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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on July 31, 2002
This movie looks beautiful. The costumes are impeccable, indeed downright gorgeous. The details regarding furniture, horse furniture, glassware, uniforms, even playing cards is astounding. The indoor scenes are shot by candlelight to give the proper feel.
This movie sounds beautiful. Music by classical composers of the highest calibre and incidental traditional music by The Chieftans is staggering. There is never the jarring feel of non-period music or sounds, no cars, no synthesizers.
This movie is boring. Ryan O'Neal looks as if he is made out of a very fine quality of wax -- he never emotes, never even appears to stir. Nothing touches him physically or emotionally. The plot is dull, the acting duller. There is no point in the movie where I give a damn about any of the characters, least of all our titular hero. No passion, no interest, no involvement; everything is poor affectation, as if the tale is taking place at two or three removes from the characters supposedly involved.
I love this movie on DVD. Now I can rent it, scene-select the truly fine sequences (the battle scenes, the card game) and not have to sit through the rest of the excruiatingly dull compost heap that is the rest of the film.
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on January 23, 2002
After the success of A Clockwork Orange Kubrick made this dud. It is based on a minor Thackery novel about a man who aquires wealth but is not accepted by the landed gentry. He spends huge amounts of money trying to get a title, and in the end loses everthing including a leg. Yes it has no contemporary relevance to anything.
The strong point of the film is the photography. The sets, the costumes are all great. However it is like a slow moving tableau rather than a film. The things which make films interesting are some plot, a bit of pace and maybee some issues which are interesting.
This film seems to go for at least three hours, maybee it goes for two. It is hard to work up any enthusiasm for the hero as he is such a groveller to the upper class. I mean other people did different things in the time it was set. They could enter politics, go to India or write small satyrical journals. Lyndon just slobs around and gets upset about his non acceptance.
The humour is also dreadful. As a service to humanity all existing copies of the DVD should be destroyed.
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on August 19, 2002
So here's someone who's supposed to be a great director and he has such subject matter as love, war, duels, adultery, espionage, dissipation and corruption of youth, and any number of other themes to work with. And what does he do? Makes it into a monumental three-hour BORE! The actors just walk on, say a few lines, walk off. Ryan O'Neal stands around with his mouth hanging open for most of the movie. Hardly says a word. I guess they didn't want it known that he couldn't do an Irish accent very well (or much of anything else except look pretty in his pretty clothes). It's as if Kubrick did all he could to underplay and downplay everything. Well, very subtle, very dull. This and 2001 almost put him in the same category of over-rated directors as Hitchcock, though at least Kubrick has Lolita and Dr. Strangelove to his credit.
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