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4.6 out of 5 stars1,271
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on March 25, 2003
This is one of the releases I was waiting for with baited breath. I am a major Floyd Fanatic. And since getting stuff on SACD, I couldn't wait for some Floyd titles to come out. That being's the review.
This is probably one of the best SACD transfers yet. The sounds are crisp and clear. The seperation of the channels is fantastic. And the music is great.
The heartbeat on Speak to Me/Breathe gets you in the right mood. It sounds like it is coming from your body. Then you get to On The Run. Songs like this are the reason we have surround sound. You can hear the guy running around the room. The helicoptor seems to circle around the room. And the air rushes around. Then you get to Time. The Alarm clocks sound like they are right in the room. You can hear the resonance on the grandfather bell. Then you get to Great Gig in the Sky and you can hear the range of Clare Torrey's voice. Then on money, you can hear the change circling from speaker to speaker. Everything about this CD is fantastic. It seems that Pink Floyd were ahead of their time when they made this one.
It's really a shame that Amazon only has 5 stars because this one rates a 10.
One more thing. Since I think Wish You Were Here and Animals were both recorded in Quadrophonic, it would be nice if they would do those next. Those are another pair of albums that would lend themselves to 5.1
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on June 30, 2004
I own several versions of this (on LP & CD) but I believe this is my favorite. The packaging is unique, with a deluxe booklet containing lyrics, photos, and artwork; 5 very cool cards; and, a nice black box that houses it all. As far as the sound is concerned, there's always been different opinions among floydians regarding the various editions, but I would rank this at least the equal to any of the other versions. The 20th Anniversary Edition was lovingly remastered by engineer Doug Sax. Not many people are aware that the original release was several generations removed from the master tapes, according to David Gilmour, so this is a big improvement. One caution: if you buy this CD used, make sure the outer box is not beat up, if such things matter to you, as it tends to show wear very easily.
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on April 2, 2005
I bought this album having no idea what to expect other than the fact that it was made in 1973 and the artist Pink Floyd was a progressive rock group.
42 minutes and 10 seconds later I was left speechless, blown away, and in utter amazement. This album left me almost with a whole new outlook on life. The lyrics, vocals, instruments, performances......mindblowing. Track 3 "Time" in my opinion may just be the absolute single greatest recording I have ever heard. 7:06 of musical brilliance and genius.
Upon first listen for me, this CD blew away Black Sabbath, Metallica, AC/DC, Van Halen, Guns N Roses, Nirvana, Soundgarden, and every other "rock" group I'd ever heard other then Led Zeppelin and thats. And if I had to choose between Floyd or Zeppelin upon their careers the edge undoubtedly goes to Floyd. Zeppelin could never match this CD. "Stairway To Heaven" is vastly overrated and cant match up with "Time".
"Dark Side Of The Moon" is not just a rock CD. Name a musical genre other than pop, rap and the hard core punk/metal which should not even be considered music when you have people lipsinking and the amazingly awful American Idol. DSOTM is rock, blues, and jazz depending on which song you are playing. And did I mention the sound production??? Outstanding.
In conclusion, "Dark Side Of The Moon" is to music what "The Godfather" is to movies. An epic, timeless, must-have CD.
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on June 23, 2006
very few albums have stood the test of time like dark side of the moon. it was a "new thing " when it was first released. i don't consider myself a true pink floyd fanatic but i do know great works of art and this album is one of them. there are no highs and no lows on it. even the cover is great. it just seems to flow along at a pace thats very mid tempo and is very easy on the ears. that said the opening of money does seem to grab you and insist you listen. time is another one. from the opening tick tock to the bells ringing to the bass coming in.the song quite simply makes you sit up and listen. from start to finish it's a great album. breathe, us and them,the great gig in the sky all great ,great songs. a must have. 33 years after it's release it still sounds great and i've never tired of it.if by chance you're new to the "FLOYD" make this your first purchase and see what all the talk is about. 5 BIG STARS *****
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on January 13, 2012
For older folks, if stereo sound systems was the thing to have when you were
young...well, this one for you;
Remastering! the absolute heaven to hi-fidelity...well, I don't know if that's true
when you play with the old analogue tape master after 40 years! they degrade too with time...!same for Pink Floyd; Dark side of the moon or Jethro Tull; Aqualung...
I have to admit that this one is very good and more loud(in a good way).I have 4 versions 1986 Japan, 1990 CND, 2003 SACD and now 2011 pressing, they are all good and specialy the 2nd cd live 1974 version that's is the new key feature here ...but prime price is once again ask by the records cie!
the music business with the cd (and super rock group like PF)is over and the mp3 download is hi-infidelity if you have a very good sound system...well, each "my generation" as is thing... enjoy DSOTM and a whisky, while you can...Cheers!
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on November 3, 2011
Of the 6 discs in this set, i'll maybe use half. The Blu-Ray is awesome, the Live album great, and the extra tracks interesting. But packaging is awkward and unfortunate, and the gift items seem cheap and silly. There are 'vintage' ticket stubs and items/writings presented in such a way that they feel wholly artificial and mass-produced. I was into the idea of some cool DSOTM 'marbles' - but they're just cheap glass beads with (poorly-applied) stickers on em. Multi-format nonsense means lots of duplication across the discs. Perhaps a great set for some but at this price i am disappoint.
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on October 31, 2011
I never thought that I'd mark Dark Side Of The Moon with a rating like this but here goes:

For me, just a getting a copy of the Quad mix of Dark Side Of The Moon justifies the purchase of this box set. I've been wanting to hear it for a life time so since it's packaged up here I'm happy to buy it. I'm also glad that the 5.1 mix is included. I never bought it back in the day so this was a bonus for me. Hearing it against the quad mix adds more value. Other material is also quite cool: the original mix from '72, the visual pieces from the tours. All wonderful!

I'm not that enthused by the remaster, however. This version is audibly louder than other copies I own. The 'loudness war' that many people complain about here and there has now cropped up on this remaster. As such, the dynamics that make this album so important are smacked about and it's just not cool. It's terribly sad since this album and usually Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells often set the precedent for what we expect from the industry down the line. I'm surprised that the opportunity was wasted here.

As I suspected, some of the extras are really hokey and cheap quality. I'm not sure what I'll ever do with marbles and a cheap scarf, but hey, I didn't buy for that reason anyway. The included books and prints are very nice. I was hoping for more story rather than a photo album. I want to listen to the album, flip through pages, and read about the experience in a fairly in-depth way. I know that there are documentaries out there but the classic experience of reading liner notes end to end while listening to the album could have been captured here. In some ways this is achieved. In other ways it is not. I wanted to get inside the recording experience and that's not really how it feels.

The really sad part about this box set is that the discs themselves suffered damaged in transit. I should be clear that is not an Amazon related issue. These are factory related! The first box that arrived, which feels good and looks sexy, had loose discs that got really scratched. The box itself had a long seven inch gauge on the cover, and in my case, the disc holders were out of alignment so I could never actually clip the discs into the box's trays properly. I had to return my first box and replace it with Amazon. The second box was better but also not perfect. Discs were still loose. The scratches were better but still present. In a world where the CD is nearing obsolescence, the product MUST be perfect if I'm dropping over $100 for a technology that I'll likely rip the moment it arrives. I imagine that Amazon has its hands full of returns.
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on June 1, 2004
Perspective buyers, you are viewing the greatest album of all time and one of the world's greatest works of art; Roger Water's and Pink Floyd's magnum opus, Dark Side of the Moon. Just over two years ago, I was almost entirely unaware of Pink Floyd and knew nothing of their incredible legacy. I had heard of "the Dark Side," but I had never listened to it. And then, I finally bought it. Dark Side of the Moon was the most important purchase of my life. There is no album in the world that is so touchingly beautiful, or so mind-bendingly powerful as Dark Side of the Moon and it will never fail to amaze you.
The sound of a heartbeat resonates through the speakers, confused noise and, finally, cries erupt in a startling crescendo that leads into the ethereal beauty of Breathe and then to the frantic, constant motion of On the Run. As time runs by, with its powerful solo and poignant lyrics, you will find yourself in a reprise and then fall gently into the soundscapes and primal screams of the Great Gig in the Sky. Even if you are not familiar with the album, it is more than likely that you know the next track, Money, which has occupied a position of high standing on FM radio for decades. Us and Them is simply beautiful, no matter how you cut it, and is so wonderfully humanitarian. Any Colour You Like is a delight and the album is then closed with the touching power of the ever-so-sympathetic Brain Damage, wonderful homage to former frontman, Syd Barrett, and seamlessly flows into the great final cry of Eclipse.
My life has been made better and more beautiful by this album. After every listening of Dark Side of the Moon, I am left feeling fulfilled and enriched. So many important facets of human life are addressed in such a compassionate and thoughtful manner that it will leave you feeling that, for that point in time, everything in the world has come together, to resonate as one, just like that mysterious and strangely beautiful heartbeat.
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on April 17, 2003
Being a Pink Floyd fan, I have purchased every version of this album since it was released 30 years ago.
By far the best version is the SQ Quadraphonic LP version, but as far as the stereo mix goes, the original UK Harvest CD (made in Japan) is still the high point.
Ten years ago, the fine engineer Doug Sax made a valiant effort, but it is clear listening to that XXth Aniversary Edition CD that the original tapes no longer have the same dynamics they originally had (magnetic analog storage slowly loses it quality).
Nevertheless, I decided to give this new 30th Anniversary CD a try. I should mention here that this is only a review of the standard stereo tracks - I don't yet have an SACD-capable player.
However this release doesn't make me want to run out and buy one. My worst fears have been realized as once again, the overall mix of the album has been lost in favor of "resolving power", ie the ability to hear little details. The problem is that after applying techniques to bring out such details, the engineers have done nothing to restore the original mix of the album.
The result is like a starving artist's copy of a Rembrandt painting - it sounds something like Dark Side of the Moon, but when you hear the real thing, you realize that it is only a faded imitation.
The problem is that few people these days have access to what it actually sounds like. Almost no one listens to their LP versions, and only a handful of people are lucky enough to own the original UK Harvest CD. Furthermore, it seems clear that the engineers of this 30th Anniversary Edition haven't listened to the original, either.
Interestingly, the original engineer, Alan Parsons, asked to be involved in this 30th Anniversary Edition project, but was shut out. It would seem that future listeners suffer as a result.
PS My qualifications: I am a California state certified Studio Recording Engineer. One of my instructors was the original engineer for the drum recordings for "Dark Side of the Moon". I compared the 30th Anniversary Edition, XXth Anniversary Edition, and UK Harvest CDs using AKG K240 Studio Monitor headphones (as used in many studio recording situations over the past 20-30 years).
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon October 11, 2011
Like others, the music is great.

Like others the packaging isn't.

They included multiple versions on DVD and duplicated everything on the 2 DVDs to the blue-ray. A bit overkill but fine. What I found odfd was that the live CD and the extras/demos we not on the DVD and blu-ray? The DVD is almost 3/4s empty in space.

As mentioned elsewhere, the 4 discs at the bottom popped out [well 2 of mine] but mine weren't scratched. 2 others came in cardboard sleeves. Why sleeves?

Why bother with some of the extras. Marbes? Scarf is cheap and small.

What gets worse is that the next two box sets will probably contain similar extras and less music - even possibly no blu-ray for The Wall. If a blu-ray is included on this one, why not the others?
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