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4.4 out of 5 stars145
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on March 10, 2003
I'm a huge fan of the Jurassic Park films, the first two anyway. They combine groundbreaking special effects in both animatronics and animation with some really good, solid storylines. The Star Wars of its day, this trilogy is an amazing adventure, some of my favorite movies. The first two, anyway.
Since this is really a rerelease box set and the point of getting it is to get the films on DVD instead of watching them for the first time, thats what I'll focus on. Basically, the movies are great. You won't be disapointed.
As far as DVDs go, the Jurassic Park and The Lost World special editions are about average. They have a fair amount of special features and some nice sounds and transitions, but I think they could have gone a little farther. The menu screens are particurally dark and drab. The features are overall informative and interesting, especially if your a fan of the films.
The Jurassic Park 3 DVD is quite a bit better. It's overloaded with features, the menus have a deffinate theme going and its really well desinged. You get all sorts of neat stuff beyond the basic "Making of" features. There are 360 degree views of the computer models of the film's dinosaurs, step by step tours of the process at Industrial Light and Magic, and some really neat stuff about the art and design of the film. The movie itself is pretty bad and an insult to the first two, but its a really nice DVD.
With this trilogy set you get the bonus "Beyond Jurassic Park" DVD, which is pure [junk]. It's only worth watching if you're a Jurassic Park fanatic, because its basically table scraps from when the films were produced and some really lame, slapped toghether bits like a split screen comparison of The Lost World's key scenes before and after the post production effects. Yawn.
Unless its cheaper to get the boxed set, I'd recomend buying the three movies seperatly and not bothering with the exclusive disc in this set. The Jurassic Park films are excellent movies, not to be missed!
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on September 10, 2002
Hollywood found a way to make summer blockbusters redeemable again with this series, by creating a movie franchise that not only is a heap of great fun and nail-biting excitement, but also has some MERIT.
The plots of all three of the Jurassic Park movies are interchangeable: humans travel to remote island, perform a bunch of highly stupid activities that ... off the dinosaurs, then the dinosaurs make them pay, typically by eating them. All except for the heroes, of course, whom always manage to just escape the dinosaurs vengeance with incredibly improbable good luck. Over and over again. All the stuff that makes for a great popcorn thriller.
But who cares if the story lines are silly. It obvious nobody was attempting to upstage '2001:Space Odyssey' for profoundness. These three films are entertaining and rewarding on several levels. First, little time is wasted in each film before the dinosaurs show up and start wrecking havoc. The special effects are state-of-the-art, and then some. The dinosaurs ACTUALLY SEEM REAL. The makers of these movies obviously consulted with top paleontologists to insure the dinosaurs look and behave as realistically as possible. And the action scenes rank up there with the best of the saturday afternoon adventure thrillers.
As far a blockbuster with MERIT goes, think of the countless kids (and probably grown-ups too) who were fascinated enough to inquire more about dinosaurs, whether in school, in books, or watching the Discovery channel. Any movie that is both entertains and inspires the viewer to new ideas and thinking definitely possesses some merit. (And how many other summer blockbusters can you name that provoke ANY intellectual thought afterwards?)
As far as the DVD's go, the picture and sound quality is excellent. The Trilogy set is nicely packaged, with a fourth 'bonus' disk containing out-takes and making-of footage.
If you're looking for a way to own all three Jurassic Park movies, this Trilogy is a great value. And if you really want to be in dinosaur heaven, get this set and the BBC-TV produced "Walking With Dinosaurs". lr* Sep 10,2002.
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on August 15, 2002
This series was fairly good! The thing that made it bad was the 3rd movie! Everything I wanted to happen in the 3rd one, didn't happen! I was hoping the T-Rex would win and still be the bad guy. But no, it's some stupid dinosaur that one. T-Rex rules! Which is why the 1st two were good.
1st- They get stuck on a island with dinosaurs! Reality, no, but that's what makes it fun! The acting is good, special effects were okay, but that doesn't make the movie. But it also had a good plot, which held the movie together, and is why I liked the movie.
2nd- Better than the first, but there's always room for improvement. This one's funnier and better entertainment, I loved it! This one's the best, compared to what some people think!

3rd- Terrible, their suppose to get better, not worse! They depend on special effects in this one too much, just like Lord Of The Rings. But this was 2x worse! Skip it! Save your money and maybe if you're really bored one day and can waste an hour and a half, watch it, but don't bother if you don't like cheesy dinosaurs and dull characters!
Overall, the movies were fairly good, but the 3rd needs alot of work. The 1st and the 2nd were good and will always be, Jurassic Park forever!!
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on July 25, 2002
The original of this trilogy is the pinnacle of entertainment, allowing viewers to live out their childhood fantasies in an amazingly realistic world of fantasy and suspense. It delivers in every category, keeping you glued to your television as you await the next twist in its amazing storyline.
The second in the series is almost equaled to the first, again creating the tension and suspense you've grown to expect. The effects are, once again, simply amazing, and they never fail to please the eye. The only drawback to this go-round was the weak plot line that undeniably was the movie's downfall. Straying too far from the amazing book ("The Lost World" by Michael Crichton), and culminating in a way that was surprising and disappointing. This film has more humor and a lighter tone to it, focusing more on the character's relationships than it did on the issue at hand.
The whole reason this review fell short of five stars was the third and (hopefully) final chapter of the series. Based on an original screenplay, not a new book, the story of this movie was weak and completely unbelievable. Without Michael Crichton helming the writing process, the story was far too simple and failed to impress on any level. It simply didn't fit. The effects were amazing, as is expected from the great Stan Winston, but the dinosaurs still looked unreal, due to a supposed "evolution". The action is tense but all-together too quick and painless, and the movie ended in the most horrible way possible. Far too short, and full of unbelievable moments this movie falls short of being worth the time.
The trilogy is rounded out, and raised from the dead as a result of the final chapter, by the extra DVD included in this set. It features the extras on each of the movies that somehow disappeared when they were originally released. It gives another in depth look at how the movies came to be, and adds another level in the excitement and wonder that is Jurassic Park.
Buy this set for the extra DVD, if that's your thing. Otherwise, just buy the first two movies, and rent the third. It's just not worth it.
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on July 23, 2002
This DVD set is an excellent opportunity to obtain the three movies inexpensively and with a free bonus disc of special features. The trilogy is terrific fun, with some of the most groundbreaking SFX you are likely to ever see, and an infectious sense of wonder and adventure. All three movies have had mixed reviews, but like the Die Hard series they are all different and strong movies in their own right. Personally, I like the second film the best - it gets straight into the action and never lets up, is more hard edged and genuinely scary than the other two, devotes more screen time to the wonderfully sardonic Jeff Goldblum, and is a real rollercoaster ride. The first film is almost as good, and will always be a favourite of mine since I will never forget seeing the T-rex for the first time at the movie theater and being awestruck (I still am). I think it takes too long to get going and to explain the premise, but once it picks it up, it is relentless. The third movie misses Spielberg's touch (he allowed Joe Johnston his dream to direct a JP sequel) and is far too short, but is an enjoyably straight forward action picture, if a little too similar to the first (down to the return of Sam Neill). With some great extras (documentaries, SFX featurettes, trailers, interviews etc) that actually may increase your knowledge of all things dinosaur and SFX, and a DTS mix for the third flick, this is a great set (almost as good as the Die Hard set) that is indispensable if you love the movies. And finally, the picture and sound on each disc is top notch too.
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on July 12, 2002
Steven Spielberg's 1993 blockbuster is still the best of the Jurassic trilogy, and the film retains all the amazement and anticipation it had when it was first released.
Taken from Michael Crichton's thrilling novel, Jurassic Park is one Spielberg's most expertly-crafted films. The special effects are from FX maestro Stan Winston, who did the special effects for Aliens (1986) and Terminator 2 (1991). The seamless combination of CGI and robotic creatures creates some truly terrifying action set- pieces.
Despite what some critics thought when the film was released, I feel that all the principal actors give good performances, especially Sam Neill as Alan Grant and Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm. But admittedly, the dinosaur creations are the main attraction, and Winston's monsters (which won him another Oscar after Terminator 2) are truly frightning. Great entertainment.
The Lost World is an exciting adventure starring Jeff Goldblum, Vince Vaughn, Julianne Moore and Pete Postlethwaite. The film picks up four years after the incident at Jurassic Park, where a corporate businessman Peter Ludlow (Arliss Howard) plans to take dinosaurs off the second island (Isla Sorna, where dinosaurs have been breeding) and bring them to a theme park in San Diego.
Spielberg knows what the audience wants; the film has more dinosaurs, even better CGI and impressive animatronic dinosaurs from the maestro Stan Winston. The action throughout the film is exciting and while not as astonishing as Jurassic, the effects are first-rate. Although the action is good, the story isn't one of Spielberg's best. That said, the principal cast are fine, especially Goldblum as Malcolm ("Ooh, aah, that's how it always starts, and then later the running and screaming") and Postewaite as Roland Tembo, a game hunter intent on shooting one of the Tyrannosaurs. Silly in parts, it's still an exciting adventure movie, with enough action and light humour to satisfy audiences.
Joe Johnston, taking over the reigns from Spielberg, has created an adventure that starts off quickly and hardly ever lets up. Sam Neill, returning to the role which made him famous in the original, is a stronger presence than in the first Jurassic, and the supporting cast of William H. Macy and Tea Leoni manage not to get lost amidst the barrage of CGI dinosaurs. The special effects are, of course the main stars, with Stan Winston's excellent dinosaurs surpass the ones for the original. And the plot (a bunch of people get stuck on an island with dangerous dinosaurs) provides plenty of great scares (a scene with nasty pterodactyls is the high-point) and fast-paced action to satisfy audiences. Great fun.
The trilogy DVD extras are first- rate, with superb picture and sound for all the discs. The special features are exceptional, with a 50 minute 'making of' of the film. Most interesting, however, is the footage of early pre-production meetings with Spielberg and the FX team discussing how certain shots and effects should be done. Also there are storyboards, production photos and web links.
The extras for The Lost Wolrd are fantastic, with a comprehensive 'making of', deleted scenes, trailers and ton of production info. The highlight on the JP3 Disc is the Commantary from the special effects team of Stan Winston, Michael Lantieri and some of the crew. Also, you get a series of 'making of's and trailers. Best of all is Disc 4 "Beyond Jurassic Park" featuring over two hours of never-before-available bonus material from all three films. Excellent entertainment that is a must-have for Jurassic fans.
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on May 8, 2002
Obviously, the first film was great and everyone enjoyed it. The Lost World was okay, but didn't compare to the first. Finally the third, which I believe ruined the entire franchise. Thankfully enough, there is a new bonus disc that is only available in this boxed set with a few more features for the three films that did not make it onto the film's disc.
I was somewhat disappointed the Jurassic Park was not a 2-disc set. Instead it advertises that there is 60 minutes of bonus footage on both the first and second installments. Fortunately it is more than that. The Jurassic Park III trailer on the first 2 discs is horrible, revealing nothing, it only shows trees and a narration. I was also mad that there are no commentaries by Steven Spielberg, now that would have been interesting. JP3 is loaded with features, more than the first two flicks, most of it is pretty interesting nonetheless.
I would say that this set is still worth it in the longrun mainly because of the bonus disc, and being a fan of supplemental material myself, this was perfect for me.
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on January 26, 2002
What's wrong with some people? I mean, it seems that power and money tends to make people believe they're gods or something. That's the case in Jurassic Park, where a powerful genetic industry, known as InGen creates living dinosaurs in order to open the ultimate zoo, somewhere near Costa Rica.
And that's how we meet the two main characters of this series, serious Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and paranoid and funny Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum). They're both guests to the opening of the park, but as the chaos theory goes, everything goes south. The dinosaurs escape from the confined zones and now we have all hell broke lose. I am sorry to say that The Lost World is not up to the quality of the first Jurassic film, but it still has good moments and what can I say about JP3? I think it's best of all three movies.
This is pure entertainment and it starts with a very and plausible premise. It's just a sci-fi adventure, but a sci-fi adventure like this don't come very often. The two characters are very well written and once you see this, you'll never forget Sam Neill wearing his hat and Jeff Goldblum dressed in black. And I think that's a great thing to say about these films, because those 2 characters stay with you long after you saw the movies... not even the dinosaurs. Human touch, I guess.
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on January 6, 2002
Well, without going into the plots of all 3 movies, which I'm sure everybody already knows, I'll give a brief run-down of what's all included in this box set.
First of all, you get all 3 movies and tons of DVD extras with each regular disc. You get stuff like the "Making of's" and "How'd they do that" along with numerous stills of models and story boards. But what's most interesting is that even if you found that one or more of these movies weren't up to par with one or more of the other ones, then watch the special features of each film and you'll get a greater appreciation of each film. Actually the dinosaurs in JP:III were probably the most sophisticated in all of the films. One of my favorite NEW dinos in JP:III was the Velociraptor. New, you ask? Yes, new. Why? Because if you really pay attention to them in the film and in the extras, you really see that they have been totally redone for this film in not only appearance, but also in intelligence.
Also the 4th disc has additional extras for each film that aren't included on the regular discs. Some of the footage is duplicated, but not much. Did you know that the cliff scene in Lost World was shot along the side of a high-rise parking garage on the lot of Universal Studios? Did you know that a lot of the dino scenes in all 3 movies had both CGI dinos and real animatronic dinos? I dare you to tell the difference.
If you liked this series at all, I highly recommend this set for your DVD collection. It ranks right up there with the Die Hard Ultimate Edition and Alien Legacy boxed sets.
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on January 5, 2002
Universal has really done a fantastic job with this set of movies. I'm not going to critique the individual films. Briefly, I LOVE the first film- one of the all-time great entertainments that holds up to repeat viewings. The second film was a dissapointment, there wasn't enough new in the story or the effects to inspire the same feelings of awe that the first one did (but it does have it's share of exciting sequences). The third one, while nowhere near the level of richness invested in the first, is a fun and exciting action movie (with a lot of funny moments, too).
Basically, if you like these movies, this set is for you. Unlike many box sets, where the first film is the only truly 'special edition' and the sequels are 'movie-only' editions, EACH of the Jurassic Park films is complemented with a great selection of extra features. True, Spielberg doesn't do any commentary tracks, but Part III does have an informative and entertaining commentary from the special effects guys. The documentaries are great, too. On top of it all, there is a fourth bonus disc called "Beyond Jurassic Park" included that has a ton of extra features (some for each film) that are not on the individual movie discs.
Bottom line: You get a ton of value for your money. These are movies that are great to watch over and over again, especially if you have a 5.1 surround sound system (crank it up, that's what these movies were made for). Plus unlike a lot of so-called 'collector's' or 'special' editions, the features found on these discs are truly worthwhile.
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