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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on August 9, 2001
Who wants to be a millionaire? Don't answer trivia questions. Just kill 10 people before they can kill you! This is one of the few movies I know that perfectly evokes the era of the mid-1960s (despite the fact it is set at some undefined future date). I have loved it since first seeing it thirty or more years ago. Yes, this is where Mike Meyers stole the gun bra joke for Austin Powers, but this is social satire not pop culture sendups. (Literacy is evidenced by collecting rare comic books. In Italy people still believe in family enough not to turn their parents in for disposal. There's no shooting in restaurants.) At the same time as it is laugh out loud funny, it is also very very hip, in the best 60s sense. And am I the only one who has never been able to get the theme song from this film out of his head? Finally, I'm very pleased to see this film in Italian, even if my Italian doesn't extend beyond a few Paolo Conte songs. The old dubbed version (the only version I've previously encountered) did away with at least a couple lines of dialogue (if the subtitles are to be trusted) that I suppose the censors didn't like, plus no end of other dialogue just because that's how they dub movies. The hunt game computer in the Italian version speaks in a voice both so menacing and goofy that it reminded me why I once hated computers. And there is also at least one in-joke about Marcello Mastroianni clearly expunged from the dubbed version.
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on September 19, 2002
... Saw this great, snazzy, jazzy, production-designed-heaven back in '76 on a double bill ... and was never able to forget it. So thrilled it's on video. OK, a bit dated here and there, but in ways it is still ahead of its time, and its got that great Piero Piccioni space-jazz score with Mina doing scat vocals, AND its got Marcello at his most suave-cool since "La Dolce Vita", AND its got Ursula Andress shooting bullets from her bra!
... As always, gli italiani were way ahead of us in style and attitude, and it's evidenced herein.
Only weak point of the film is the wrap-up, but such capers tended towards the flip in that day. The 10th Victim and director Pietro Germi was certainly prescient ...
Soundtrack on EASY TEMPO records is also highly recommended.
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on October 9, 2001
A brilliant movie based on a superb story by Robert Sheckley. This is sci-fi as it should be: depicting the future as theme & variation on today's manias & rituals. From the "legalized hunt" which has replaced traditional warfare to the "Club Masoch" to the roadside "sex & relaxation" parlors to the parents hidden from the state behind a false wall to the dress & music & settings, this movie not only rings penetratingly true but is boggling in its inventiveness. I first saw it in 1965 (in Oakland California) & I have to say that it was my first "1960s consciousness-raising experience". All these years I've treasured my two VHS copies, one to lend out, one for safety, so I'm really pleased that it is finally back in print.
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on January 31, 2014
This is a great dark comedy - It depicts a future of where it can go if the gun freaks of today get their way
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on November 2, 2015
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