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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on January 27, 2014

It's still alive, I use it 4 times a week to fill up 1.9 liters of Juice for my 2 day juice income.

Yes, I drink a lot of Juice because I don't eat fruits and veggies.

Since I started, I feel so much better... which is normal because our diet requires a lot of fruits and veggies... Here in North America, our diet is crap... too much delicious meat.

So yes, the juicer.

Here are the flaws:

When I got it, the top had a plastic pin that would push down on the safety... this was broken off so it looked like it was DOA.
What I did is just jammed the safety down so it would always work.

Messy. Not normal messy really... some veggies such as carrots, somehow escape from the side.... small amount of pulp escapes from the sides... I made the issue better by putting some heavy tape in between the juicer's base and compartment (making it more secured... but somehow a bit of pulp still escapes...

I read that some people have complained about it dying... well logically, if you hear that the engine is forcing too much, either let if finish, or if you hear it slow down a lot, turn it off and clean out what is causing the friction... It's a cheap juicer, if you force it by cramming it with too much, yea, it can die on you... and that can be your fault. (Just like how I respect the fact that you could have gotten a defective model)

I am still giving it 5 stars because regardless of the above flaws, I am using it heavily and it is still alive after a year of perhaps intensive juicing, I still make sure not to put too much load on the engine.
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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on November 18, 2012
I really has had a nice experience in purchasing this juicer. It is very efficient and easy to handle. It takes no time to clean and it takes a small space to store.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on January 2, 2013
I bought this juicer to familiarize myself with juicing. It really produces a lot of juice, and the pulp is fairly dry. Great buy! Cleaning immediately is a must - it makes it so much easier. To clean the filter, I've found that it is much easier if you go at it with the brush from the back side while rinsing under a running tap.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on January 4, 2013
Tried it 3 times so far, LOVE the orange juice but must peel first as too bitter otherwise. Easy to clean up and great in the dishwasher. Great deal for under $50.
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on January 19, 2013
I Ordered this juicer after much research and am not disappointed with it. It does the job quite well albeit loudly (which is to be expected, it's a little like a wood chipper for fruit and veg)

It handles spinach and oranges right up to sweet potatoes and carrots no problem. Occasionally, with softer fruit like oranges, i find it's a little too fast and doesn't get all the juice out on the slow setting, but i throw the pulp back through one more time. If you run something through on the second setting that should have been run on the first slower setting, you can get pulp ejecting from the little notch between the juicer and the catch bucket for the pulp. Lesson learned. Other than that, no leaks at all.

Clean up takes a little bit of work but i am done in 2 minutes. I love baking muffins with the pulped remains of the fruit and veg for extra nutrition. I love my juicer and use it almost every day. Will see how long it lasts but the price and super saver shipping was such an amazing deal. This juicer can keep up with much more expensive ones no problem.
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on January 3, 2013
Having just started juicing I have little experience but have found this juicer very easy to use. I can get most medium sized apples in whole and don't really need to cut other fruits and veggies up too small which means I have time to 'juice' before I leave for work. It's not too noisy (no worse than a coffee grinder) and is very quick. In feet I think it takes longer to clean than anything else. One tip, place a bag inside the collection area to make it easier to dispose of the fibres.
Down side - I find the fibres all over the inside of the machine, you really do have to wash all removable parts every time. Do take them out and check. I also find some 'bits' on the outside.
The left over fibres are heavy and bulky, so expect a little more garbage. Unless of course you have pigs or chickens in which case they will be in heaven picking their way through the goodies!
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on April 26, 2015
I've never owned a juicer, but really wanted one. After a lot of research this seemed like a sound, economical choice.

- It works fairly well, lots of juice comes out of whatever I throw in it.
- Looks nice. The design isn't too ugly.

- It's kind of hard to clean with a a bunch of parts and hard to reach nooks and crannies. It's best to wash it RIGHT AWAY when done using it.
- A lot of juiced items still seem kind of damp, like they would have more juice in them
- Not so great for softer items like grapes, cucumbers, spinach, or herbs. I find a lot of whole chunks when juicing these.
- SUPER noisy
- Assembly does not seem to fit together 100% and little flecks of veggies escape the sides and end up on the counter.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on January 13, 2013
I bought this for my son and he used it for 11 days and then it broke It 's too bad cause till then it's ease of use and was fairly quite so he was very pleased with it. We ordered another, same one, because the price was unbeatable. Let's hope the first was just a lemon!
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on January 20, 2013
I have used this juicer about 20 times now and I very happy with the extraction of juice and the overall performance. It is very easy to clean, takes about 2-4 mins to clean. However, it does leak from the lid, especially when you are juicing liquidy fruits (oranges, grapefruits, ect.) that is kind of a pain but again that adds maybe 2 mins to your clean up. So over all if you are starting out with juicing definitely try the big boss out. In the case you find out you don't like juicing or its not for you, it would be a shame to spend over $200 on a juicer.
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7 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on January 1, 2013
On the plus side, this juicer does not require you to peel fruit such as oranges, although the resulting juice has a slightly bitter after-taste (probably from the peel), and really needs to be consumed within 24 hours, otherwise the bitter aftertaste becomes more pronounced. Also, it comes apart easily and is easy to clean.

On the negative side, this machine leaks juice out of the sides, at least it did on the three occasions when I juiced oranges. This caused splatter all over my counter top, tiled back-splash and even in my window ledge. Perhaps there is a part missing on mine, i.e. a rubber ring that fits between the bottom and top, and that would provide a good seal. Also, there is no way that the juice comes out of the spout the way it does in the picture. It also splatters everywhere, so after my first usage, I used scotch tape to fix a crescent-shaped piece of foil over the top of the spout - problem solved.
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