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on January 11, 2011
Like me, have you tried out so many different approaches to find some form of hope that your mind is weary, and hope seems unattainable? Have you found that no matter what you study, practice and apply, there is still a hunger that leaves you yearning for more, desperate at times that you cannot face one more failed attempt? Has all the many self help teachings begun to sound alike?

Setting the Captive Free is filled with words charged in love and compassion that seemed to hug me as I read. Dr. Simingtons words guide me through the depth of beliefs and traumas that had plagued me and held me in a traumatised state.

Setting the Captive Free is a must have for all who have suffered trauma, for all who's desire to assist those who suffer the same pain regardless of the cause. It is filled with wisdom and steps to healing, at a core level deeper than any I have come across in 25 year search.

25 years ago, sitting in front of a panel of psychologists and medical doctors, listening to a diagnosis given after 3 nervous breakdowns in 1 year I entered a darkness that had no light at the end. I wanted direction, tools and guidance to pull myself out of despair; they offered "compassionately" a life sentence. Prescribing all forms of medication to numb my wounded mind claiming they were helping by declaring legally that I was traumatised to such a state they deemed me mentally incapable of recovering from. Back then there were no fancy words like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They used "Mentally Incapable of recovery". I was to begin therapy combined with medication that with hope would assist me in raising my family; this therapy was to be for an undetermined time frame, with the possibility of it continuing for the remainder of my life.
I was 22 years old and handed a drug, told to make a life to the best of my ability for the remainder of my days. It was then that I began studying all manner of teachings, digging deeper and deeper for tools that would assist in healing a life time of trauma. Each leading me in directions I could never have imagined, the more knowledge I gained and applied lead me through the day to day struggle yet never touched the core of this trauma.

It was not until I listened to the loving words of wisdom, guidance and direction of Dr. Jane Simington over 9 years ago that there was any light any hope. I began to read her first book and knew I had found a teacher for me, a guide through, not over, not around, but through to the other side of despair. I hungered for more and gladly purchased all her teachings as they became available.

Setting the Captive Free is filled with not only knowledge guidance and wisdom, it is filled with research and background from many years of education, and practice in the field of mental and physical health. Dr. Jane Simington practiced nursing for many years before entering this field. She is able to fully comprehend the depth of need in a patient in search of healing.
Before one gives up and settles in to the sorrow of a lifetime, take one more risk, read Journey to the Sacred & Setting the Captive Free. Listen to the Audio meditations created by and spoken by Dr Jane Simington. Compassion and love for humanity is evident as Dr. Jane Simington shares her journey, amongst her practical wisdom in everything that she does.
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on November 29, 2010
In my opinion, Dr. Jane Simington is a master teacher and an exceptional healer.

In the summer of 2006, I was blessed with the opportunity to be a participant in one of her five day personal healing and professional development workshops. This five day workshop completely changed my life.

I have read both of her books, Journey to the Sacred and Setting the Captive Free, and now base my private counseling practice on her insights, wisdom and her extensive knowledge in alternative and complementary methods of healing. On a personal level, I could not even begin to describe the transformation and other worldly adventure I am current experiencing, and as a result, I am seriously considering writing a book myself someday.

I highly recommend anything written by Dr. Jane Simington. She goes beyond a mere five star rating ...
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on December 21, 2010
I am really impressed with your new book....I like the way you have
incorporated lots of information and exercises with stories as
I like the "workbook" idea ....asking the reader to do a collage and
then an explanation of how to interpret the collage....the steps are
set out really clearly....this will make a good reference for me if I
am helping someone interpret their collages...
Although I have much left to read...this feels like a really good
sequel to your first book.
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on November 27, 2010
Reading this book confirmed for me along my journey just how important it is to tap into the soul-filling and healing resources of Mother Earth and to look to the power of the Universe for its energizing strength to be able to release those traumatic occurences from one's troubled and broken soul. This book is a liberating experience!
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