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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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Batman Year One is another one of those small OVA's/Mini-Movies that both DC and Marvel do so well. Each company has well over half-a-dozen now and of them all, this one has got to be the grittiest and most down to earth of the bunch!

It's basically a very faithful reproduction of the Year One Graphic Novels by Frank Miller back in '87 that along with the Dark Knight re-invigorated the Batman Universe by taking him back to his darker past. And a dark and gritty past it most certainly is!

Forget about the Justice League or Superman or high tech gadgets. This is a city and a Batman that could actually exist! The most high tech gadget Batman has here is a motorcycle. This is a Gotham City along the lines of Tim Burton's '89 Batman movie which most likely was heavily influenced by this very same story line! A city where right does not always prevail and many have lost all hope. A Batman origin story more along the lines of Sin City!

The movie basically comes down to two main origin stories combined into one. One story line is the arrival of a dark and brooding Bruce Wayne intent on justice but not knowing how to even start. And the equally important second story line is that of a disillusioned Detective Gordon; an honest cop in a corrupt and disfunctional city where half of the police force is worse than the criminals! There's also a gritty smaller origin story on Catwoman thrown in here as well.

Overall, this movie is a bit too dark and angsty for my tastes; but it is very well told and done. Not surprising considering it's a very faithful rendering of the original graphic novels. The movie is also a bit on the short side running at just 64 minutes. But they do partially compensate for this by throwing in a full-featured 15 min. short on Catwoman which is equally as good!

As for the discs, this is a full-featured Combo collection. The BD is a 1080p 1.78:1 widescreen. Video is not up to the best of theatrical releases, but it's more than acceptable. Audio is a full DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 English track. There are also Dolby Digital 5.1 tracks in French and German, plus a Spanish Stereo Pro-logic track and an English commentary track as well. The main track sounded fine.

Like most of these DC mini-movies; this BD comes loaded with extras. In addition to the Catwoman short (which comes only with an English Pro-logic stereo track). There is a 40 min. interview with the top creators at DC Comics, a long documentary on the revival of the Batman Universe, three 10 min. long each mini documentaries on other major DC movies and two full Catwoman episodes taken from the '94 and '98 Batman tv series. It's quite impressive.

The dvd is similar, but not so fully loaded. Like the Batman/Superman Apocalypse BD that I recently reviewed; Year One comes with an unusual stripped down DVD/Digital Copy combo disc. It contains only the main movie, the Catwoman short and the three mini-documentaries. For the rest you have to go to the BD. In addition, the German audio track has been dropped in favour of a Portuguese track and an Arabic (I think) track has been added. Plus of course matching subtitles.

For me, I'll rate it at a 3 stars. But if you like them gritty, then you'll probably rate this at a 4!

J. A.
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on September 22, 2014
Good Movie. But it's a better rental than own it. Unless you can find it at the price you'd rent a movie I'd say pass.
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on October 21, 2011
I don't know what to think ... this is good but I'm unsure. It was a great adaptation but it felt like it tried to hard to be an adaptation. It needed to try and be its own film instead of just Frank's book. Yes, I do know that is what an adaptation is but it lacked originality if that makes any sense. I liked the music, especially but the voice acting ... that's another story. Bryan Cranston as Gordon is pitch perfect! Ben Mackenzie as Bruce/Batman is weird an retarded. I understand that we have to stop comparing the actors to Kevin Conroy but good god. Both Bruce and Batman sound the same and that sound is retarded. I don't like it. Sorry, its just my opinion. So in the end I will give this a three of five. still worth picking up for any Batman / Frank Miller fan.
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on November 2, 2011
I have been on a roll concerning anythign with Batman so I decided to pick this one up. I expected it to be based on the comic (and no I have not read it)

Graphics were amazing, I expected a full length movie similar to the Red Hood one. This was not the case. You see the story focuses more on the corrupted police and Gotham itself than on the character Batman. It focuses on Gordon and battling his own inner demons and personal values. Not a bad thing, jsut not what I expected.

You do see batman, a dark version in any case, you see a Selena which turns out to be catwoman but in a wrong way (she's actually a prostitute and just like to wear a costume to steal things) which is totally unlike the catwoman i know in any case. Besides that, there isn't really a known villain like Joker, Two face, etc. It is more on the human typical side like a the mayor.

The movie movies forward at a nice pace but I sometimes found myself left hungry because they forward days and even weeks at a time. Must admit it was darker than what I imagine which was a nice touch and that is actually what kept me watching the movie. It does touch some themes from Batman Begins the movie batman was considered a vigilante and police were always trying to kill him )

Would I buy this movie? No.
Will I watch it again.? No.

It is a simple movie that you will either enjoy or feel that it could hvae been better.
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