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on September 14, 2011
Just bought this for $200 at BB and it's only been a week but I'm loving it so far. Easy wireless set-up (especially for Mac - I returned a Samsung b/c it wasn't compatible with the new Mac OS) and my router is on a different floor than the printer. Good speed and excellent print quality. Great scans and duplex printing is wonderful. (I don't fax so can't comment). It also looks better and more sturdy than the other brands like Samsung, Canon, HP... No more crappy inkjets! I did lots of research and this is by far the best all-in-one laser for the price. Just bought the high-yield toner for $60 on AMZN too.
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on October 13, 2013
Bought this for the home office, mostly for the wireless feature. I was a little disappointed with the cheap feel of it. The tray and document feeder do not feel like they will stand up to heavy use, but in my home, they won't get it either. After reading some reviews about the difficult set up, I was quite surprised how straight forward it was if you follow the instructions. I did not even need to download drivers for Windows 8 as the included cd had already been updated.
The wireless feature is awesome! I have been able to totally clean up the rats nest of cables by hiding the modem/router in the basement with the incoming satellite and phone connections. The printer fits perfectly on top of a filing cabinet and I no longer need a bulky desk to hold everything. We now print from any laptop or smartphone, from any room in the house. On the weekend I was able to sit in the backyard with the kids as the neighborhood came over to enjoy a campfire and projection screen movie, and I could still work on my laptop and printer. Previously, I was relegated to the indoors, tied to the old printer.
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on March 2, 2012
I got this printer a week ago, set-up was very straight forward and easy, print quality is great, really fast, works with iphone, ipad with the Brother app on App Store.

This printer is quick, quieter than many others, superior quality, faxing is easy and great quality too, scanning is very good but could be better, may be I haven't adjusted all the settings yet; its economical too and very reasonable priced toner.
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on August 5, 2013
I print on average about 150pages per week as a student. I love it so far for the price and ease of set up. At first, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to be tech savvy enough to set up the 'wireless' part. I learned that you can't just simply plug in the usb first thing. You have to download the software (my ultrabook does not have CD rom), and then follow the instructions as per the manual, and when instructed, THEN you plug in your usb.
Anyways, in terms of printing speed,it is definitely faster than what I am used to.
Perhaps I would be better if the printing settings were a bit easier to save.
All in all, loving the printer!!!
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on September 20, 2012
Brother printers enjoy a richly deserved reputation for quality; they build robust machines that create good images. Even more impressive to me is their clearly written, accurate documentation and ease of set-up; took minutes and the printer was ready to roll. All this in a very reasonably priced package. Splendid! I heartily recommend this product to anyone, whether for a small business or for personal use.

My printer arrived on time, well protected; kudos Amazon!
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on October 30, 2013
This is the printer a writer needs. I like to print out rough drafts, work on them by hand, then enter revisions on-screen and print again, and keep on doing that until I'm finally satisfied. With an inkjet that costs a fortune, and so I'd taken to doing all revisions on-screen. Now with this new printer, I'm returning to my old way of writing, and I am a very happy puppy. Thank you, Brother. (Oh, also, the scanner does beautiful work.)
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on November 19, 2012
My wife bought a Brother laser printer a couple of years ago since she prints a lot of documents that are basically black and white, so no need for the colour option. She also gets a lot of faxes, so have the option to have faxes transfer to her computer rather than print was a nice feature to have.

But all printers, no matter how good, will eventually come to the end of their life. So we started looking for a printer to replace the one she had.

Since we were pleased with the way the existing printer worked, we looked at what was new in the Brother lineup and we found this printer as a great replacement. It has all the same features that the old one had. And on top of that, it had WiFi networking (the old one was wired) and prints duplex if we want.

And the price was definitely right, including price for the toner.

Shipping was quick and we were able to set the printer up quite easily. Since the menu setting were almost identical to the old one, getting the printer set up for faxing was a breeze for us. The productivity suite was new but it installed easily and we had it up and running quickly. The new software is different than the old so it took some time to get used to the new menu setup, but the features we enjoyed were all there.

This printer is much quieter than the old model which is nice. We really like the black colour of it as well.

One problem we had with the old printer was when faxes were in memory and the power went out, the faxes got lost. We haven't tested the new one yet, but we don't think it has changed. So for safety's sake we keep it plugged into the UPS.

It works great for faxing, printing, copying and scanning. The software that comes with it really helps when you get it set up right.

And there is the option to get a high yield toner cartridge with suits us just fine! This is a great printer for a small business that does a lot of printing and faxing.
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on October 6, 2014
I've had quite a few printers over the years, but would not hesitate to describe this as the best I've ever had, bar none.

To begin with, its compact design ensures it sits inconspicuously in your study or office. It is very solidly built too, and you don't get any of those superfluous projections that almost defines most other machines.

But its main attraction for me is its no-fuss functionality. For example, although I'm not tech-savvy by any means, I've been able to print and scan documents from the laptop without consulting the manual. And it's not as noisy as other machines either. I haven't yet needed the fax or copier, to be sure, but have no reason to believe that either would be any different.

And if the toner/cartridge cost is as reasonable as suggested, that would would be an added bonus.
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on September 2, 2014
I run a small home business and had a Brother printer which I was happy with and worked fine but it was just a printer. I found myself in need of a fax and copier as well. I purchased this unit which happened to use the same toner and as I had 3 toners in stock I didn't feel like trying to sell them off at a loss so this was perfect. I can honestly say I don't know if it was easy or difficult to set it up as I let my husband do that - I have no patience for electronic wizzardry! As long as it works when I hit "start" I'm happy. I find it a good printer and reasonably priced. Getting 2500 pages or so to a toner is great as well. Also, Amazon was great when two days after I received my purchase it went on sale and they refunded me the difference. Happy all around.
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on December 7, 2011
I like the product but I would not want to see my grand mother having to extract valuable information from their manuals. It is a maze of redirects. The way they organize their documentation is a perfect example of how to sort things so that it makes sense for the engineers but gets the end user totally confused..

Now the support. I created a case on their email support site. Got a confirmation that my case is created and that some one would answer me shortly. 3 weeks later I had to call them to ask what was up with my case. They could not find my case number in their system. Wow. I showed them a brochure of the product listing ssl in the supported protocols, and the answer I had was that it does not support it.

Brother went ahead and proposed to replace my printer with another model. This makes up for the inconvenience I had.
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