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on October 20, 2010
As of this writing, october 20th 2010, the 'Product Description' on Amazon.CA for this product is misleading because it
describes another version, so just ignore it.

This review is for the Star Wars Trilogy box set ( ASIN: B001EX9YJ0 published in Canada) with Vader's mask in the background,
X-wing/Ties on one side,
Millenium falcon/Ties on the other side,
Luke's shadow and Vader's shadow fighting in the center.

The set contains 6 discs with 2 versions for each episode( IV, V and VI ).
I must point out that these are the widescreen limited editions( 19XX & 2004 ) that you can also buy individually.
( for ref, ASINs: B000FOPZUG B000FOPZV0 B000FOPZVK )

3 discs are the movies digitally remastered with added footage and special effects,
Widescreen enhanced for 16:9 television, 2.35:1 ratio.
Sound options: English dolby 5.1, English dolby 2.0, French dolby 2.0, Spanish dolby 2.0
Subtitles options: English
Commentary in english by George Lucas, Ben Burtt, Dennis Muren and Carrie Fisher.

The 3 others are the original theatrical releases in all their unmodified glory.
Don't expect magical post filtering to remove the NORMAL graininess of the film,
which was shot with good old analog cameras.
Those are presented in 4:3 letterbox,
or in other terms 2.35:1 film with black bars above and under to give it a 4:3 ratio.
Again to be clear, you get the entire frame, as it was shown in theatres.
Sound options: English dolby 2.0, French dolby 2.0, Spanish dolby 2.0
Subtitles options: English
Another nice surprise, the menu backgrounds for those 3 DVDs are
the original hand drawn movie posters. How sweet is that!
For example, the episode IV image has the Star Wars logo outlined in thick red, without the "a new hope".
I had never seen that poster, and it looks really good.
And let's not forget the art on the casing and discs.
Presentation is just great for this set.

The last set I owned was the THX remastered VHS tapes, so this one is the holy grail of sets.
Whether you're a nostalgic like me or you prefer the improved versions, everyone should be happy here.
Thank you Mr Lucas for these movies.
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on September 23, 2011
In case you are deciding which to buy, the complete saga collection or these separate trilogies, this might inform your decision. The prequel trilogy and the original trilogy DO NOT CONTAIN THE BONUS FEATURES that come with the complete saga. I ordered both sets to see for myself before I saw the video below and learned the hard way. There are no bonus discs in the separate trilogies. The complete saga comes with three extra discs full of features. Be warned! That said, the movie discs are identical in the separate trilogies and the complete saga.

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on November 25, 2007
To all those out there complaining of this re-release, I'm am glad. I have the original pre-special editions.

I never purchased the special editions and never got to see them in the theatres when they came out in 1997 (had a new-born and that took up all my time).

So, when I eventually went out to purchase these movies (just before Episode I came out), I was disappointed to find that they were no longer in stock and that they stopped all production of them.

So, this re-release has allowed me to purchase what I never got to see before and own them.

I have ENJOYED the added/touched-up scenes. Case in point - the Cloud City scenes. It seems SO much more open and spacious now, compared to the crampt feeling you envision in the original. As for the Jabba the Hut scene in Episode IV, it allows you to understand more about WHY Han had a bounty on his head.

I read the original book back in 1977, so I knew who Jabba was, even though I wondered why he wasn't in the movie.

Heck, he was even in the comic book edition of the movie, so I was REALLY confused as to why he wasn't there. So, the scene helps build up to Episode VI when we finally come back to Jabba.

The only gripe I have is, how did he get so big so quickly? I mean, how much time has really elapsed between Episode IV and VI? Jabba must have been stuffing his face since Han left him hanging dry in Episode IV.

In any case, this release is a God-send for me to finally own all four episodes.

The wide-screen edition is what I purchased and like the other reviewers stated, it allows you to see the scene as it was meant to be, since movies are formatted for the theatres, not your TV screen.

In fact, I bought another copy of Episode I. This time, I purchased the Widescreen edition.

Thank you George Lucas for re-releasing this timeless classic so that I can finally own it.
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on January 5, 2009
To a point, I'd agree with the other reviews, but they seem too biased to the whole issue around "why re-release the series, again?". Well, for folks like myself, this DVD set satisfied my need to own and see the original Star Wars trilogy. At 5 bucks a disc, or 10 for each film, it's a decent price for both versions of the films.

True, the originals could do with a little more "polish" than just the 4:3 letterbox format and 2.0 stereo sound. I'm not a die-hard fan, so I can say I enjoy both versions of these films.

It doesn't have many (or at all) special features. That's okay, as there are plenty books and supplemental materials out there that will satisfy your behind-the-scenes look at the Star Wars universe.

It's a great buy for those of us who don't already own the trilogy, and due to the overwhelming complaints about the re-edited versions, this seems to be the safest bet for now.
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on October 25, 2011
This is an excellent Blu-Ray set of the Star Wars original trilogy. The picture is flawless and sound is superb. Yes, George Lucas just can't help himself, and has made a couple of tweaks to the series yet again. Nevertheless, the changes are minor, and everything else about the set is top notch.
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on November 2, 2006
I've heard all the arguments for the original theatrical versions and you know what, I actually prefer the new special editions to the original theatrical versions. The quality of the movies is better and the movies are unedited with deleted scenes now included in the movies. Why all the arguments about the theatrical versions. The best Star Wars movie is A NEW HOPE because the movie is amazing. EMPIRE STRIKES BACK is the ultimate revenge movie and the shocking revelation near the end. It reads like a soap opera. A space opera that was rooted in Flash Gordon and other futuristic movies in the 70s. George Lucas is a genius and there is no denying that the Star Wars trilogy has stood the test of time. In Return of the Jedi, we see Vader's redemption. Darth Vader is redeemed because he loves his son and he wasn't about to see Luke die.

Well, Star Wars is amazing and I'm still waiting for the long-promised episodes 7,8,9. I wonder how long it take to see the aftermath of Return of the Jedi.
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on October 26, 2002
George Lucas' first installment in the immensely popular STAR WARS franchise is generally regarded as the greatest movie ever made. Why? Well, what's not to like? From the opening shot of the Blockade Runner accompanied by that great theme tune by John Williams, you know you're in the unique world of the STAR WARS universe. Before George's prequels THE PHANTOM MENACE and ATTACK OF THE CLONES, A NEW HOPE was known only as STAR WARS. Audiences had never seen anything so original and amazing. Now, the series has entered into the fanboy culture all over the world. In comparison, Episode 4 seems somewhat tame compared to AOTC in terms of action, but it's still an astounding adventure filled with great characters and wonderful escapsim.
From Hero Luke Skywalker's symbolic journey from his home Tatooine to the moment of victory at the finale, we are greeted with a myriad of fantastic characters, especially Han Solo, played by a pre-Indy Harrison Ford and his buddy Chewbacca. And the ultimate incarnation of evil, Darth Vader. And that, more than anything, is what made TPM so hollow. While the action was good, the lack of good characters is disappointing. But AOTC has regained much of the sense of adventure that this film started off.
Lucas' grand vision illuminates the entire film, with inventive creatures and events. Several scenes that are my favorites are Obi Wan's conversation to Luke about the Clone Wars and Vader, Solo's disposal of Greedo, Obi Wan and Vader's last confrontation and the battle of Yavin. One of my all-time favorite films, STAR WARS is THE great adventure.
Directed by Irvin Kershner, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK moved away from the high-sprited antics of the first film and took a step towards the dark side. The Empire is preparing to seek revenge on the Rebel Alliance, C3P0 gets blasted to bits and Luke Skywalker finds out that Darth Vader is his dad! Even John William's score is much darker in tone than his previous efforts. But the film is an excellent adventure that many fans consider to be superior to the original. Mark Hamill returns as Luke, Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia and Harrison Ford as the sardonic Han Solo. And we are introduced to the wise Yoda, who trains Luke about the ways of a Jedi. The action ante is upped considerably, with fantastic chases through asteroid feilds, battles between snowspeeders and the AT-ATs and Luke's rescue mission. And the Bespin Duel, where the confrontational battle between Vader and Luke ends with one of the most shocking revelations in movie history (Even if it's somewhat un-surprising for future fans who watch all the completed films in sequence).
RETURN OF THE JEDI starts off with Luke and Leia rescuing Han Solo from the crime lord Jabba the Hutt. While the film is less exciting than it's counterparts, it does have some good action, including the rescue on the desert skiff, the speeder chase through the forest of Endor, the dark final battle between Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine and Luke and the destruction of the second Death Star. The lightsaber fights are some of the best in the Star Wars cannon and Princess Leia is hotter than ever! John William's score is even more exciting than ESB.
If I were to place the Star Wars films in order from best to not-as-good, they would go THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, A NEW HOPE, ATTACK OF THE CLONES, RETURN OF THE JEDI and THE PHANTOM MENACE.
This presentation is very impressive, with added scenes and improved SFX. We see more of Jabba the Hutt, there are some great additions including the amazing Bespin City and the added celebration scenes at the end of JEDI. A classic trilogy, and a must-buy when it gets on DVD.
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on April 18, 2016
Wow, am I EVER glad I was still able to get this DVD collection, as it is all but GONE from the retail world now! For those of you out there like me (fans of the original theatrical movies who grew up as a little boy or girl watching them every weekend with your brothers and sisters), THIS is the ultimate collection! And, as other reviewers have mentioned as well, the collection I'm referring to is the "Star Wars Trilogy", 6-disc collection, in the box with lots of blue in the colour scheme, with Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader clashing with lightsabres on the cover. Copywrite date of the collection is 2008.

This collection (on the three "bonus discs") includes the three original Star Wars movies in all their original glory - they are in the original theatrical aspect ratio (2.35:1), which is great! The three "main discs" are George Lucas's horrendous late-1990s remakes/restorations/completions/"special editions"/whatever he wants to call them (sorry George, I love ya, but you should have never revised the scene with Han Solo and Greedo - Greedo DID NOT shoot first!). So, needless to say, in my humble opinion, the three "main discs" are throw-aways. It is three original theatrical movies (the "bonus discs") that are the solid-gold portion of this collection. Yes, they may not necessarily be "cleaned up" at all, but come on, the original movies are from 1977, 1980, and 1983, so give our friend George a break! I had never bothered buying the three original movies on DVD until now (yep, I know, stupid of me!), as I had them all on VHS from way back. I decided to finally buy them now since I just bought the new Episode VII, "The Force Awakens", so like I say, I am SO GLAD that I was still able to get this collection! Get it while/if you still can!!
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on February 28, 2007
While I consider The Lord of the Rings to be the highest quality Trilogy ever, I nearly prefer Star Wars. It's just so enjoyable. Take the Original Star Wars for instance. It is silly but we all get into the story anyway. The love of filmmaking seems to show in every frame. I wish we had more movies like this today instead of crap like Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest or Van Helsing.

Of course, the highlight is actually The Empire Strikes Back. I'm a bit biased because it is my favorite film from the early 80's. Still, there's a certain maturity and a certain confidence in the film that I wish we would have seen more often in later Star Wars films.

As for Return of the Jedi, don't pay too much attention to the negativity. In my not-so popular opinion, it's even better than A New Hope(which I still love). The Ewoks are not nearly as annoying as everybody likes to think. I'd take them over Jar Jar anyday. Anyway, whatever your opinion of Jedi is, the other two are certainly too great to pass up, no?

As for the Special Edition changes, only Greedo shooting first bothers me. I can live with all the others. These films are too enjoyable to be butchered so easily.
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on September 24, 2004
Finally on DVD. I'm thrilled, which is more than I can say for some of the other customers reviewing this grand series on this site. For all you hard-hearts out there, listen to yourselves: you are complaining about the Star Wars trilogy being released on DVD, with beautiful color, and ample bonus features. On DVD. Think about it.
And speaking of which, I'm not sure why the customer who rants about Star Wars being a LOTR rip-off is so angry. Certainly there are similarities like say the "good vesus evil" theme. But to say that George Lucas is a thief? Ouch. This is a space western, pure and simple. If anything is a rip-off of LOTR, it's Harry Potter, despite it being enjoyable in it's own right. Come on, the gigantic spider? Professor Dumbledore? Dobby the house elf?
However original a person's idea for a story is, there is ALWAYS going to be something that influenced it. Something it resembles. And speaking of LOTR, let's look at the rise and fall of the Third Reich shall we. Don't even get me started on the Hitler/Sauron comparisons. It's sheer genius, really.
Let's enjoy our time. Star Wars, Empire and Jedi. On DVD at last. . .
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