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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on March 5, 2014
Buyer beware: I read all of the reviews warning me about this product's many quality problems, but I did not heed them. Please don't make the same mistake.

Are there negative stars? Because Grace Audio, you have given me the worst experience I have ever had with a consumer product. I am about to have to pay $50 to ship my Mondo internet radio for the SECOND TIME IN 6 months because I have the misfortune of living in Canada, having bought the thing from Amazon Canada.

This product has broken for the second time since I bought it in August, 2013. It broke in September. After I paid to ship it back to California the first time, they supposedly fixed it. They did not give me a new one, mind you, they gave me the same one. It did work for a few months after I got it back. But it has broken again. After speaking to their "customer service" people tonight, and trying all the same fixes they recommended last time, I am left with the same choice as before: to pay another $50 to ship it to California, only to be forced to do the same thing again if it doesn't work again. This is a $125 radio, and I will have paid $225 if I actually get the thing back fully repaired. But if it breaks again...? Same thing. They told me that none of this would have been a problem if I were not living in Canada, where the warranties are not valid.

I have never written a negative review about a consumer product, but I'm doing so now. They have no right to allow Canadian retailers --including Amazon Canada-- to sell their products if the warranty is not valid in Canada. Moreover, AMAZON has no business selling products on their website whose advertised warranties are not valid in Canada.

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on July 15, 2016
I live in a rural area that has terrible radio selections. Positively painful to endure beyond the three minutes to catch the morning news. Having thousands of internet radio stations to choose from is wonderful. Even for a city dweller, if your taste in music is still not met or if irritating ads take away from your listening pleasure then the Grace Mondo will solve these issues. I will start comparing the Grace with the late lamented Logitech Squeezebox radio. Which everyone loved. Yes I have used both. Which do I prefer? Tough call. The Grace is very user friendly. The audio is quite acceptable for a table radio. It has some neat features the Logitech does not. Ten presets, versus six. Flags of the countries if you are searching by "location" for a specific one and tons of them I've never heard of. Cool.. A shortcut (quick pick) on the main menu for your local weather report. MY only complaint is the volume knob on the top of the radio while it is ergonomic, detracts from the overall smooth profile. I would have used a over sized thumbwheel instead that didn't stick out as much.
All in all if you either have musical tastes that are not met with mainstream radio, or perhaps if you come from another country and want to hear r native programming, you cannot go wrong with this gem. Highly recommended.
Finally even though it is over priced, buy the (not included) battery when you order your radio. The portability is great. Inside going from room to room but especially outside, these great summer months. Did I mention it has a alarm clock feature too?
If you love music you will love the Grace Mondo.
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on April 8, 2013
o8-APR-2013 - Purchased and received new in Dec-2012 it worked fine. Pandora does not apply to Canada though, not a show stopper. Show stopper is: early March 2013, (a few weeks ago) suddently it can not find any wifi networks. I have chatted with the grace canada tech person (who pointed me back to and I have chatted with the grace online support, doing factor resets, and the works but nothing will get it finding wifi again. When this radio is working, I would give it 4.5 out of 5 (this is my first internet radio, so nothing else to compare it to really). Now that is not working, an obvious 1 or lower. I will try and update this review as things happen.
1 hour has passed. Amazon help chat indicated 30 days has gone and I am on my own with the California, US company support. The US company tried to direct me back to Canada, but I told them Grace canada already indicated they do not do it because this product is brought in under So, Grace US will fix it, but wants me to pay shipping both ways. US customers get free return shipping. I don't know what the costs are but will update once I konw. Gee, I already paid $9.00 in shipping once... Not happy right now.
Now it is all up to me. This is my first 'major' purchase from and I am not impressed. If I wanted the US price and service, I would have used the Too bad I got a lemon and nothing from but 'see ya later, thanks for the money'.
09-APR-2013 - Postage to US will cost 25.00 CAD, Return postage will cost minimum 27.00 USD = approx 52.00 CAD with exchange rate ripoff probably 55.00 CAD easily.
Total cost of postage paid on this will be (including original from $55.00+$9.00= $64.00. Fixed radio resell value will probably be less. Will update again once I have made a decision. Still not happy.

10-APR-2013 - WOW. Received replacement from - had not not checked my e-mail and therefore had no idea it was coming. New unit works fine, and old unit will be returned postage compliments of Did I say WOW ? I am so happy :) My only concern is that if the product stops working again in two or three months, my ordeal will start again. But until then, THANK YOU You really did change attitude toward you.

As long as it works, I give it at least 4 stars out of 5.
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on April 5, 2016
The unit worked for a few weeks, the screen went blank, no output, followed reset settings from vendor. The Grace Digital support staff agreed with replacing the unit, but they do not Ship to Canada. Exchange/return completed with amazon as the item is less than 30 days old, waiting for the replacement, we hope it does not occur again.

Update after exchange; the replacement process from amazon was perfect, and the replacement is working perfectly, it powered on better from the initial install (default date > 2009 and the flash prompt was immediate), the clock is displayed, so far excellent.
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on February 21, 2013
Worked fine for 2 weeks - I used the headphone plug a couple of times == now when I unplugged the phones the speaker on the radio doesn't work..

The sound still works through headphones if I plug back in and the line out works to a amp but radio speaker doesn.t work ---- I turned the speaker on and off and on and off through settings -- no difference.

Contacted Grace digital but I didn.t buy from them so they said they had no record of me buying from them ---- I bought from -- who do I talk to ???

I am disappointed. Looks like I will have to send back at my cost -- not pleased.Grace Audio in

I tried a factory reset --- nothing seems to work ---- not clear who I should contact ??

A few hours later ----

Because of my review I receive a notice from that they would be sending me a new radio --- they also gave me a link to print a prepaid shipping label and bar code authorization.

I have already boxed it up and mailed back (Canada Post) to Amazon --- hope it all works out -- will update the result -- they say I should have the radio by Feb 27 . One other thing the battery cover on the remote keeps falling off -- I returned that as well hope they send a new one.

I am pleased by Amazon's quick response --- will update the results --- the manual does say to contact Grace audio support --- wrong advice ---- Grace told me Amazon brings radios from U.S. so they can't help with support.

More later

Received a new radio and remote from Amazon the next day --- thanks Amazon -- amazing service, New radio works great.
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on July 26, 2012
Question: For the first time in history we can listen to music, opinion and discussion from anywhere in the world, so why has Internet radio barely penetrated the consumer market?

My only beef is that I can't yet listen to Internet Radio in the car. Yes, I am a fan.

So this Grace Mondo is my 3'rd internet radio in as many years. First two were a Sanyo R227 & Aluratek AIRMM01F.

The Sanyo is ok but has a quirky minimalist LED interface. Resets itself from time to time. Can be slow. Audio fair.

The Aluratek is easier to set up and use and a somewhat easier interface but still a somewhat nurdy thing. Audio: fair minus.

The Grace Mondo finally got it right. Very intuitive interface! As easy to use as any old AM-FM box but with a lot more functionality. Love the colours and the fact that the station logo appears when you play it. Selected stations come up almost instantly. And the little additions like "local radio", "weather" are actually useful.

IMHO these radios absolutely must have external speakers. Makes all the difference, at least for music. And as far as I know, this may the first internet radio that has real stereo jacks so I can hook directly to my amp instead of using separate computer speakers.

I never give a 10/10 so I'll give it a 11/10. OK, a bit overboard but goes to the point that I really like the thing.

Oh, forgot to add, Audio: fair plus. Which is why you need external speakers!

Buy it, you will love it!!
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on April 5, 2016
I bought this as I thought it would be an upgrade to the Logitech model that I have (ability to play from USB drives). The Wifi worked fine for a 1.5 months and now it will not connect. I was able to contact Grace support via email and they confirmed that indeed, seems the unit is dead. As per the other purchasers here, since I am in Canada, I am out of luck
Coulda, woulda been a nice piece of equipment if it only had some reliability put into the design. Now, I use it as a clock ... but since it cannot connect to the Wifi (which is all the hotel has where I am staying for work), the clock can not synchronize with a time source. Hence, the clock drifts about 5 minutes every two weeks. They cannot even get the clock right.
AND ... even though it has a USB port, it is NOT possible to do firmware upgrades/restores via the USB port. It needs to be on WiFi (unless you have the USB Ethernet adapter they well). So if you have a Wifi issue (like I and others have) and do not have access to the hardwired connection, it is not possible to reload the firmware.
Caution on buying this ... oh yes, the old Logitech just keeps working ... not as fancy with options but it just works.
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on November 4, 2012
One of my better buys. Exceeded all expectations.
The sound is great as a stand alone and becomes a reliable tuner when jacked into the stereo. WiFi is solid and simple. Organization of internet radio genres is straight forward. Thousands of available stations give one all the variety desired.
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on August 3, 2013
Would've been a decent radio, if not for 2 major flaws:
1. I live in Canada, Toronto, and the local stations are not available for Toronto, unless you manually look for each one - makes it very inconvenient to use.

2. Loses internet connection to my wifi and does not reconnect automatically.
Apparently a few other people had the same issue - requires wasting 5 minutes to manually power down, removal of the battery, then redoing the internet.
then loses wifi connection at random intervals between 2 min and 6 hours.
then requires doing the manual steps again and again.

I've read some reviews, and it is apparently a recurring issue.

my ipad, galaxy tab, PS3, WD and other multiple wifi devices keep the connection with no issues. It is only this Grace Digital Audio that is losing the signal.

Sound is OK
Display is OK
Removal of the battery is very hard, and looks like it can only be done 10-30 times before the connection breaks.
Look of the radio - pretty nice
Sound volume - very adequate for a 2 bedroom condo
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on April 23, 2013
This is my second Grace Digital radio.The first one that I bought a few years ago is still working fine, though the screen display started blinking suspiciously some time ago and I thought it would die but the blinking hasn't occurred recently. My Grace Mondo is wonderful. I purchased it for one fundamental reason - I listen to a lot of podcasts and the Logitech Radio that I have refuses to play most of them. Their customer service said it isn't Logitech's fault. I told them the podcasts play flawlessly on Grace DIgital. Finally exasperated I bought my Mondo and am happy. I have a few remarks, though, and would like to share them.
First, I purchased online a white Mondo, they sent me a black one. White would have gone better in my bedroom but I didn't want to make a fuss about it.
Second, the remote control is a lovely addition as you can leave your radio fingerprint-free but the remote is not very responsive. If you are not 15 inches in front of the radio, it doesn't work.But I am happy nevertheless.
Third, I need one alarm for Monday through Thursday and a second alarm for Friday that will start an hour earlier. I don't see that kind of option. For the first alarm I chose "weekdays" and for the second "Once-Friday". On Friday the second alarm starts but an hour later the other alarm starts too so I have to wait a full hour before I leave home. I don't feel ok about it. Maybe I don't understand something. I need some help here.
Fourth, the number of stations in the USA, Canada and the UK is staggering. It would be soooo perfect if the stations could be grouped in provinces or states or big cities as they have done in Logitech. Sometimes I just feel like listening to some jazzy station from New Orleans, USA for example. I have to go on the internet, find out what stations are aired in New Orleans, make my choice, and then try to find that station in the Mondo database. It would be sooo much smoother if I could just choose "USA- Louisiana-New Orleans" and then see what they offer down there. I believe this feature would make the Mondo perfect!!!!
This said, I repeat - I am absolutely happy with my Mondo.
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