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4.4 out of 5 stars
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on March 12, 2015
While this is a good Thin Lizzy Disc it is not in the same caliber as say "Renegade" which in my book one step up from this work. Lynott and the Boys are extremely Tight on this disc and are playing a great music here however they are still playing where in Renegade they take that extra step beyond simply playing together and the whole band gels. When that happens it really shows in a concert, in a studio, or simply jamming. the Audience catches the electricity that is being generated on stage and the entire place becomes one band with the audience acting as back up rhythm clapping and stomping section...Listen to Humble Pie Live at the Fillmore East and you will understand...What a night, I wish I had been there for that one..As for Chinatown, this disc is a good listen songs like Genocide, Chinatown, Killer on the Loose, all are good strong rocking tunes but in between there is some horrid fill such as Didn't I which simply put should have been left off the disc...Spigomars
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on July 11, 2013
Thin Lizzy has a legendary catalog. Most lean towards Jailbreak and their smash hits still played on the radio today and then forget some of there other amazing Records. Chinatown demonstrates Lizzy getting Bizzy, showing off there twin guitar licks and the bands tight sound. All and all I think its very solid.
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on June 3, 2004
Following the brilliance of THIN LIZZY's-"Black Rose" album, it's hard to belive THIN LIZZY was able to create an album dead equal to the classic power of "Black Rose". "Chinatown" featuring post-Gary Moore guitarist Snowy White, is rock solid start to finish. Surrounded in an aura of cocaine imagery, street fights, and dirty sex, "Chinatown" is tragically overlooked by many THIN LIZZY fans. Gorham and White's guitar teamwork sounds like the work of longtime friends, not a first time guitar tagteam. If you love THIN LIZZY, "Chinatown" is undeniably essential, and offers yet another brilliant mountain peak, in the history of one of hard-rock's most legendary acts. Listen for yourself, but make sure not to forget some nose numbing "sugar".
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You know, it's funny how perspective changes. When I first got this album a few years back, "Sugar Blues" was my least favourite track. Now, it's my favourite. Just listen to that Snowy White guitar solo with headphones on and dig into that driving rhythm.

In general, I enjoy Chinatown a lot more now. There are some strikingly great Thin Lizzy tunes on here, albeit a bit less complex than previous albums. "Killer On The Loose" remains a great heavy metal song with brilliant soloing courtesy of Gorham. "We Will Be Strong", the slightly understated opener, is also a personal favourite. It may not be loaded to the gills with familiar songs, but Chinatown is a perfectly fine Lizzy platter.

"Having A Good Time" is an enjoyable romp (Phil's cheerleading being infectious) with yet another Snowy solo that just sails. It just rides the song beautifully and elevates the whole thing. Personally, I think Snowy's work with Thin Lizzy has been among the most interesting.

Deluxe edition adds a bonus disc of extra goodies that is well worth the price. The B-side "Don't Play Around" is stellar. While the live take of "Sugar Blues" is previously available on the Thin Lizzy box set, "Whiskey In The Jar" is a really interesting version. Performed as a trio by Phil Lynott, Brian Downey and Midge Ure (apparently because Snowy and Scott don't know the song?), it's a very different, simplified version of the song but no less catchy.

5 stars.
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on June 1, 2011
Great record. Don't miss out on it, there is alot more to Thin Lizzy then The Boys Are Back In Town. Trust me! Chinatown and Killer On The Loose are two instant classics. Didn't I is a very beautifully written romantic song, Having A Good Time is just uplifting and fun to jam out to. Fantastic album. A must listen.
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People seem to be really divided on this title. I think it's a great record. I liked it even better then Black Rose (yea I know! I can hear your scream from here). It has really good energy to it and the record is mostly upbeat songs. Strange since two of the key members were using heroin and there seems to be the feeling that Phil Lynott was holding back some songs for his solo record. Gary Moore had also just left. Midge Ure had been replaced by Snowy White (but Ure did appear on the record). So there was a lot going on. I feel that there are a lot of solid songs here and even thow Snowy was not the best on stage (he just kind of stood there) he was amazing in the studio.
As far as this reissue goes. There is a marked improvement in sound. It much fuller sounding and this is the first time a proper remastering job has been done on it. A Bside and lots off BBC material makes the bonus disc worth it.
Even thow Lizzy has stronger CD's I think if you like the band you will like this.
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on February 11, 2002
It took long enough to get this on CD and dude it was well worth the wait. I've been listening to album cuts of most of the tracks for years. This release is on Wounded Bird Records out of New York. Everything sounds so fresh; it is almost unbelievable. I have always loved Lynott's voice and bass. Brian Downey has always been an excellent drummer. Scott Gorham has been with Lizzy since their Mercury days and it is good to hear him duel with guitar wizard Gary Moore. It's always a thrill to hear different solos in different speakers and to hear two guitarists playing the same leads in harmony. Thin Lizzy, through Lynott, have always been storytellers, as well as performers.
My favorite song on this is "Killer on the Loose", so , beware Jack the Ripper. The vareity here is good, as it always is with a Lizzy album. There is the anthem "We Will Be Strong", there is blues, and there is fun, "Having a Good Time". This disc is full of great tunes! Give a listen to "Chinatown" and "Didn't I". Don't be left out in the cold, complete or start on your Thin Lizzy collection with CHINATOWN, while it is available.
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on July 3, 2003
The art of twin lead rock guitars has died. Nobody did it better than Thin Lizzy! One of my "classic" favorites. The break in Having a Good Time is great. "Hit me with that drum Brian, hit me as hard as you can!" Phil screams. Goosebumps. Snowy White and Scott Gorham rock. Sugar Blues just rips. China Town is really good. Killer on the Loose is a toon about Jack the Ripper, Very cool. There are some slow ballads here but they have their place too. I miss Thin Lizzy and Phil Lynott.
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on August 23, 2002
This is another very good cd from thin lizzy. My favorites on it are We will be strong, Chinatown, Sweethart( great production in sound achieved on this tune), and having a good time. all the songs are good on here. It rates about mid-of the pack as far as lizzy cd's go.
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on June 29, 2003
i hated this album when it first came out. where were all the moody introspective numbers that lynott's famous for? yes it's a bit shallow and heroin-induced by lizzy standards, but it rocks by any standard and is head and shoulders above most contemporary metal.
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