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on May 14, 2012
I really wanted a tablet and didn't want to pay a lot of money. I did my research and finally decided on this one.

I loved it! It was great, it was everything I wanted and it worked fantastically for everything that I bought it for (e-reader, games, facebook, ect...). But literally 24 hours after getting it, it totally froze. I did everything suggested if it locked up and nothing worked.

I called support. Got even less help than I did here and he didn't seem knowledgeable at all, almost as if he was reading from a very small cue card. Reset. Nope, doesn't work. Take out the sd card then press reset. Nothing. All out of ideas, he told me contact seller and exchange.

Sorry but with the prospect of getting another lemon, I'm getting my money back and researching a bit more. I felt it was too risky getting another one of these which is too bad because it was totally what I wanted!!
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on September 8, 2011
Just adding quickly to these reviews: I love it. I never owned a tablet before so I have nothing to compare it to but at $228 (must have been on sale as it is a bit more expensive now), I absolutely have no buyer regret. The screen is crystal crisp and bright, no hiccups when I run applications, surf the net, watch youtube videos and the built quality feels top notch, high end, solid and durable. It all depends on intended purpose and for me it is primarily reading ebooks and pdf documents. Le Pan fulfills this function 100% for me. Thick computer manuals in pdf format are now easy to read, "leaf" through and carry around when I travel. The battery life is great and will give you many hours of play time before you need to recharge.
One complaint that many people tend to voice is finger prints and smudges on the screen after use which I suppose goes for all tablets. Well, I solved the problem by buying a "capacitive stylus" which makes it much more precise to navigate through the icons and it leaves no residue whatsoever. The rubber point is very soft so there is no worry that it will scratch the screen surface. Make sure you buy the stylus that is designed for capacitive screens. Other types of stylus won't work. I got mine at Future Shop for $14 (cheapest one I found, which is a complete rip off, these things should cost no more than $2 but I got strange looks when I asked about capacitive stylus at Dollarama). You might need two of them if you want to use the "multi-touch" functionality, perhaps a little less convenient than using fingers but again, the screen remains squeaky clean (and I hate dirty screens). Even at the current price it feels like a fantastic deal. I might get another one for my kids to play on.
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on December 10, 2011
I received my tablet less than a week and in excellent conditions and have been using it for a couple of weeks.
It took me few minutes to go to the settings, connect to my wi-fi and began using the pre loaded applications, an also downloading applications; I'm still amazed of how easy is to use this tablet, even if your are not very use to touch pads and new tech, it's very friendly to use.
I had no problems connecting to mine or my boyfriend's wi-fi; skype works good except that I can't use the video call, my camera does't turn on during the call although I can see the other one's image. I haven't had time to look into it, so I will update if I find a way to get it work.
Also the bluetooth is not working with my cell, but I think the problem is my cell. I will try later with another bluetooth device.
The design of the tablet is very nice and light, I really like it. Just be sure you buy right away a screen cover because your finger prints are very noticeable on the screen. A cloth to clean is included, but still it's better to protect it.
The quality of the images and video is very nice, color are bright and clear.

I'm satisfied with this item, if you just use it for easy stuff like skype, email, news,'s definitively worth it.
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on December 8, 2011
Bought it for my girlfriend, and received it a few days ago (she was very happy!). Image is impressive, everything works fine, responds rapidly, easy wi-fi connection, feels sturdy, battery lasts can't find better 9.7 in. tablet for this price. However, we bought another micro SD card (16gb) because the included 2gb seemed too restrictive. You must install Flash player before playing videos but that's ok: they even provide instructions for that and that's easy!

Be aware that onboard Android (2.2 - codename Froyo, arrived early in 2010) cannot be updated to a more recent version: you will be stuck with it (that probably explains the low price, and surely explains the 4 stars I gave instead of 5...). It means that it is possible that future apps may not work on this tablet. But this version is stable, and Android Market already offers lots of apps that will suit your needs. And remember that there are many people using this version, on their smart phones, and when there is a community, there are apps. By the way, don't be surprised if onboard Android says that your tablet is a phone (e.g.: "Phone is being closed"): it has been made primarily for phones. But that doesn't cause any problem.

It depends on what you intend to do with it. Want to go on the Internet, send email, use Youtube, Facebook, Google maps, listen to music, watch movies, read books and things like that? You've got the right tool! Oh, and it also has onboard GPS working with Google maps!!! And it works very well! Of course you need a wi-fi connection...but very helpful if you want to find nearby restaurants when you're at the hotel.

Important: it is a multi-touch screen (you can use 2 fingers at the same time), which is a very good thing, and the screen answers very well. And it's true that screen rapidly becomes dirty (I don't know if other tablets have the same problem) but I solved that issue: I bought a special stylus made for tablets, and it works well, and does not leave grease nor dirt.

Don't care if you don't know Le Pan brand: if they continue making products like this one, they'll surely build a solid reputation over the next months.

We are very satisfied with this product, with the transaction and with shipping.
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on November 11, 2011
I am really happy that have bought that tablet. It is a really nice product, at a perfect price*. It completely replaced my Netbook that I bought at the same price 4 years ago (tablet were really expensive then)

This tablet do what a tablet should do. It has the same surface as an iPad, but its heavier and thicker. iPad accessories will NOT work for it even if the size and the connector look the same. It come with Android Foyo, which is an old version, but Le Pan support confirmed that Ice Cream will be available in Q1 2012 (EDIT : It will not be available on this tablet, only on the new model). The support team is great and fast to answer questions.

2G storage on the tablet is not much, but you can add a MicroSd Card and move most applications on the card. I used a 16G and if you plan to take many movies with you, you should get a 32G card.

It plays movies without trouble after I installed Mobo Video Player. Netflix works perfectly.

The touch surface is not as precise as the one on more expensive products. If you are thinking to write or draw on it, you might be better with those other products (Galaxy tab or iPad2).

I would buy that tablet again if the price was under 250$.

(*) NOTE : I bought this tablet when it was 230$. There are other tablets in the 275$-300$ price that could be better.
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on November 3, 2011
This is a very impressive product for the sale price ($240). I could not justify the iPad2 price just to surf the web on my couch so the TC970 was a great surprise. It's a quality product, with great display and functions. The battery life is descent, the multitouch screen works and rotate. The four buttons on the side are handy.

It's not heavy but less weight would be appreciated. The front camera is not good (2MP) but will do the work for video calls on Skype. Also for me, it freezes too frequently (once every two days). It could be related to apps that I got from Android Market or glitches with the current firmware. There is a tiny reset hole on the back if that happen.

The big issue I had in the first two weeks was the Wi-Fi connection instability. It would drop constantly. Le Pan Support responded quickly with suggestions and told me that a new firmware was coming and could fix the issue.
I found the problem and seem to be the WPA security protocol set on my wireless Router. My TC970 doesn't like WPA. I changed to WEP and the connection did not drop since.

I recommend this product to anyone looking at the iPad and thinking the price is insane. The TC970 will do the same for 1/3 of the price.
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on December 18, 2011
I was looking for something inexpensive and good quality...hard to find both until I found this. I am not a heavy user of technical products; however, still need something to can meet my every day needs. I was most amazed that this product is literaly useable out of the box. It was also fully charged! I found it easy to use, the screen is very high resolution. I already have a laptop and netbook so I was more interested in something very portable. I was at first concerned because I had never really heard of the brand but with the price I paid, I was willing to take a risk...and it paid off. I am sure there are many heavy users who have more technical backgrounds and uses but for someone who just wants easy of use, comfort and inexpensive, I am very pleased.
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on April 27, 2012
Usually i don't do review, but the poor quality really motivated me to write this. In short, after less than 5 month light use (less than 8 hrs per week), it refused to charge, it refused to turn on.. when asking for service, i was told to ship it to California on my expense. With poor performance, frequent freezing, i give it up.
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on November 21, 2011
Recently purchased the Le Pan 970 touch google Android Tablet : great bang for the buck.
Not being overly electronically enlightened - I wanted something bigger than a phone for internet access - basic surfing on the go: basic quick availability for info on the go for my job. Le Pan at 1/2 the price of an I - pad has not let me down. Wi-fi connects all over my home area; has not been a problem getting connected. Brilliant colours and clarity from the screen ( I am using a generic plastic screen protector for finger-print protection). Touch screen, virtual keyboards all very responsive. A friend with an Apple was quite impressed with my little toy - and he knows his electronic gadgets. Very happy with my purchase - perfect and then some, for my needs.
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on January 15, 2012
February 15, 2012 - UPDATE - Now that I've had my tablet for about 6 weeks I feel I'm in a better position to update my review. Everything I said below is still true. My tablet is still very responsive, I've watched TV shows and movie trailers without issues, listened to music, created and edited documents, I even updated my work website on the fly. The only complaint I have is the weight. It's heavy compared to the name brands but for what I use it for it's really not an issue for me.

This tablet is on sale again for $199 and if you're considering getting it, don't hesitate. It's WELL WORTH the price.

January 9, 2012 - I've been researching tablets for about six months now and I have to say I could not justify paying $400 - $600 for the other tablets. I came across the Le Pan accidentally and want to say thanks to everyone for all the reviews. Good and bad they were all very helpful in making my decision so here's my two cents worth.....

I know some people had issues but my tablet works great right out of the box. I had it set up and running with some of my favorite apps within minutes. It's very responsive, battery life is nothing short of amazing and is a solidly built tablet.

The Good
Setting up wi-fi - I read some people had issues with this but mine was a breeze. I also sync'd with my Firefox browser and connected the tablet to my Galaxy S Android phone so I don't need a separate data plan for the tablet, I can just share the data plan on my phone while I'm on the go.

The display - the 9.7 inch display is breathtakingly beautiful and is a much more convenient size/shape than the rectangular screens on the other much more expensive tablets. In this case it's hip to be square, there's so much more room to scroll and view information.

It plays YouTube video's without any additional plugins.

Android - I had read the reviews and knew this tablet came with Froyo. That might be an issue for some people however I find it does all that I need it to do. If you're using it for work purposes then Froyo may not be for you. It does have a few limitations and some apps may not be compatible. I use OliveOffice (available in the app market) and I find this tablet is perfect for my work needs. I'm able to edit and save documents as if I was at my computer. It also comes with a PDF viewer so viewing documents shouldn't be an issue either.

Sound is fantastic for such a small device. They certainly didn't skimp on this feature.

I use Gmail so my email setup took seconds. I also use Dropbox (available at the app market) so the 2GB SD card should suffice for me. If you're a heavy user and have lots of files I'd recommend buying a larger SD card.

The Bad
I really don't have much to complain about except maybe the power button. Depending on the orientation it's bottom right or top right. Top right is obviously not a problem but in the portrait orientation you could accidentally hit it occasionally.

It only has a front camera, with such a beautiful tablet it's too bad they didn't include a rear camera.

The screen is a fingerprint magnet but what do you expect it's a "Touch screen" my complaint is about the cloth they included. It's way too small to clean the screen. Do yourself a favor and buy a bigger one.

It does not come with a case, I've read some people have adapted other cases to fit and that the iPad case is a good alternative. For my tablet, I plan on making one myself. There's a great "how to" article on PC World called "Make your own tablet case". Google it or go to PC World and do a search.

I paid $179 and it's worth every penny. Even at the current $219 price I wouldn't hesitate to purchase this tablet. I can not see a difference between this device and the other more well known tablets except for the name and I'm not willing to shell out $400 more just so I can have a brand name product.

I've shopped on Amazon many times and I love knowing that if there's any issue's with a product there's no jumping through flaming hoops to return it like with other places. Amazon's reputation is probably the only reason I even considered a no-name brand tablet instead of the more expensive brand name ones.

Bottom line is: If you're like me and looking for a descent tablet but don't want to pay two or three times more then you have to then get the Le Pan.
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