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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on October 22, 2012
Uncharted 3 is an entertaining game and the visuals are quite good. I'd say it's a great game, but it's missing some facets of gameplay that could make it truly amazing. For the most part, the gameplay is linear, so you don't get to explore or do side-missions out of order. For that kind of experience, you would have to try games like LA Noire or Infamous or even Batman Arkham City. To sum it up: Uncharted 3 is a movie that you play.
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on August 11, 2012
I'm really a HUGE fan of the Uncharted series... I think everyone who has a ps3 is.

I loved Uncharted 2 and I was hoping Uncharted 3 will be even bigger and better as a sequel.

Don't get me wrong, its a great game but the story is not as good as Uncharted 2.

The fight sequences and overall platforming in U2 was so different and unique that it's almost hard to replicate it so U3 almost feels like the same game but in a different setting (the middle east arabic countries as opposed to U2 which took place near India and Nepal).

Overall, the game is still very entertaining and a highly adrenaline filled adventure that leaves us all wanting more from the series.

One minor thing...the U3 disc does have glitches which cause the game to be not recognized by some ps3's. I had the same problem but eventually the game did work and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I would give it a 8.5/10.

It's very addictive and a fairly fun and easy game to get the platinum.

If you have a ps3, then you have to play Uncharted 3.
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on February 15, 2013
I can't understand why they put so much efforts in this great game and managed to rush the most important part of the game. The last 2 hours feel very uninspired, with not much to do but shoot and watch cut scenes, the last boss is the worst in the series and there is no puzzles at all for the second half of the game, which is a great let down. You dont even have to discover the Atlantis of the sands, which is there to be found by any plane or satellite passing over it (stupid idea), you dont even have to interact with the main artefact once it sinks after you shoot the crane... Well, I was pissed at naughty dog for the very deceiving ending of a great game.

Regardless, there's great moments throughout the game and I still recommand it very highly, especially if you liked the last two games.
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on May 29, 2015
Whoaaa!!...what an awesome, heart pounding, instance and exciting game it was!! Superb quality gameplay, very thoughtfully managed game levels and actions. Excellent graphics and storyline! This is a must have game of this Uncharted sequels, will be acclaimed by any gamer of this adventure genre.
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on December 1, 2011
I'll just start by saying that I'm a huge Uncharted fan. I loved the original Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, and loved the sequel Uncharted 2: Among Thieves even more. So I've been looking forward to this third installment since I finished the second one.

Maybe my expectations were too high, but to me this game ranks lower than the original, when I expected it to top or at least match the second one.

Uncharted 2 had some pretty big wow sequences--the collapsing building, the train level; even though the boss fight at the end was a b*&%ch on Crushing difficulty, at least it was challenging enough that the ping of the trophy for it felt rewarding.

The Pros: still a nice adventure, beautiful graphics, nice mix of shooting, platforming, puzzle solving, exploration, even hand to hand and stealth combat.

And the Cons: (more detailed only because I'm bitter) Uncharted 3 by comparison feels a little more small scale--I don't mean the scenery, which is breathtaking, or the globe-trotting, but the game-play. More disappointingly, Chloe from UC 2 makes an appearance for no good reason, and then disappears with absolutely no reason; the top baddy is a mystery throughout the game, the second in command also. The end-game falls flat and presents no challenge whatsoever--it played the same on hard as on crushing. I am thankful still that there are only 2 trophies on multiplayer that are required for the platinum--but boy was the competitive multiplayer a bore; I admit I am no fan of online gaming, but in particular this one feels so disconnected from the campaign and the uncharted experience that I couldn't wait for the time to run out on it. And lastly, they took out my favorite trophy: one-punch killing after softening up with gun of ten in a row. WHY? You naughty, naughty dogs!
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on November 27, 2011
This game is the best action movie I've ever seen. I say "movie" because 50% of game play is cut-screens where the remarkably epic story unfolds cinematically with incredible animation and voice acting. For another 10% of the game, Drake is hijacked by the story and you have no control over him. For the remaining 40% of the game where you're actually controlling Drake, the game is fun as hell. So if you're in the mood to sit back and mostly relax while the story unfolds, you'll enjoy the most epic video game ever made (until the new Tomb Raider is released).
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on September 5, 2014
One of top games I ever played
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on July 19, 2014
item as discribed
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on January 22, 2015
Good game
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on August 7, 2015
nice dal
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