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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on May 18, 2014
j ai toute la série de ce film et c est vraiment très agréable de les écouter l un derrière l autre .Je le recommande a tous ceux qui aime se genre de film
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on January 5, 2014
love the superhero movies this one wasn't the greatest but its still prett ygood so I gave it four stars
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on January 26, 2016
A very good marvel superhero movie with some FANTASTIC visuals.
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on October 3, 2015
Glad to had both in one
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on September 4, 2014
great movie.
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Marvel comics X-Men character Wolverine gets his own movie X-Men Origins:Wolverine.The movie originally released in North America in May/2009 stars Hugh Jackman as,of course,Wolverine and a fine job he does reprising his role as the fearsome mutant.Legendary comic writer/creator Stan Lee is also back in the production department.
The story starts out back in the 1800s as we see two brothers in a room,one sick in bed(it appears as an on going issue)and the other at his side.A man comes in to comfort him and soon has to leave abruptly as there is a commotion downstairs.Not too long after a shot rings out and his "father"lays dead on the floor.The "sick" boy comes out to witness the scene and leaps in rage at the man who appeared to kill his father and kills him.It turns out he has just killed his real father who had come to get his son.The man on the floor was a doctor of some type who had done experiments on his brother and himself.The boys flee their "home" for good.
The movie progresses ahead through time as the brothers reach manhood and are seen in various wars,world and otherwise;very little aging having taken place.The last war they engage in is the Vietnam War as the Wolverine's brother Victor(Liev Schreiber)has gotten them both into hot water.After a military firing squad fails to dispatch the pair they are recruited from jail to join a black ops project,which turns out to be a mutant squad.The head of this project is one Col.Stryker(Dan Huston).Time passes and Stryker's team is in Nigeria finding out the origins to a mysterious piece of metal called adamantium.It is on this mission that Wolverine calls it quits.
Wolverine goes to Canada and leaves the life of a humble lumberjack.In the meantime the black ops mission he left has not stopped but actually stepped up its protocol.They fake the Wolverine's fiancee's death in order for him to become so bent on revenge that he submits to being injected with an admantium compound.He becomes experiment#10,and a successful one at that.He goes after his brother Victor but it turns out Victor is just a red herring.Col.Stryker as usual is the one pulling all the strings.In fact Stryker has been rounding up mutants the world over and depositing them on an island which we later learn turns out to be the infamous nuclear reactor facility of Three Mile Island.
The Wolverine makes his way there and in the resulting struggles manages to free all of the captive mutants.His brother Victor,who has been popping in and out of the plot,helps the Wolverine to defeat experiment#11;a composite not only of the Wolverine but of some of the other captive mutants held there.The captives manage to find their way out of the facilities and who should be waiting in a stealth helicopter outside,but Xavier himself(Patrick Stewart).Meantime Col.Stryker has created some admantium bullets to stop the Wolverine with.While they don't kill him the Colonel pops two into his brain which causes a terrible memory loss.The movie ends with the Wolverine on his own,confused and fleeing the authorities who arrive on the scene.
The movie,while not jam packed with weird and wonderful mutants showing off their wares like the previous X-Men films(which I can see would a problem with those expecting this),still has many wonderful and exciting moments throughout as the pace/plot winds its way to its inevitable conclusion.We certainly see a more human side to this character and we have much more empathy for him now that we know where he came from and why.Jackman,et al,do a wonderful job in their parts and the special effects are top notch.
Technically speaking the movie has been transferred well and is in its original a/r of 2:35:1.The trailer is packaged here along with a featurette on the origins of the Wolverine in the comics and movies.
All in all a recommended movie for all fans of the other X-Men films.The movie is fast paced,has some nice action tucked here and there and the S/FX are great.Recommended.
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on January 10, 2010
I have to confess that I don't think I've seen the other 3 X-Men movies (maybe the first one a long time ago), but after seeing Origins, I will be watching the others. There is some really great action here and a good plot. The humorous scenes made me laugh out loud. No corny humour here. There is a really great bike chase scene that I loved. Wolverine and Sabretooth have a complicated relationship as half-brothers and rivals. Liev Schreiber does an amazing job as Sabretooth - another complicated personality. From a woman's perspective, there is lots of eye candy here (Ryan Reynolds has a small part as one of the x-men at the beginning of the movie and adds that subliminal humour that is typical of the roles he plays in romantic comedies.) Hugh Jackman is, of course, phenomenal in Origins. There is a constant struggle between the man and the animal within and his ultimate test comes when his woman is killed by Sabretooth. All in all, this is a great action movie and one I will watch again.
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on October 7, 2015
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on August 1, 2013
Love the x-men and the wolverine ( marvel comics in general ) and this one is a crazy one action-filled movie.
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