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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on December 6, 2011
The film it self is amazing, the image quality is superb; a vast improvement from the DVD version. However, they did not remaster the audio into 5.1, both audio tracks are in 2.0. Other than that the sound quality is great. The subtitles are in white and are perfectly legible on both HD and SD displays.
The CBC news scenes have a strange flickering effect (approx 13 minutes in) that wasn't there on the DVD version.

Unfortunately the Blu-ray is devoid of any extras. Gone are all of the Interviews, commentary track, storyboards, etc that were available on the DVD. There aren't even any trailers on the disc. All that remains is the film itself. On top of that, the French language track is missing, as well as the French subtitles. The subtitle tracks only come in English and Spanish.

Normally I'd give this film 5 stars, however due to all of the features that were available on the DVD and then stripped from the Blu-ray, this only gets 3 stars. It's alright it if you don't care about any of the extras, however, I'd recommend either waiting for a better release or sticking with the DVD.
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on May 25, 2016
When initially played the language is defaulted to Japanese with English Subtitles. You have to change language using the Blu-Ray options while the movie is playing, if you try to change language from the Disc Menu the system will freeze completely and has to be restarted before you can try to watch it again.

Other than that minor annoyance it's great.
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on June 29, 2004
Mind u, i havn't finished the series yet, but i couldn't wait to see the movie when i found out there was one! The movie is excelent! I've divided this movie into 3 parts. The first 30 minutes are cool when we first see all the characters, the middle 10 minutes are ok, but theres alot of talking so sit back and relax, then it picks bak up agian for the last 45 minutes with cool action. the soundtrack is an A+! With new songs and staying true to the cowboy bebop theme it's the best! animation is wonderful, much better and clearer than in the series. so join Edward, Jet, Faye, and Spike as they track down a terrorist who plans to wipe out all the humans on Mars! If you've ever seen at least 3 episodes of the series, u will love this movie! so what does that say for the rest of us who love it? ^^ this is a must-have for any anime fan! Now if they'd jus make an InuYasha movie in english, we'd be set! Agian, at the very least rent it! You won't be dissapointed!
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on February 4, 2015
Well I should start by saying I love the show and thoroughly enjoyed the movie. So my rating and review will focus entirely on the Blu Ray release.

The Good:
- The picture quality is clearer than the DVD, though given the fact the show was created with hand drawings and film it will never be as crisp as modern titles produced digitally. And if the DVD is played through a player that upscales (basically every Blu Ray player) you likely won't notice much of a difference.
- A number of film defects and some dust has been cleared away for this release, which is nice.
- There are Spanish subtitles, which the DVD lacked. If you speak Spanish this could be nice.

The Bad:
- The picture quality is brighter than the DVD, occasionally too much in my opinion. I also noticed a number of times during the film in which the colours were more saturated on the DVD! This is surprising given one of the best parts of Blu Ray is it's ability to handle colour better than DVD. There were also a number of times that the characters seemed to stick out from the background more than on the DVD. Often this seemed to be a colour issue.
- The audio is a disappointment. The DVD came with 5.1 audio of both the English and Japanese dubs, where the Blu Ray only comes with stereo for both. From my TV speakers the audio otherwise sounded as good as the DVD, but if you have a surround setup prepare to be disappointed. This is even more jarring given that the TV series comes with a 5.1 soundtrack on both the DVD and the Blu Ray releases!
- If you speak French you're screwed. My DVD came with a French dub which is completely absent from the Blu Ray. Also, the french subtitles are gone too. Given subtitles take zero space this is a shame. Sorry French speakers, stick with the DVD.
- All of the extras are gone. While the extras on the DVD were nothing particularly special, it is strange they didn't get ported over. Not a huge loss, but it speaks volumes to the lack of care this release was given.

- If you own the DVD, don't bother upgrading. If you don't own the movie, get the DVD, it's better and probably cheaper too. And if your DVD player is any good you probably won't notice the difference anyway. If we're lucky the recent release of the series on Blu Ray will spur a better release of this film, but for now stick to the DVD.
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on July 8, 2009
if your fan of the series then you will love the movie,this action packed movie from the unique hand hand fighting style to the dog fighting did not disappoint me at all the story plot from the beginning made me want to follow it to the end.I recommended to all unless your not use to viewing movies on the small PSP screen then get the DVD a must see movie
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on June 19, 2004
Cowboy Bebop is the saga of a group of bounty hunters and their lives aboard the Bebop. Spike is the tough, yet laidback main character. His partner is Spike, a former ISSP officer. The two formed a partnership aboard the Bebop. Next came Ein the Welsh Corgi data dog, then Faye Valentine, then Ed the teenage hacker. These characters make up the crew of the Bebop, the best group of bounty hunters in the universe although luck never really is on their side.
So with the background info out of the way, this movie takes place right around episode 24 in the series.(SPOILER**) It begins with Faye going after what should have been a routine bounty pickup, but while out she witnesses a massive explosion. Many people miles away begin to get sick for some strange reason that may be linked to the explosion and a man that Faye saw at the scene of the explosion. What ensues is an action packed movie dealing with the threat of terrorism. Spike and the crew discover that they are dealing with a man named Vincent Volaju that was presumed to have died in a war. But he is alive and he has a plan to take out the human race by the use of nano-bots that can't be seen by the human eye. Can the Bebop crew stop Vincent and save Mars from destruction? Watch to see how this one ends, I wont say.
Overall I love this movie. Maybe I am slightly biased because I am a huge fan of the series. In anime nothing is better than Bebop, at least in my mind. This movie perfectly compliments the series, unlike most movies that take more of your money. For any fan of Bebop you have to own this along with the series. Honestly I think CBTM is as good as any movie of any kind that I have seen in the last few years. It has a believable plot, with the serious topic of terrorism which we now deal with in our world every day. The movie is just under 2 hours I believe, but it never drags. The whole storyline flows smoothly from beginning to end and I never became bored the longer the movie went on. So let us sum this up: great cast of characters, lots of action (specifically the magnificent fight scenes between Vincent and Spike), wonderful animation and lastly it is just plain cool. And I mean everything about it. You can usually find it for a not-too-bad price. There are some cool extras included, but it isnt "loaded" like you would think special edition would be. This is a great movie bottom-line, with a great but complex theme, and features the coolest character in anime, Spike Spiegel. If you have never watched the series that is okay, you will still catch on to the storyline pretty quick. Not much backstory is required to understand what is going on. And if you are not into anime at all, I think this is a movie that can even be enjoyed by you, it is just that good. So check it out if this sounds like your thing. But beware, you may want to buy the whole tv series after seeing this if you don't already have it, because it will leave you wanting more.
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on April 8, 2004
People interested in owning this movie might want to know, if they don't already, that it was created after the anime series and is probably best if viewed after seeing the tv show. Several reviewers suggested watching it after episode 22 (of 26) and I agree that it fits in well this way, because the series has already shown how all main characters came together, their back stories, etc. However, seeing the show first isn't necessary in order to understand and enjoy the film - Cowboy Bebop stories stray from plots requiring you to have seen anything previously.
The DVD I watched was called a special edition version (although I'm pretty sure it's the...only...version) that featured several moderately interesting extras. There are voice actors commenting on the people they've played, storyboards shown alongside chunks of the animation for comparison, an illustrative gallery and lots of blurbs from the creators that never go into much more depth than, "This movie is universal because it is so amazing, and everything is just great, and the music is just great." The back cover's overrated "music videos" are really just 2 chunks of the movie cued again (without opening and end credits scrolling), from when an entire song had played without any dialogue. Subtitle and language options allowed for me to view it a second time in English, and I found that a lot is changed - even a lot of the feelings and meaning - during the twist they put on the translation.
Additionally, this is one of the most touching and experimental anime movies I've seen. Cowboy Bebop fans ought to be impressed (the same people were called to work on the film), and I think anime fans would take to it as well as people who aren't into traditional japanese cartoons. Very cool, in my opinion.
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on March 6, 2004
Based on the very popular and successful TV series, "Cowboy Bebop: The Movie" is one entertaining thrill ride that really shows how effective anime can really be when it is done correctly. It's hard to think of a cartoon being so action-packed and involving, but this movie does a splendid job of doing just that. You're plunged right into the nail-biting action that will have you glued to your seat until it is well over.
The movie revolves around a bunch of outlaw bounty hunters. In Mars, there's a suspected terrorist running around with a virus that could very well wipe out the existence of human beings. Spike and company decide to take the case, as there is a large reward that will be given to the person or persons who catches the madman. The only trouble is that Spike and the gang have stumbled onto something that is much more than a simple bounty and end up discovering a big conspiracy that will throw their lives into ultimate danger. The action and excitement never ends until the shocking finale.
I watched the movie TWICE in one day. Right after I had seen it for the first time, I had to immediately watch it again. You know a movie is powerful when it has that kind of effect on you. Very rarely do I run into movies that make me want to watch it again right then and there. When you're watching "Cowboy Bebop," you really don't view it as an animated feature, but as a real living and breathing film. It is done that well. And, the great thing about this movie is that you do not have to have seen the show before. I watched this without seeing any of the shows and was able to follow it without any problems. Of course, chances are that you will want to watch the series after viewing the movie. The story is well thought out and appropriately structured. There isn't a single dull moment in the entire movie.
A little warning; although this is an animated feature, the movie is rated R. While it is certainly more mild than most anime, the movie does contain violence and language. I don't think this is anything for very young children, but I don't see a reason why older teens shouldn't be able to enjoy it.
The DVD has some nifty features to offer. First off, the picture quality is GORGEOUS. Even though it is an animated movie, the picture quality is fantastic and it really shows if you have great home theater system. The sound is also very good. Extras included are featurettes, music videos, storyboard comparisons, trailers and more. You can also watch it in the original Japanese audio track or the dubbed English one. I have to say, they do a great job of dubbing it in English. If you're not a fan of subtitles, then check it out in English. Overall, a very cool DVD package.
If you're looking for a wild and exciting trip filled with humor and thrills, "Cowboy Bebop: The Movie" is just for you. Again, you do not have to have seen the actual TV series to understand the characters or the story. The movie does a fine job of standing on its own. This is truly a great movie that shows you just how exciting anime can be. Definitely a favorite. -Michael Crane
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on February 10, 2004
i was waiting for this dvd to be released in the uk,it got released,but as a rating 12 film.what the hell.......
so i bought it from the us amazon.
every body knows the cowboy bebop gang by now,this time a round they're hunting a terrorist.
my first introduction to bebop,well...good, not bad at all.
the story isn't that strong though,and the action scenes,as amazing as they were,stoped ,when you just started geting in to it.but it's also the kind of film you don't get bored from easily.i watch it four times,and every time i discover new delights,specially from the extra characters in the film.
the special features are good get the making of the film,interview with the japanese cast,the us dub team,characters profiles and two music videos.the music videos are the same begining song and ending song ,but without the credits.
all that music was done by one person,yoko kano.that deserves respect.
p.s.ed is my favourite ,the japanese voiced ed,the dubbed one is annoying.
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on February 8, 2004
* I haven't seen all the COWBOY BEBOP anime series, having only been
through the six-episode "Best Sessions" DVD, but that item was
interesting enough to make the COWBOY BEBOP THE MOVIE (CBTM) DVD worth
a look. I was also a little apprehensive, though, since typically
As it turned out, that wasn't the case here. CBTM features the
familiar bounty-hunter crew of the spaceship BEBOP, including boyish
martial arts master Spike; older scarred ex-cop Jet; sexy and wild
Faye Valentine; loopy adolescent hacker femme Ed; and Welsh Corgi dog
Ein. They become involved in a manhunt on Mars for a psychotic
terrorist named Vincent, who has got his hands on a terrifying weapon,
and encounter both as an enemy and an ally a tough security officer
named Electra.
There's not too much to say about the plot of CBTM because it's a very
typical "Urban Action Movie" story, with bits of violence and sleaze,
and nothing much is done in the movie to advance the stories of the
main characters. I didn't have any problem with the script, though,
since it was perfectly entertaining and snapped along very well, with
no more logical holes than typical of an action flic. It's just
wasn't particularly memorable.
However, I was very impressed with the production values of CBTM.
While it misses being absolutely brilliant and has its failings here
and there, overall the art and design work is very good and highly
professional, and the soundtrack work is creditable too, mixing a wide
range of musical styles (country western in an anime movie?!) to help
give the mood of the multiethnic Martian city. In fact, the city is
the most striking character in the movie, sort of a cross between
Tokyo and Seattle and Paris and New York City and Marrakesh and ...
well, you get the idea.
So COWBOY BEBOP THE MOVIE is actually very much worth the time and
effort if you have the right expectations. In fact, I think CBTM can
pass the real test for an anime production: you could give it to
people who weren't anime fans, as long as they liked B-fiction
action-adventure flics, and they might well buy off on it.
Incidentally, CBTM gives you your money's worth in terms of time -- I
thought the "Running Time 114 Minutes" on the DVD disk might be
folding in extras, but it turns out it was that long, and it never
dragged either. Nice to see longer anime movies when there seems to
be a trend towards ever shorter and shorter anime DVDs. As far as the
extras went, I'll have to beg off saying much one way or another -- I
rarely find DVD extras very interesting, in fact I'm a bit puzzled
that anybody does, and other than mentioning it had trailers and
character bios and production staff interviews there's not much else I
can say.
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