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4.7 out of 5 stars
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on March 6, 2015
Well 4 stars it gets however that is only because I do not know how to offer 3.5 stars or more. If I could cut a star in half that is how the ratting would show. Given Past performance of this group I must say that they simply are not playing up to par. Now a great deal of elements go into cutting a good disc and expecting a band to do this every time is simply the wrong thing to do...However it is also a very Human thing to expect. We come to expect the world to turn upon the axis of our favorite entertainment stars energy. They simply are not allowed to hand in a poor performance of any kind. Still this is NOT up to their average body of work and therefor is NOT worthy of the better marks. I read a number of other reviews before I actually bought this CD and they were all in favour of this being their best piece ever...I simply cannot say that, for me ...Well no I wont do that yet I still have a number of discs to go thru yet before I am going to say which is the best. Once I have gone thru all of those then I shall make my decision on which I want to call the best Disc....Spigomars...
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on September 25, 2002
I almost gave this album 4 stars, but after I wrote my review I realized that it is clearly a 5* album (although Thin Lizzy produced at least 4 other 5* albums that are better than this one). Although this album strikes me as a little more patchy/inconsistent/varied than the golden era albums with Brian Robertson, it is still a fantastic album. The song Roisin Dubh (Black Rose) is a master piece, and exciting montage of Irish culture (music, heros, legends, poets) served up with the full force of Gary Moore and Scott Gorham -- it blew my socks off! Waiting For An Alibi is also one of my favorite tracks. I actually like the soft hit single Sarah too (Phil was reluctant to play this live apparently) - Phil was good at the sensitive stuff as well as the hard rockers. The song "Do Anything you want to do" was a reasonable hit, but strikes me as indictive of the future (more abrasive, less melodic) direction of Lizzy, which I found less inspiring. S&M is over campy and a little jarring but the lyrics are quite clever. Toughest Street is good. Got To Give It Up is very good (pity Phil didn't). Get Out of Here is good. With Love is very good
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Who cares if the 2CD set has that extra plastic...
Or has the removeable tape. It's the inside that
counts. If this remaster is cool, I'm a happy dude!
As of this writing I have 3 Lizzy 2CD sets in transit...
I went for "Nightlife" and "Fighting" on release day.
I paid for the pleasure and I may be one of the first
TL fans to have these two in the in "my house"
UPDATE....The seller, ImportCDs, sold me a poorly wrapped
copy that had the "tape" cut open already. A used copy for
the price of a new one! I did not complain. I just kept it.
I've had worse seller I let this one go....
Not customer-centric at all...this time.
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on June 1, 2004
The first song on this album, to me, sums up perfectly how this band approached their music. They simply did songs they wanted to do, regardless of what anyone thought.

The guitar work and production values on the album are incredible. This album marks the return of guitarist Gary Moore to the band and he absolutely smokes on this album. Said Scott Gorham in "Guitar" magazine....."To be honest, each guy that came in gave me a kick in the ass. It's a tough position to be in, having to work with a new guy again and having to work up the enthusiasm all over again. But I think I definitely improved 'cause a lot of great players went through that band. Gary Moore, in particular, tightened up my act quite a bit 'cause he was such a precise player. I was playing catch-up ball with him at that point."
This is about as tight as I have ever heard the band play, and I guess credit would also go to Tony Visconti, the producer of this album. I also give much belated praise to Brian Downey on drums, not just on this album, but on all the others as well. It may have been frustrating for him as Thin Lizzy will usually get praise for the gits and lyrics.<
The 4 Thin Lizzy studio albums released consecutively....Jailbreak (1976) Johnny the Fox (1976) Bad Reputation (1977) Black Rose (1979)....were rock nirvana for me. (I think Scott's work on "Bad Reputation" makes it the best effort. But then I hear him and the bite of Brian Robertson on the album "Johnny The Fox" and the Gary Moore adrenaline rush on the album "Black Rose", and think wait a minute, maybe these are better....
As a sidenote, I know Scott Gorham and John Sykes doesn't really constitute "Thin Lizzy", but they will be on tour, as Thin Lizzy this summer (2004). Scott Gorham has his own website with the tour info ([...] and also info on his band "21 Guns".
This band's sound, style, and look (including Jim Fitzpatrick's artwork, which by the way he has his own website also, [...] will always be something special to me.
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on July 19, 2001
This CD is by far the best release of the entire catalog...and I've heard them all. The sound quality is top notch...even by todays standards! Although no real "hit singles" emerged from this collection, the music and arrangements are a strong testament to the songwriting ability and the musicianship present in this lineup. Gary Moore's fiery guitar work in particular rev's up the pace of such tunes as ""Do Anything You Want To Do", "Got to Give it Up" and the guitar tour de force "Black Rose". Highly recommended to all Lizzy fans...and Gary Moore fans as well!
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on September 18, 2001
This album is inventive, leading edge, smart and a pleasure to listen to . From all aspects this album truley does get better with age. If you care to break it down or enjoy it as a whole "Black Rose" is worth the money. Of course this is a biased review, but what review isn't. Dual guitars, great hooks, heavy in some sections, light in others, PERFECT SOLO'S, and poetic lyrics, all encased in 9 tracks of pure bliss!! Buy it, enjoy it and never forget to tell others on what they are missing out on!!
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on September 22, 2002
This album just plain ROCKS! The opener, "Do Anything You Want To" extols the value of just being yourself; "Waiting For An Alibi" is a street story; "Got To Give It Up" and "Toughest Street In Town" warn of the dangers of drugs and gang violence; "Get Out Of Here" dismisses an ex-friend/ex-lover; the title track is a war tale; and the other songs have their own virtues. This was Thin Lizzy's last great album.
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on December 2, 2003
Like most of Thin Lizzy's albums, "Black Rose" includes some great numbers. "Waiting for an alibi", "Got to give it up", and "With love" are all among the best and they feature the characteristic Thin Lizzy sound. Brian Robertson were replaced by Gary Moore but the classic twin guitar approach is still there.
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on May 5, 2016
great album and it arrived quickly
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on June 10, 2002
This is thin liizy's best cd along with thunder and ligthing cd. It features Gary Moore on guitar, but there's also strong songwriting. I like waiting for an alibi the best off this cd, but the other tracks are excellent too, and not just the one's that have been put on the best of cd's. With Love, S&M , Got to give it up and thoughest street in town aren't too far off from the the one's that have been put on the best of cd's. It's pretty hard rockin through most of the cd, but sarah is an excellent ballad type song. Get Out of here is perhaps the weakest song on here, but it is still a solid song.
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