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on July 15, 2011
It seems obvious to me that at some point in his career Matthew Good stopped making music to appeal to the masses and started making music out of a place of beauty and truth. This began to take shape around "The Audio of Being" and "Avalanche" but has begun to reach a zenith with this new album.
"Lights of Endagered Species" pulls you in many directions and it's heart filled lyrics will both fill you with hope and lead you to the brink of despair. It is an emotional experience more than a CD full of singles, walking in the steps of many great artists today such as David Usher and Incubus. I am truly happy that Matthew Good is still making albums and I pray he will for a long, long time.
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on June 2, 2011
This album is a sonic masterpiece. Instrumentals take centre stage in a way they never have in Good's previous work. Piano, woodwind, and horns tell a story without insisting upon one meaning, as the lyrics are kept sparse. This album reminds me of walking through a forest and seeing sudden shafts of light, hearing bird song, and suddenly encountering a raccoon or a hallow tree. It is surprising and refreshing. It speaks of happiness with hints of melancholy. The perfect listening for rainy days with your balcony door open, riding the bus to a ferry terminal, putting the day to bed. In short, the ideal soundtrack to a life in transition, and a tonic which reminds me everything is going to be okay.
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on June 3, 2011
I first heard the Matthew Good band in 1998 and I have been addicted to his music ever since. Even after the band broke up and he decided to go on his own I stuck with him. I also was a big fan of Moist during this era and even though I really liked David Usher when he went on his own I have not been so loyal. Matthew Good's music changed and he grew as a musician and he has produced some unbelievably great music since the band split up. I remember feeling sad when the band broke up because I knew this usually means that the music I love will be gone now. Matthew Good surprised me though! Some things he did with his music I loved and others I didn't, but the point is that he has constantly CREATED music that is unique and a true reflection of himself and his feelings. After Beautiful Midnight he could have easily started creating music based on a formula and he would probably be better off financially and fame wise for it. I for one am glad that he did not sell out like so many other bands and musicians.

This album is not what I expected and that is why I really love it. This albums is awesome because Matt has tried new things and some things I like and others I don't, but what remains true is the music quality and Matthew Good's awesome voice! This guy can sing and his voice is just awesome. Non Populous is my favourite song on this album! Just a great album once again and I can't wait to go see him perform live!!!
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on May 5, 2012
Wow doesn't Matthew Good just keep getting better & better! This CD is so great...I think it's as good as his other CD Avalanche was back several years.

I really have to say that when it comes to musical instrumentation Matthew Good has a real gift for being able to integrate different instruments into each song that he writes. He knows instinctly when those various instruments need to be heightened or simplistic in each song...that the instruments can tell the story just as much as lyrics or vocal ability enhance a song.

My favorite song is "Shallows Low" which is an absolutely beautifully haunting,dark and definetly show off the instrumentation genius that is Matthew Good (and of course those accompanying him). I love the female singers background vocal on it...that just slides in & out of this song at the right moment's. I liked hearing the addition of horns used in this song as well and then the crezendo of fabulous atypical Matthew Good guitar work....bringing it back to being a rock song as well. He is so good on the guitar it is amazing...he just starts ripping those strings at the end of the song...that just make you want to get up and start dancing...& then it swtiches again...into this beautiful light orchestral piece. I could listen to this song over & over again.

"How It Goes" is a great Matty song...that you just want to put on the MP3 in the car on a beautiful summer day & hit the road in the country with the top down letting the breeze flow through your hair taking in the smell of wildflowers as your winding every corner. I love the guitar work on this song so much! The lyrical content is deep & dark but somehow how he keeps it feeling light, hopeful & airy!

"Non Populus" is my 2nd favorite track on this CD. The musical arrangement is outstanding on this song. I love the echo effect of his voice in the beginning of this does he do that? The lyrics are simplistic in nature but that is actually what marries this song with the beautiful musical arrangement. Maybe he just has a knack for making a song seem simplistic when it probably is actually very hard to compose....but I love how he makes it seem that way for the listener. I love the electric guitar work on this song so much. Just put it on repeat folks because you will want to hear this song over & over.

"In A Place Of Lesser Men" is a cool type of rock anthem about women per se & shows how insightful he is as a man & is unabashed to translate that into words that convey someone of high intelligence with high observational skills. Lucky for us to have a man do that hat's off Matty!

"What If I Can't See The Stars Mildred" is a cool rock song; kind of a choppy composition style that somehow works...loved the F bomb being dropped in this song! Ha! Ha!

"Extraordinary Fades" is tied as my favorite song as I just love the drum beats in this song. I also feel like the way the song is crafted lyrically & instrumentally is like 2 Quantum particles that just have to be together! It's unavoidable, unexplainable....they just ARE! I love the softness to his voice coupled with the beautiful lyrics and the addition of the strings sounds so good!

"Set Me On Fire"....OMG...I could listen to that acoustical guitar riff Matty is so good at using in his food to a rumbling belly. This is another favorite Matty song....yes you now realize so many favorites that it's hard to choose. I think this is just so well delivered as it builds over the course of the introduction of the song. He is so good at crafting songs that do this.....slowly catching your attention....building the mystery........bringing it back again to the someone drifting in a rowboat on open waters!

I hope for the future he keeps pursuing the use of other artists integrated into his own style of music & finds a way to introduce other instruments i.e. "harp, flute etc." as the different instruments used along with his fabulous guitar work sound great together! Keep up the great job Matty boy if your out there listening to your reviews! It's no wonder your name is Matthew "Good"....your ancestors had that right!

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on January 19, 2012
Very quick and to the point, this is a wonderful album. If you are the type to shut your eyes and let the guitar take you away to another land, this is the album for you. Non Populus is simply a masterpiece... personally however while I was whisked away during an ever so quiet transition from strat to acoustic my vinyl lit up with nothing but deafening static. I'm not sure whats going on with my pressing so I am going to return it for another copy... I fear the stain in my couch will never go away... Lastly, and just being honest, the album starts strong but then dies ever so slowly until the end. There is no swan-song to 'finish' the album, but this again is only a personal opinion.
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on December 10, 2011
This is a great, great album. All else has already been written in other reviews. My favourite song so far is "Mildred". I've been following Matt Good since I moved to Canada from Europe in 1998.
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on August 11, 2015
Matt Good has become one of those songwriters who is able to take the listener to a different emotional place. This CD, along with Vancouver and Hospital Music, are less about "hits" and commercial success, and more about storytelling and creating a mood through music. There are some interesting musical departures, notably the use of horns, but they fit the songs well and really add a dimension to the music.
I have always preferred MG's more introspective, darker songs and this CD does not disappoint.
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on February 29, 2016
Amazon ROCKS.before estimated time and god price.Seeing is believing........CHEERS
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on April 16, 2015
Took a few listens to get into it but now I love it. It grows on you.
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on June 1, 2011
I had high expectations for this one discovering Matt Good was going back to producer Livesey. No such luck. The music has a fresh-from-my-basement quality to it with guitar riffs right out of grade 3 band class. I think there's more musicianship in a Britney Spears concert. What's worse is Matt torturing everyone by trying to sing song after song in a slow whisper. Don't get me wrong, I like slow songs. But he doesn't have a voice that can carry the music like that. The only reason I give it a star at all is for the fresh use of horns. There are one or two songs that are worth second play. Aside from that it's crap!
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