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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on December 18, 2013
Although the DVD is very expensive, this timeless tale can be watched over and over again. I bought this movie for my brother with special needs as a Christmas present because he has the VHS and he's watched it so much it's beginning t be worn out. Have a great day!
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My wife and I really were looking forward to this DVD.
The quality was great. Unfortunately the Disney Rewards points had been removed from the case before we got our DVD.
Buying as a new DVD we contacted the seller. The seller is trying to offer a solution and for that we are appreciative.
At this point I would still go back to purchasing directly from Amazon instead of a seller on Amazon.
Amazon continually surprises us on how quickly they can deliver and rectify any issue that has come up in the past.
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on November 14, 2015
THIS IS NOT THE ACTUAL MOVIE Beauty and the Beast!! It's a weird audio narration to a still image (poor quality to boot) + a few of the songs. Don't be misled. Not sure why the description and reviews are for the real movie.
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on February 23, 2016
I received La Belle et la Bete, but it doen't work (unable to read), It was my first experience with Amazon, I don't think so I will order something else. Really bad experience for myself.
J'ai bien reçu la Belle et la Bête, mais le DVD ne fonctionnait pas (Illissible), C'était ma première expérience pour placer une commande sur le site Amazone, très déçu. Je ne crois pas que je vais replacer une autre commande. Mauvaise expérience.
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on August 19, 2013
It's obvious to see why Disney nearly won an Oscar for 'Beauty and the Beast'. The magical story of Belle, the beautiful but independant peasant girl and the Beast, with the soul of a prince trapped in a frightening animal, is as timeless as any movie can get. Securing Disney's stellar reputation as the third film made during the so-called 'Renaissance Age' (beginning with 'The Little Mermaid' and ending with 'Tarzan'), the songs will stay with you forever, the characters will warm your heart from the very beginning and the stunning animation will enrapture you.

Of course, I'm biased in my opinion because it's my favourite Disney film of all time.
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on December 7, 2010
Although I live neither in a cave nor on Mars, I only saw Beauty for the first time a few weeks ago (2010). I had to have a copy. It's the finest animated feature I've ever seen and one of the best movies of any kind. Walt Disney's goal in the 1930s was to make first-rate movies for the whole family and Beauty is exactly that. The music, animation, screenplay and characters are very close to flawless. Everything fits. Everything works.
It sounds like the best of Broadway, will bring laughs and tears, yet Belle and the Beast have their noble characters very well developed. It's a total joy to watch, regardless of your age!
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on March 3, 2004
I'm not one of those people who are impressed with the Pixar animation type films (i.e. "Toy Story", "A Bug's Life" etc.), so it comes very easily to me to praise "Beauty and the Beast". More than a decade after its theatrical debut, it still stands as my favorite Disney film, along with the brilliant "The Little Mermaid". There are not enough words that describe how superior and masterful this film really is. From the lushly detailed animation, to the amazingly structured characters to the award-winning songs to the haunting score. Everything about this film is top-notch. Ever since I watched this film in the theatre in 1992, it holds a special place in my heart. When you mention "Disney" to me, it can only mean "Beauty and the Beast". The thing I most love about this masterpiece is the Broadway-feel the directors gave to it. Songs such as "Belle" (and the reprise), "Be Our Guest" and "The Mob Song" are pure Broadway songs, thanks to the talented Alan Manken and Howard Ashman. But it's also the way the direction. The reprise of "Belle" is the most breathtaking scene in the film. Belle sings about wanting "much more than this provincial life" and the scenery of this song is stunning with Belle seen running in the hills - reminiscent of Julie Andrews in "The Sound Of Music". The film also won 2 Academy Awards in 1992 for best song (the title song) and for its magnificent score. Not to be missed!
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on January 14, 2003
When I bought Disney's Beauty and the Beast "Special Platinum Edition" I was expecting just that, a high quality film with added extras not contained on the original. Instead, what I found myself with was a tampered work of art, a disgraced former masterpiece. The entire movie looks like it has had it's color stripped from it and repainted with bargain bin paints. No longer are there rich colors, sharp contrasts, and beautiful sceney, but now the film looks worse than it's straight to video sequel. The cover looks great, that's what the film used to look like, but the actual DVD is no where near that good looking. Some of the animation looks like it has had some of its detail removed and when I was watching it seemed like some of the frame rate was reduced because of the sluggish movement of the characters mouths when speaking. It is a completely different movie and I have since returned my copy and stuck with my original release. Some of the games and extra features are interesting and entertaining, but that's really like saying a TV show was awful, but there was a funny commercial here and there. I wish Disney would stop messing around with their work and just leave it the way we all saw it and loved it in the theaters. Walt would have never let something like this leave the studio if he were still running it, and that's the bottom line.
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on February 21, 2014
This was for a birthday present for a daughter of a friend of ours. I searched everywhere in town and honestly could not find a copy. :-( So I found it on Amazon! Great!
I ordered it and watched the disc to be sure. It had NO region, so that instantly tipped me off that it was rip from the original. The video quality was also not as good as what the original DVD should have.

Be aware when purchasing "used" DVDs. Sometimes they are not checked for quality/authenticity BEFORE the shipper ships them.

I did contact the seller and decided not to return the DVDs because it had already been given as a gift and the quality was acceptable, if not entirely perfect.
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on March 12, 2014
Gave to my 18 year old daughter for Christmas, did not watch it until recently...the disks are FAKE!!, The images on the print of the cd is blurred as are the shots on the back of the dvd cover. She was able to watch it once and now it says...'skipping over damaged areas' it does not play at all...Sent a note to the seller and they said...over 90 days will not help...

I would NOT recommend them!
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