo work is sublime
NO BONE MOVIES - Rock and Roll at its purist from Ozzy. A number about his addiction to (among others) pornography
REVELATION (MOTHER EARTH) - Sensational. The mecurial highlight of the album. Rhoads is out of this world...A masterpiece that can not be done justice through words. A musical journey that reminds us that while Ozzy can bite a good bat, he can sure as hell write songs
STEAL AWAY (THE NIGHT) - Ends the album on a high. An easy listener from Ozzy with a great riff that follows nicely from Revelation
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on March 9, 2004
Ther should be no arguing this: Blizzard of Ozz is Ozzy's greatest solo album to date. I wish I could rate this album six stars, to tell you the truth. The Ozzman's vocals are top-notch, Daisley and Kerslake keep excellent rhythym, and Randy Rhoads, God bless his soul, who is quite possibly one of the best metal guitarists in the world, is absolutely breath-taking. No matter what anyone tells you, Randy is Ozzy's best guitarist to date.
1)I Don't Know - An awesome opener, though the one on 'Tribute' is WAY better. 9/10
2)Crazy Train - Oz's most popular song, and for a good reason. What rock 'n' roll fan doesn't like this song? The opening guitar riff is one of the best ever, and the solo is the coolest! Daisley and Kerslake show their best work on this track. 10/10
3)Goodbye to Romance - I can't stand the way that some people make fun of this song. If you don't respect this song, you really can't respect Ozzy. This is his best ballad (Next to 'Mama, I'm Coming Home')to date. 10/10
4)Dee[Instrumental] - Another underrated song. Randy is an incredible classical guitarist, and this shows it. This song was dedicated to his mother, Delores. A pure masterpiece. 9.5/10
5)Suicide Solution - I absolutely love this song. The only bad thing about it is that there was such a controversey over it. Again, the version on 'Tribute' is MUCH, MUCH better. Randy's use of the whammy bar is the best on this track. 10/10
6)Mr.Crowley - This is my personal favorite Ozzy song. The organ the beginning drags on a little too long (it takes up a whole minute of the song!), but it is made up for by Randy's jaw-dropping guitar work. This was definitely Randy Rhoads's shining moment. 11/10
7)No Bone Movies - The weakest track on the album, though I'm not complaining. The solo on this song is great, and it's the only song that Lee Kerslake is credited with being a drummer on, for some odd reason. 8/10
8)Revelation(Mother Earth) - A great song, written about the world being polluted and destroyed. The solo at the end is excellent. 9/10
9)Steal Away(The Night) - A great song, though it is easily forgotten because of the fact that it's at the end. The solo is too short, which is the only problem with it. 8.5/10
To sum it all up, this album is a must-have, whether you like heavy metal, rock 'n' roll, classical, or soft rock. There is something on this album for everyone. I actually have the ORIGINAL original, not the 2002 remaster or the 1995 remaster, which is the best. When you hear people telling you that the original has the word "OZZY" down the side with a smaller picture in the middle, they are either mis-informed, or they're just lying. The original has a very small black border around the outside, with the old 'Compact Disc' Logo in the bottom right corner. Anyway, simply put: YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT THIS ALBUM!!!
Peace, everybody, and keep rocking.
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on January 31, 2004
Blizzard Of Ozz was Ozzy's shineing moment with then guitarist Rhandy Rhoads. This was a land mark album for Metal and Metal guitar. All killer and no filler is a expression that should not be used lightly about this album.
All the songs are Ozzy Classics weither it be 'Goodbye To Romance' 'Crazy Train' or 'Revalation (Mother Earth)' its sure to please. This was Ozzys first album after being fired from his first major band Black Sabbath. This was an instant classic and went multiplatnom.
This was also a landmark album in the guitar world, a little guitar player by the name of Rhandy Rhoads plug in and invented speed metal! And those people that say Rhandy ripped off Eddie Van Halen can just go to hell because the two sound nothing alike! Rhandy is a Neo-Classical prodigy, and a force to be recond with. The solo's on 'Crazy Train' and 'Mr. Crowly' are conciderd my many to be the greatest solos of all time! 'Revelation (Mother Earth)' In my openion is Rhandys best moment on the album. This is a classic Metal album the all metal heads and Black Sabbath fans should own!
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on November 12, 2003
This was the first(of many) ozzy cd's I bought,and it's really great.
Many pepole ask me what's so great about ozzy osbourne and the first thing I tell them is this:
He Has a Brilliant Voice.
One thing that it's not so good about his first solo release is this: This it's not heavy metal.
It's simply hard rock.
One of these days I bought the first release from Black Sabbath from 1969 and actually it's heavier than Blizzard of Ozz.
Now let's see the songs:
1. I Don't Know: A bit overrated but a solid effort.
2. Crazy Train:A well known song but excellent.
3. Goodbye To Romance: a strong ballad, it's quite cool.
4. Dee: this song could have been much longer, but it's a great instrumental.
5. Suicide Solution: One of my favourites, with excellent chorus and verses. And i can actually hear: GET YOUR GUN AND SHOOT!
6. Mr. Crowley: Amazing! Everything is great especially the guitar, i don't like the fade out in the end with that great chorus though.
7. No Bone Movies: Just a rocker. Nothing especial.
8. Revelation (Mother Earth): The instrumental part is the high point, but not bad at all.
9. Steal Away (The Night): It has excellent verses but the chorus is a bit repetitve.
All in all it's a great album thanks to Randy axe-work, and ozzy's melodic vocals.
If you want a great hard rock album buy this one.
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on August 11, 2012
Very good sound quality. It is always enjoyable to listen to old bands like this. This is definitely worth buying.
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